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Globlotto Exposed — Getting Around the Misuse of English

Globlotto Review

As online lottery providers go, has had four years to get it right. They say it’s been around since 2010 and was “a long thought of idea in Polish internet”. This Polish idea with a head office in Cyprus and another office in the United States provides a platform for players to play twelve lotteries and group play. Okay, you’re laughing – but you might not be the time you finish this read.

Games at Globlotto

These folks offer individual tickets and group play for twelve lotteries that range from the big boys of US Powerball and EuroMillions to obscure (well to us) lotteries like Sportka out of Czechoslovakia and Mini Lotto out of Poland. Single and multiple tickets can be purchased. has a thing called “system play” which adds additional numbers to a specific ticket line of course at an additional cost. Supposedly, this will increase your odds of winning. also offers group play where players can join existing syndicates or set up their own. This part is pretty cool, excluding the fact of how you get your winnings.

Globlotto and Winning says they’ll transfer any wins below €2,000 into your account within 24 hours of the official results of any lottery. This info wasn’t actually in their Terms & Conditions but in their FAQ. There is no mention of how to get your winnings over €2,000 except for a mention of individual arrangements will be made for larger amounts. also says “on withdrawals exceeding specific amounts, a tax on winnings will be charged and remitted” – again with no info on what the threshold is and if it’s the lottery itself that takes the money.

The Site and

Then it gets weirder! In the English and Spanish version of their Terms and Conditions there is a section called Website Fees. Paragraph 3 states “A 10% fee for the Website will be charged off winnings exceeding…”. The dot-dot-dot isn’t me leaving info out, but exactly what it says (we did find out that buried in their FAQ says anything over €2,000). Jumping to the Polish, Romanian and Czech versions this section is actually called “Confirmation of Registration” and only has two paragraphs. So what’s the story? The English version is definitely a very hard read with all the mistakes never mind the information that isn’t there!

Ask Globlotto

Globlotto offers an online form and two email addresses – “write to us if you looking help” and “write us if you have a complaint”. They have two snail mail addresses for their office in Cyprus and the other in California. There is a downloadable APP for your mobile plus some linkage to Facebook. They also say there is live chat, but there is nothing to click on. Oh, and there are no telephone numbers.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

I can get past the challenges with the English, get past the lack of information, but I couldn’t get past the 10% they take of my winnings whatever the sum plus taxes that someone is going to take. Sorry, I take back the comment regarding the challenges with English when it affects the credibility of where I’m going provide my personal and credit card details.


Cool Group Play – We Think


They Take 10% of YOUR Winnings

They Take Taxes

No Phone Numbers gets a thumbs down. The team did like the concept of how the group play works, but no one was confident enough with the site to actually try it out!

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