Holy Shit! Homeless Man Donates Millions to Obama!?

Homeless man

Is This for Real?

Have you ever read a story that made you sit back and think, “Is this for real?” These stories seem to tug at your heartstrings because it exemplifies what true selflessness is really about.

For example, let’s talk about an unnamed woman in Canada who returned a $27-million winning lottery ticket.

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded… Or Does It?

Back in 2013, Hakeem Nosiru from Ontario, Canada, won a multi-million lottery drawing on January 17th. He was only one day from collecting the prize money when he decided to put the ticket in his wife’s purse—presumably for safekeeping (obviously he’s never truly seen the inside of a woman’s handbag… I can never seem to find anything in mine, like most women!).

When the couple came home from church, the ticket was MIA and a frantic search ensued—understandably so. Abiola Nosiru, his wife, stated that she could not eat or sleep for days because she was devastated by the loss.

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The couple filed paperwork with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. As the months went by, there was no sign of the ticket. Then, on April Fool’s Day, a member of their church told the police that she had found a ticket and that the Nosiru should come to the police station to retrieve it. Thankfully for them, Hakeem signed the ticket with his address and that is how the woman was able to return it.

When the couple was asked if they would reward the woman, the couple was uncertain and they just wanted to say, “Thank you.”
While it’s great that the couple got the ticket back… Really? Just a “Thank You”? Maybe I’m a minority, but I think if you’ve just been given a second chance at your $50 Million (!!) lotto ticket, surely you can spare a little more than a thank you. If it were not for the woman, you definitely would not be a multi-millionaire!

Lotto Max winner

Winning the Lottery Does Not Change Everyone

Sometimes when people win the lottery, it changes people—and it is not always for the best. With millions of dollars, people quit their jobs, go crazy, and have much more worries than ever before. Ron Elliott is not one of those people.

Last year, Elliot won close to £8 million ($12,794,400) in the lottery one evening. The 67-year-old man returned to work the next day.

He told the Daily Mirror that the “old folks need me.”

Elliot works 60 hours per week at a nursing home in South London, and he loves his job. He has gone on to say that he could leave, but he wants to continue to work. “My clients have dementia and suffer from memory loss. They don’t care that I’ve won the lottery, and they still need care.”

One way he intended on spending his winnings was to throw a Christmas party for the residents and colleagues at the nursing home.

Homeless Man Wins and Helps Those Who Society Overlooks

Surely you’ve seen the series of stories we did covering the homeless man who was on the receiving end of a wonderful “prank” and won $1,000 in the lottery. He wanted to give some of the money to the “prankster” and the internet rewarded the man with a house.

Well, he wasn’t the only homeless man who won the lottery and displayed selflessness. Let’s talk about László Andraschek, from Hungary. Earlier this year, Andraschek won nearly $2.8 million after he decided to spend his last few coins on a lottery ticket. He was amazed that he had won.

“I had only picked six numbers and the female shop assistant reminded me that I needed to pick a seventh,” Andraschek told The Guardian. “I told her to make it 24 – it doesn’t matter, anyway.”

Well, he has some big plans for his winnings. He donated a large portion of his winnings to a homeless shelter and he also plans to create a foundation for drug addicts and women who have suffered at the hands of abuse.

Another homeless man in Illinois, USA won $50,000 back in April 2013. Instead of improving his own living conditions, he chose to stay in his tent and give $100 to other homeless people that were in the area.

Who Is Melville Paxperkins?

With all these heartwarming stories of selflessness, we come to a homeless man named Melville Paxperkins. Paxperkins lost his home in Chicago in 1996 and has been staying on the same corner for the last 15 years—and every day he takes a dollar and tries his luck with the lottery.

One day he finally won. Paxperkins won an astonishing $293 million. When he was approached by lawyers, investment agents, bankers, and (of course) scammers, he told them to leave him alone because he wasn’t going to keep the money.

Supposedly, he was uncomfortable with all the money and he intended to give it all to the President.

Now you may be wondering why Obama needed the money. Paxperkins stated that he wanted to help pay down our nation’s debt.

Unfortunately… This particular story is a work of fiction.

Sometimes, you can’t always believe what you read.

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