They Want the Lottery, Spent the Millions and Are Now Facing Charges for a Hoosier Lottery Scam

Hoosier Lottery Scam

How to Trick the System?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed about coming up with an ingenious scheme to win the lottery, even if that scheme involves a scam. Yep, most of us have been there. Some have even taken it a step further. How may you ask? Well, by actually carrying out a scheme to submit a fraudulent ticket and to win a prize of several million dollars.

Take the Hoosier Lottery scam, for example. It’s an excellent illustration of how the system can be tricked.

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Who Did What and What Went Wrong?

First thing first, who submitted the fraudulent ticket and how exactly did the Hoosier Lottery scam play out?

Three individuals by the names of Ashlee Parsley, Joseph Parsley, and Jackie Parsley II decided to submit a ticket and win two million dollars. They followed a well-known scam scheme. It’s long been tried by liquor store owners – they steal lottery tickets and cash out relatively small amounts of money. It seems that the Parsley folks were a little bit greedier than everybody else and they decided to go for the jugular.

As you’ve probably guessed, the scheme involved a liquor store that at the time belonged to a relative of Jackie and Joseph.

So what exactly did they do? Here’s how it went:

Ashlee Parsley told officials that she bought the ticket from the liquor store. Video camera surveillance, however, shows that she certainly didn’t buy it. Instead, what she did was simple – she took the winning ticket and activated it at the liquor store terminal.

The family was planning to sell the store, which is why the terminal wasn’t active for a certain period. Jackie Parsley was the individual that insisted on the reactivation… hmm, we wonder why.

Once the amount of two million dollars was redeemed, the “lucky” trio bought several flossy cars, other vehicles as well as some real estate to top it all off.

The Grand Investigation

According to Indiana law, a retailer or an employee of that retailer is prohibited from buying lottery tickets at that particular venue.

Investigators became alarmed when they found out that Ashlee Parsley was the one claiming the millions. By the time, however, the infamous trio had already spent a large portion of the money obtained through the Hoosier Lottery scam.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced that the three individuals are currently being held on a 30,000-dollar bond. The Parsley family, however, is still convinced that it didn’t do a single wrong thing. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Or maybe the Parsleys are pretty good actors – it’s still too early to tell.

This isn’t the only time that the Parsley folks have made use of the liquor store tickets. Previously, however, they cashed out much smaller amounts (while surveillance cameras caught them high-fiving each other).

Joseph Parsley has since given a tearful jail interview (oh, the dramatic value of it all!), complaining that the family bank accounts had been frozen and the vehicles bought with the lottery money have been rolled away. “My wife [Ashlee Parsley] cashed the ticket in and went through the process they wanted her to go through to make sure fraud was not committed by anyone,” he said.

The Lottery Strikes Back

Hoosier Lottery has made a statement about the scam, and here are the most intriguing parts of it:

The Hoosier Lottery officials were glad to assist law enforcement professionals in the investigation – gee, we wonder why that is? The lottery has been in existence for 25 years, and it will continue working on improving its security system, the statement concluded.

This isn’t the first time a Hoosier Lottery scam has taken place. In 2004, a Hoosier security officer worked with two other eager volunteers to snatch an award of more than one million dollars in the form of a winning scratch-off ticket.

The security officer delicately supplied two other people with information about where a winning ticket had allegedly been sent. One of his partners in crime went ahead to buy approximately 700 dollars worth of tickets.

The “informant” was soon arrested and charged with disclosing confidential information. His two partners were also arrested and charged with felony theft.

What’s the moral of the story? If you want to win the lottery, do it the old-fashioned way unless you’re prepared for the risk of spending some time in jail. Follow the example of an adorable old lady – Lena Eaton aged 91. Eaton won the Hoosier Lottery two times in two months. First, she scored 300,000 dollars, and the next time Eaton got lucky, she won 99,999 dollars. The great-grandma of 20 from Indianapolis has dedicated the winnings to helping her loved ones. And we believe that this is the most adorable ending for this particular story.

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