God, I Should Win the Lottery. Here’s Why!

God, I Should Win the Lottery

I Must Win the Lottery

You do your weekly ritual – fill out the numbers you usually bet on, pay for your ticket and treasure it in your wallet (we hope you don’t go as far as framing it, or at least not until you win). Eager anticipation and then… bam, the draw takes place. You didn’t win the lottery this time and your heart drops just a little bit.

We all have dreams of winning the lottery. We all hope that the coming draw is the lucky one. After all, karma’s supposed to be helping. You’re patient, you get your ticket each week, and sooner or later, you expect to get something back.

Just like you, I want to win the lottery. I want to win it real bad. Here are some of my reasons for wanting it and chances are that you feel the same.

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I Don’t Quit

I’m stubborn and I don’t quit. Each week I’m there and I buy my lottery ticket. Many other lottery players do the very same. They don’t quit, regardless of the failures.

Has your wife given up already or threatened to do something if you don’t stop buying lottery tickets? Well, one thing you should remember is that people who win the lottery don’t quit. No matter what the circumstances are, they keep on buying tickets. Sooner or later, their efforts pay off.

I’m a Good Person

We’ve been thought this lesson from an early age – good things happen to good people. Chances are that you’re a really nice person. Yet, you haven’t won the lottery. In fact, you don’t seem any closer to getting there.

Good things do happen and you simply should persevere. You know the odds and you know that winning the lottery isn’t easy. If it were easy, the fun would be gone, right? It’s a challenge that you want to conquer. Plus, you’re a nice person, remember?

I Need the Money

Don’t we all? Isn’t this one of the main reasons for playing lottery games? It’s a ticket out of financial trouble.

Chances are that you’re already dreaming about starting your own business, traveling the world or buying that fancy car when you win the lottery. We simply can’t underestimate the importance of the financial component.

Even if you’re not in financial trouble, you’ll certainly find a good use for a few thousand additional dollars. The promise of easy money is the one that draws so many people to giving the lottery a try. Who wouldn’t want to pay a couple of bucks for a simple ticket and end up a few million dollars richer?

I Have Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations

There are people who don’t know what they’ll do with the money if they win the lottery. Infuriatingly enough, these people win quite often (hmm, maybe I should think about a change of strategy).

Unlike those people, I have clear goals and dreams. I know exactly what I want to do with the money. Some of it will go towards starting a business, some of it will be saved for my kids and some of it will go to charity. These are reasons enough for the divine powers to award me with some easy cash, don’t you think?

I Deserve to Win Just like Everybody Else does

How are people who have already won the lottery different from me and you me? If your answer is that they’re richer, you’re probably right. The truth of the matter is, however, that these people aren’t that much different.

Everyone deserves to win the lottery. It’s not a privilege, but a game of luck. If a housewife from Oregon or a pensioner from Glasgow can do it, so can I!

I Want Options

Winning the lottery gives you options. You can continue working; you can go back to school, study, or become a volunteer and help the poor in Africa. Having enough money gives you options and you can pursue your dreams.

Regular folks don’t have the luxury of pursuing their dreams. Bills, down payments, and other financial burdens leave very little time for bringing a dream to reality. As a result, every day looks like the previous and many are stuck in a job and an everyday existence that they hate.

I Just Want to Win for Once in My Life

The final reason is far from rational, but we all know that winning feels good. It’s empowering, it makes you feel special and it gives you wings (literally, if you buy a private jet with the jackpot).

This is just a concise list that I’d like to share with the world and any deity that could be listening to what I have to say. I’m not giving up on the dream to win the lottery and hopefully, one day it will come true. How about you? Have you won in the past? If not, why do you think you should win the lottery? Don’t hesitate to share with us!

  1. They all have reasonable reasons to win the lottery. Yes I too would like to win but I have a bigger plan. The owner all is up to 400 million, I don’t need that much so I would take 200 people and make them millionaires, charities would be next, scholarships in my parents and aunts/uncles/friends name

  2. I just want to win to enjoy life and have no stress, pay off bills and help out my family, who I’ve let down a lot.
    Buy a small house and have my own family and not have to worry about money until the day I die. Leave money for my kids and invest some of it.

    Have all the time in the world to enjoy each and every moment in life, being able to enjoy the little pleasures in life, watching the plants, insects, going on walks, listening to a running stream. Volunteering at charities or at a local wildlife park or botanical garden.

    I really wish the universe or what ever is out there gives me a hand, I know so many people wish the same. but if it can happen to someone else, it can happen to me!

  3. I deserve to win the lottery because I never learned my lesson. I’ve failed and gained from my mistakes over the years, every time I was down I set a set of rules and once the table flipped I never followed those rules falling back and back again. I always had my eyes on the lottery and if I win it will simply be a test for me again. Since last time I was worried, the other scared, or intimidated of losing my hard earned money without enjoying them one bit. This time I want to test the universe and luck on how will I perform with the money that comes easy. If it were only true. In reality I do not deserve to win the lottery.

  4. I deserve to win the lottery for numerous reasons. All my life I’ve been poor, my parents have been poor, every family member I know struggles to get by. I have Crohns Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and HSP. I’ve been sick since I was 11. I was on disability until I was 18. Since then, ten years later, I struggle to keep a job because of flare ups, whether it be my Crohns or my Arthritis. Ive tried getting on adult disability but I’m never approved. I’m supposed to be on med but without insurance I’m unable to even have any kind of comfort and I’m unable to have the checkups I’m supposed to have. I struggle everyday to not get sick and I deal with depression, partially from being sick and the other part because I’m limited in my choices in life. With something like the lottery, I could finally have some prace and be able to live life without the fear of what I’m supposed to do.

  5. I have won small prizes many times. I have won $86, won $99 and $10 and $20 many times. I am praying to God to grant me a jackpot win just once. At the moment due to health reasons I am not working and I need the money. Is the a secret to winning the lotto that I do not know? I have tried my own numbers and I have tried the quickpick option. I seem to win the most money with quickpick.


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