Using Lottery Software to Win the Millions? Start Thinking about Getting a Refund Instead!

Scam Lottery Software Refund

Is There Any Chance to Get a Refund for Scam Lottery Software?

Want to beat the system? Well, don’t do it by purchasing yet another system. Let us explain what we mean by these statements. Various software products and systems exist, all of them claiming to give you better odds of winning the lottery. The problem is that 99 percent of these systems don’t really work. We’re not fully-certain about the remaining one percent yet. If such a successful system existed, however, there would be lucky millionaires all over the place.

Have you gotten fooled into purchasing scam lottery software products? You’re not alone if that’s any consolation. So many individuals have spent something on a product in hopes of winning that jackpot. Unfortunately, such software does very little. If anyone has ever won as a result of buying such a product, it was probably a pure coincidence.

You’ve already bought it, and you’re sure that the system is crap. What’s next? Is there any chance to get a refund or should you have just been wiser from the very beginning?

Can Software Help You Win the Lottery?

Yes, you’re not the only person asking this question. Sadly, many people buy a product first and start asking questions after. Hundreds of opportunities exist on the market. When it comes to cracking the lottery code and increasing your chances of winning, however, only a couple can be somewhat useful.

Many entities are selling such bogus products, targeting gullible individuals, and rubbing their hands together while eagerly expecting easy cash. The characteristics of scam lottery software products tend to be similar.

Most often, the system will analyze past lottery results and come up with predictions that are loosely based on such data.

The problem, however, is that interpreting past results can’t provide accurate information about what to expect in the future. You’ll see tons of marketing hype that’s usually produced by affiliates eager to get commissions. You’ll hear about proven formulas, secret number combinations and specialized algorithms (traditionally developed by mathematical or statistics geniuses, sigh) that give you anywhere between 30 percent and infinitely high chances of winning.

If you don’t believe us, google Lotto Guy Software, for example. You’ll come across so much unrealistic BS that you’ll undoubtedly lose hope in human integrity.

But we’re digressing here. Let us go back to the original questions – can software help you win the lottery? The simple answer is no. Past data and statistical predictions may slightly increase your chances, but the odds will still be against you. Most often, you’ll end up spending money on a product that probably gives you random numbers. As already mentioned – if you end up winning, it will probably be pure coincidence.

And Now on to the Refunds

Ok, so you’ve bought something that’s total rubbish. After you fall in the trap of scam lottery software, you’ll start thinking about getting a refund. Not so fast! It isn’t such a simple task at all!

Many of these products aren’t created by actual companies or entities. They’re the amazing offspring of anonymous crooks. If there’s no support, no address and no name on the website, chances are that you’re not getting your money back.

The very same applies to products that come without a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Companies that manufacture quality software are confident enough to give potential buyers a free trial. Since the creators of most such systems, however, know that their products are useless, there’s no way to test for free. These software creators aim to pocket as much money as possible and disappear before people realize they’ve been scammed.

Please, please, please read the terms and conditions before buying anything. Yes, we know these are annoying and boring. Yes, we know you have better things to do. When you end up disappointed, however, you’ll start thinking about getting your money back. If you didn’t examine whether this is a possibility in the very beginning, the chances are that you’ll end up still being the proud owner of a completely worthless piece of scam lottery software.

If you’re in the US, you may consider taking legal actions against the manufacturer of the scam lottery software. As a citizen of the country, you’re protected against unfair and deceptive trade practices. Governmental agencies in each state are responsible for protecting consumer rights. Contact such authorities immediately.

Such official entities work in many other countries, as well, so you may consider submitting a report about the scam. The chances are that you’ll get official assistance, especially if the agency has gotten multiple other reports about the same software product.

So, here’s how the process goes. If you have the contact information – send an email or make a phone call. Ask for a refund. Do that several times. Call every single day if you have to! Not getting a response or you don’t see the contact information at all? Call the authorities and hope for the best.

  1. No! Made the mistake. Could have used Windows to generate the same Numbers. Will cancel any subscriptions that recommended this con! My advice, RUN!


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