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Honeypot Lotto Exposed — Is It a Real Micro Lottery Revolution?

Honeypot Lotto Exposed

Honeypot Lotto Review

Honeypot Lotto is something new and different. It’s an online micro lottery. That doesn’t sound like much, but what exactly hides behind the term? We’re on a mission to find out today.

Launched by the Malta Gaming Authority, this is supposedly a completely legitimate chance to win some cash and benefit from much better odds than the ones linked to traditional national lotteries. Honeypot Lotto has several ticket-buying options you can select depending on your budget. The more expensive the ticket, the bigger the payout.

Is this micro lottery worth giving a try, however? That depends on your preferences and the type of experience you want to get out of a game.

Is Honeypot Lotto available on GiantLottos?

Honeypot Lottery: Introduction

Honeypotlotto is entirely web-based. You buy the tickets online, the draws are conducted online, and the winnings are funded to your account.

The lottery is Malta-based, but it’s available internationally to anyone who may be interested in a microgame. In this context, the term micro refers to the size of the awards. They’re smaller than what national lotteries have to offer, but at the same time, Honeypotlotto is supported by much better odds.

These odds are ensured through a limit on the number of tickets purchased for each of the available games. To put it in simple terms, you have a one in 5,000 chance of winning the big prize if there are 5,000 tickets and only one primary reward.

How to Play Honeypot Lotto

Apart from having good odds, the Honeypot lottery is also characterized by one of the simplest gameplays in existence under the sun.

All you have to do to get your ticket is register for an account via the lottery’s official website. There’s a step-by-step guide, and Honeypot lotto also has a YouTube channel filled with practical tips on getting started.

Next, you’ll need to set the amount you’re going to bet in one of the available gaming pools.

At the time of article writing (January 2020), there are five available gaming options. The most inexpensive one allows you to buy a ticket worth one euro for the chance to win 1,000 euros. If you spend 100 euros on your ticket, the maximum reward will climb exponentially.

As already mentioned, the number of tickets for each of the game pools is limited. Thus, you will need to hurry up and join the one you like the most. Once all tickets are sold, you’ll no longer have an opportunity to benefit from the particular pool.

Each of the tickets comes with a number on it. You don’t choose your digits; you don’t calculate odds. The number is the one you need to check if you’ve won anything after the drawing takes place.

The payment for your purchase will be processed online. Honeypot Lottery accepts credit card payments, and their transactional gateway is secure. You can rest assured that your sensitive data is handled in the right way to prevent identity theft.

If you’re looking for a game that gets more exciting and that features add-ons, Honeypot isn’t the option for you. It’s pretty basic and consistent in what it has to offer – you can take it or leave it.

Honeypot Lotto Prizes and Odds

All five of the game pools at Honeypotlotto come with their distinctive prize levels.

There aren’t multiple prizes, some big and some small. Only one person will claim the top reward for each of the games currently available. In that sense, the better odds are offset by the fact that you don’t have multiple options to win.

The smallest pool that has a single euro entry free produces a top reward of 1,000 euros. If you spend five euros on your ticket, you can anticipate cashing out 10,000 dollars. The 10-euro tier comes with a payout of 20,000 euros, the 20-euro ticket produces a prize of 40,000 euros, and if you spend 100 euros on your ticket, you compete for a payout of 100,000 euros.

We tried to find out if someone has already won prizes after the launch of the lottery. All of the media outlets speak of frequent payouts. Unfortunately, we didn’t come across information about whether someone has already cashed out their award.

As per the website’s terms and conditions, gaming pools remain open for seven days. Alternatively, a game will close after all of the tickets have been sold and await its drawing.

Can You Play Honeypot Lotto Online?

Honeypot Lotto Limited has made it clear this is the only way to play the lottery. The official website is the only one that offers Honeypot lotto tickets. If you come across an alternative opportunity that offers Honeypot lottery ticket buying, you’ve probably stumbled upon some scam.

To register and get your tickets, you need to be aged 18 or older, and you need to be located in a country that doesn’t restrict online gaming. You will also need a credit or debit card that you can use to fund your ticket purchases.

Some Information for Honeypot Lotto Winners

When you sign up and create a Honeypot lottery account, you will access a private area of the website that holds your dashboard. This is where you’ll find information about the tickets purchased and the size of the award (in the event of winning anything).

There is an option in the dashboard to request a refund for the sum you’ve spent on the ticket(s). Keep in mind; however, this option is only available before a game closes.

In the event of winning, you will receive your prize without having to do anything.

Honeypot Lotto will transfer the money to the account linked to the card you used for your ticket purchases. The same procedure is used for all of the prize categories.

Why You Should Play HoneyPot Lotto


A lottery that operates under national rules enforced by a lottery authority

This is an online lottery accessible from all parts of the world (as long as local restrictions don’t apply)

There are multiple tiers to choose from, depending on the amount you want to spend

A single player isn’t restricted in terms of the number of tickets they want to buy

Game pools are refreshed every seven days

Honeypot has much better odds than most national lotteries out there

Players will have the winning amounts credited directly to their card account

Why You Shouldn’t Play HoneyPot Lotto


This isn’t a big lottery characterized by massive payouts

Each pool features just one prize; there aren’t lower tiers

There are no add-on games or bonuses

Since the lottery is relatively new, there’s no information about people who have already won

If there isn’t a sufficient number of players for a pool, all who have bought a ticket would be rolled over toward the next pool (a longer waiting period)

This opportunity will be inaccessible in countries that limit online gaming

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Is Honeypot Lotto Legit?

Honeypot Lotto doesn’t appear to be a scam. We did some research, and we didn’t reveal anything suspicious or troubling.

Operated by Honeypot Lotto Limited, the game is a Class 3 registered online micro lottery under the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority. National rules and regulatory frameworks govern how the lottery operates, makes profits, and pays out prizes to winners.

Launched at the end of 2019, the lottery quickly gained a lot of attention in the media. Some have called it a lottery revolution, even though small gaming pools have been around for a bit of time already. And while these media reports are sponsored, or they’re PR publications, it’s still interesting to see the positive reception so far.

The company behind the lottery operates under the slogan “small win goes a long way.” Hence, you shouldn’t anticipate life-changing jackpots and instantly becoming a millionaire. At the same time, the reasonable odds and the online gameplay both appeal to younger players and could make Honeypot quite attractive in the future.

Honeypot Lotto is simple and straightforward. Heck, it’s a micro lottery, so it’s not something to write home about. Still, if you prefer smaller games that come with more manageable odds, you may be intrigued by this one.

We really would have liked to uncover more information about the online lottery, but at the time being, feedback on Honeypot is limited and nearly non-existent.

Honeypot Lotto can be a lovely addition to your lottery routine if you spend reasonably and keep your expectations realistic. This game doesn’t raise red flags, and you can confidently give it a try to find out if it tickles your fancy.

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