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Heart and Stroke Lottery Exposed — Fighting Heart Disease One Lottery Ticket at a Time

Heart and Stroke Lottery Exposed

Heart and Stroke Lottery Review

What could be better than winning a prize and doing some good at the same time? If this is your cup of tea, the Heart and Stroke Lottery is a definite one to try.

Launched by the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Ontario and carried out on an annual basis, the Heart and Stroke Lottery is used to generate funds for research and at teaching hospitals and universities. At the same time, the lottery has some pretty exciting prices that provide additional incentives for giving it a try.

The next edition of the Heart and Stroke classic lottery is scheduled to take place in 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Heart and Stroke Lottery: Introduction

The Heart and Stroke Lottery is an annual event that the Heart and Stroke Foundation uses to produce some much-needed cash for research in the fields of heart disease, stroke, and their treatments.

Each year, over five million dollars are paid out in the form of cash and other prizes.

Tickets become available for sale in September of the previous year, and Canadians have a chance to purchase in the middle of February during the year when the lottery drawing takes place.

Apart from the classic lottery, the Heart and Stroke Foundation provides two additional opportunities for winning prizes – the 50/50 Lottery and March Money. These are characterized by other prizes that aren’t as big as the ones for the classic Heart and Stroke Lottery. As a result, the tickets for these two opportunities also happen to be less expensive.

Is Heart and Stroke Lottery a Scam, and Can You Play It Online?

Ontario’s Heart and Stroke Foundation lottery is not a scam. It’s been around for some time, and it has proven its legitimacy. The foundation has accounted for the funds it generated this way and the types of research that were financed through the lottery proceeds.

Heart and Stroke Foundation was founded back in 1952, and the lottery isn’t the only fundraising initiative that it engages in. The foundation also carries out a Big Bike fundraising event, a Ride for Heart, and a Jump Rope for Heart initiative.

All of these fundraising events are well-publicized. The lottery itself has a pretty comprehensive website that you can use to learn a bit more about this opportunity.

So to sum it up, no, Heart and Stroke Lottery is not a scam.

As far as online ticket buying opportunities go, we will take a more in-depth look at those in one of the next sections.

How to Play Heart and Stroke Lottery

Playing Heart and Stroke Lottery is pretty simple because it’s not like the traditional draw-style games out there.

Heart and Stroke Lottery tickets are ordered through the official website.  You need to have an address in Ontario and provide that information when signing up and attempting to buy your tickets. The payment methods you can use for the purpose include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express card payments.

A single Heart and Stroke Lottery ticket costs 100 dollars. You could alternatively opt for a pack of three at 250 dollars and a pack of five for 375 dollars. On top of that, you can decide if you’d like to donate an additional amount that isn’t tied to the purchase of a ticket.

Tickets do cost less for the additional games. You can find all of the details on the Heart and Stroke Lottery official website. There’s a detailed overview of the prices, and you can also check out the extensive FAQ section.

To buy a lottery ticket, you have to be aged 18 or older.

The Heart and Stroke Lottery doesn’t allow you to choose your numbers and have those printed on the ticket. Instead, each ticket comes with a pre-printed serial number on it that you can use to check if you’ve won anything.

Heart and Stroke Lottery draw dates differ for the types of prizes. Loyalty prizes for the 2020 drawing, for example, will be chosen on October 29, 2019. VIP prizes are selected on November 26. Next, come the Super Bonus prizes (January 28, 2020), Early Bird prizes (February 18, 2020), and a final drawing scheduled for February 28, 2020.

Keep in mind there’s a finite number of tickets for sale. For the 2020 drawing, there will be 145,000 tickets. If these get sold out before you decide to participate, you’ll have no chance for testing out your luck in this annual event.

Heart and Stroke Lottery Prizes and Odds

As you’ve gathered already, Heart and Stroke lottery winners will be selected on several occasions throughout the year. The lottery is being advertised as providing a one-in-two chance to win a prize. There are multiple prize categories, and they’re pretty lucrative (probably to justify the somewhat expensive tickets).

Let’s start with the biggest prizes known as Grand Prizes. There are two grand prizes of one million dollars each, one RV or its cash value of 140,000 dollars, a BMW or an equivalent of 100,000 dollars, an Audi or an equivalent in cash of 70,000 dollars, one boat or an equivalent in cash of 60,000 dollars and one cash prize of 50,000 dollars.

Five Loyalty Prizes will also be selected during a separate drawing. Each one consists of an LG appliance package valued at 11,000 dollars.

The VIP Prizes are two, and they come in the form of 25,000 dollars in cash each.

Finally, there is a Super Bonus prize package and an Early Bird prize package. The Super Bonus prizes are 7,251. One of them is a cash prize of 50,000 dollars, and the others are a Heart and Stroke Lottery ticket for the coming annual lottery edition.

Early Bird prizes consist of automobile packages or their cash equivalent.

Don’t forget the additional lotteries and their awards. Once again – you can check out all of the information in the FAQ section of the Heart and Stroke Lottery website.

Can You Play Heart and Stroke Lottery Online?

Yes, the Heart and Stroke Lottery website provides an online opportunity for the purchase of tickets.

To buy a ticket online, however, you need to have a physical address in Ontario, Canada. This is where the tickets will be mailed to you since the lottery does not have digital play slips.

At the time being, the Heart and Stroke Lottery is not being offered by other websites apart from the official page of the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Ontario. Hence, if you’re not in Canada or you’re not in Ontario, you’ll have no opportunity to test your luck at the time being.

Some Information for Heart and Stroke Lottery Winners

Since lottery prizes are considered a windfall, they’re not subjected to income taxes in Canada.

Keep in mind that the Heart and Stroke Lottery makes it possible to win multiple prizes with the same ticket. After each award winner is drawn, the play slips are returned to the pot and will be eligible for claiming other rewards in the subsequent drawings. Do check carefully to find out if you’ve won more than one reward.

Players are free to choose the cash value of objects like cars and boats. The cash value of each one is announced upfront.

All winners will be notified by mail, email, or phone about their prize after the respective drawing takes place. If you believe that you’ve won, but haven’t received any information by April of the current year, you’ll need to get in touch with the Heart and Stroke Foundation staff.

Heart and Stroke Lottery winners have six months from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

Here are the main things we do like about the Heart and Stroke Lottery:

Why You Should Play Heart and Stroke Lottery


A charitable initiative organized by a well-known and recognized Canadian entity

Funds generated through ticket purchases go to heart disease and stroke research

There is a massive range of prizes

Prizes come both in the form of cash lump sums and objects

Multiple prize drawings take place each year, and there are also two smaller lotteries

The odds of winning a prize are pretty favorable

Heart and Stroke Lottery offers effortless online ticket purchases

Winners who are entitled to a prize like a car or a trip can exchange it for the cash lump sum

Lottery prizes in Ontario, Canada are not subjected to income taxes

The disadvantages include the following:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Heart and Stroke Lottery


The tickets are pretty expensive in comparison to those for regular lotteries

You cannot choose your numbers

While online ticket buying is possible, you need to have a physical address in Ontario to use the opportunity

The lottery is only annual

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Is Heart and Stroke Lottery Legit?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation lottery is an important initiative. Heart disease and strokes are becoming increasingly common in the Western world, which is why we welcome all initiatives to strengthen research and come up with better treatment options.

On top of being good for humanity, the lottery also provides some pretty cool prizes.

If you are not bothered by the price of the tickets and you live in Ontario, the Heart and Stroke Foundation lottery is worth a try. The odds of winning a fun prize are pretty good, and not only that, you’ll be contributing to overall improvements in public health.

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