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Grand Dragon Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 4D and 3D
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Grand Dragon Lotto Exposed — The Godfather of 4D Lotteries

Grand Dragon Lotto Exposed

Grand Dragon Lotto Review

With a name like Grand Dragon Lotto, this game is sure to impress. GD Lotto is available in several Asian countries, and it is headquartered in Malaysia. The cool aspect of this game is that it offers several unique gameplay methodologies that bring together 3D and 4D picks.

If you’ve never played Grand Dragon Lotto Malaysia in the past, but you’d like to give it a try, the following guide will come in handy. We’ll take you through all of the specifics, making betting a piece of cake.

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Grand Dragon Lotto: Introduction

Grand Dragon lottery is available in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It was the first Cambodian 4D game, and the entity behind the lotto is committed to making Cambodia the first Asian country that has a mobile 4D option available.
According to historical references, Grand Dragon is the first 4D-style game. Its origins can be traced back to the early 1950s ever since its popularity has grown exponentially. Initially offered in Cambodia, this lottery has turned the country into a prominent destination for those who’d like to test their luck and eventually win a prize.

Today, Grand Dragon is somewhat different from other 4D-style games because of its unique drawing methodology. This attractive characteristic has turned it into a pan-Asian phenomenon that has the potential to grow even further in the future.

How to Play Grand Dragon Lotto

In the beginning, GD Lotto may seem a bit confusing due to the very specific format that the game has. Here are the essentials to keep in mind.

There are 13 winning positions annotated by a letter from A to M. You have several betting choices to choose among. Your bet will be determined by the odds, as well as the eventual size of the prize you’ll claim.

4D Big has you choosing a four-digit number. Your 4D number will be matched with all of the 23 winning numbers drawn. Just like for all other bets, the size of the prize for this one will depend on the amount you decide to place on the bet. The minimum amount to play is $1.

The 4D A option has the player picking a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999, as well as a letter from the alphabet in the range from A to Z. Hence, the bet is going to look something like this – 4317 D. To win the top prize, the player will have to match both the four-digit number and the letter.

3D ABC is the next betting option in line. In this case, the player will select a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999. A letter from A to Z will also have to be chosen and included in the bet. To win, the player will have to match both the number and the letter drawn for the particular bet type.

3D A is similar to 3D ABC. The bet is placed in the same amount, but the drawing procedure and the prize distribution are both different.

Keep in mind that the Grand Dragon Lotto drawing features a 4D number selected. To win, players who choose a 3D bet will have to match the last three digits of the 4D number for the specific prize tier.

GD Lotto predictions can be made on the numbers already drawn in the past. For each drawing, there will be a first, second, and third prize individual number, as special and consolation prize numbers. Thus, over 20 four-digit numbers are going to be drawn each time.

You can acquire your GD Lotto tickets from multiple outlets across the countries where the game is available. All of the outlets carry GD branding, and they’re impossible to miss.

GD Lotto Prizes and Odds

The amount of the prize you win will be dependent on two things – the type of bet and the amount you choose to bet. Prizes outlined in this section of the guide are per $1 bet.

4D A carries the biggest prize of $6,000. This is also the most difficult combination to get correct, and the odds aren’t exactly stacked in your favor. The second biggest prize is the top award in the 4D small category – $3,500. 4D big bets carry a top prize of $2,500. The difference between big and small bets is similar to the difference in other 4D games. Big bets feature smaller prizes but a bigger number of prize tiers. 4D small bets have only three top prizes, but the amounts are bigger.

The top prize for the 3D ABC bet is $250. Those who bet $1 on 3D A will win $660. The 3D A bet has only one prize tier, which makes the odds worse. As a result, players can benefit from a better prize to be compensated for the risk they’re undertaking.

Remember the A to M positions mentioned earlier? These determine a bonus prize. A specific additional amount is set to the bonus prize for every single drawing, potentially increasing the size of the payout.

Some Information for Grand Dragon Lotto Winners

Winners can check the Grand Dragon Lotto results via the lottery’s official website or follow the Grand Dragon Lotto live streaming.

Based on this information, a player will know if they’ve won anything and whether their GD Lotto predictions were correct.

Most of the prizes can be cashed out at the GD Lotto retail outlets in the respective country.

For bigger prizes, regional or national offices will have to be visited. The GD Lotto official website features contact information you can use to get in touch with the respective office and find out more about the prize claim procedure.

Lottery taxation regulations are also dependent on the country where you acquired the ticket. Do check whether a sum will be taken out of the amount you won and if you should include the information in your tax returns.

Can You Play Grand Dragon Lotto Online?

While Grand Dragon Lotto does offer online results and drawing streaming, a ticket acquisition option via a web portal isn’t available at the time.

Grand Dragon Lotto is also not supported by digital lottery operators that offer international lotteries to their players. Do check back with such platforms occasionally to find out whether they’ve started offering the intriguing 4D game.

Why You Should Play Grand Dragon Lotto


GD Lotto is available in multiple Asian countries

An official and legitimate entity organizes it

Betting is flexible, and it’s up to you to decide how much you’re going to spend on a ticket

Several betting formats will be determined by the amount you’ll win

Excellent odds characterize GD Lotto

The entity behind it is committed to innovation, which means that additional ticket-buying opportunities may become available shortly

Before testing out the game, you should also learn a bit about its shortcomings:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Grand Dragon Lotto


The format can be somewhat confusing for first-time players

The payouts aren’t that massive if you put in a small bet

Online ticket-buying options aren’t available

Would you mind rating Grand Dragon Lotto?

Is Grand Dragon Lotto Legit?

GD Lotto is anything but a scam. There’s an official website you can check out to learn more about the history of Grand Dragon, the GD Lotto live drawings, and the available rewards. GD Lotto also has an extensive retail network across all of the countries where the game is available. There, you can learn a bit more about the nature of the game, its legitimacy, and the certificates that the local entity has had to obtain to be a legal operator.

Grand Dragon is committed to ensuring full transparency. Lottery drawings are streamed directly. Anybody can watch the GD Lotto online drawing sessions, and the GD Lotto results are also made available via the game’s official website.

Grand Dragon Lotto is the holder of multiple licenses in Cambodia, Malaysia, and the other countries where it’s available. In Cambodia, the operator holds the rights to operate game tables, slot machines, and even online gaming initiatives.

Grand Dragon Lotto Malaysia and Cambodia is prominent and fun, even though it may get a little bit confusing for first-time players. It is also unique and specific, which is why we like it. If you have experience with this lottery or a specific strategy that you use to make GD Lotto predictions, don’t hesitate to share your approach with us in the comments below.

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    • When I press negative it does not go thru so I gave up 1 star
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    • Don’t waste your time with the grand dragon as usual Cambodia at least Malaysia I have been paid because of their transparency

  2. Number 9999 and 6666 no open why every day buy no open….dragon must give this number up to podium 1 2 3…no history podium this number …please check the result before this


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