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FreeNationalLotto Exposed — Free to Play Daily Lottery

FreeNationalLotto Exposed

FreeNationalLotto Review

I’m scratching my head trying to decide whether I should jump into This is a cute little free – yes folks free – daily lottery. Oh, and they have a bi-weekly lottery also. What’s holding me back is usually these kinds of free lotteries mean you’re going to get spammed by promotions and advertising. I made the mistake once of getting into one of these and I’m still dealing with daily cleanups in my inbox.

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Games at Free National Lotto

There are two games at The daily one is drawn at noon each day (GMT) and involves selecting 5 numbers from 1 to 40. The draw is based only on the sets of numbers actually chosen so yes, there is a guaranteed winner. We’re not talking big money here as the draw starts at £5 and rolls up £5 each day it is not claimed. Players have to visit the site daily to see if they’ve won. The FNL 5 Ball Draw takes place Thursdays and Sundays at 20:00 (GMT), starts at £250, and rolls up to £10 each time it isn’t won. The odds of winning are harder here as it’s based on any combination of the 1 to 40 numbers. and Winnings

Daily prizes have to be claimed within 24 hours or the draw rolls over. The highest it has gotten is £40. It looks like the bi-weekly prizes also have to be claimed within 24 hours. Payments of winnings are through PayPal. I’m guessing that’s one of their advertisers. There is a link on their site to register if you don’t have an account.

How Do They Do It? is funded by advertising and promotion companies. You agree to receive stuff when you register. This isn’t licensed gambling so they are not registered with any gambling commission. The weird thing is there is nothing on their website that is advertising. They do say they will send you a reminder each day to check your numbers so I guess maybe that’s where the advertising might come in.

Earning Bonus Balls

There are a couple of ways to earn bonus balls. Each day you visit the site, you get one bonus ball which equals 1p (GBP). If you refer someone to the site and they register, you get two bonus balls. You can also earn bonus balls by participating in promotions they send you. You can’t do anything with this – at this point – except if you win a daily or bi-weekly draw, whatever has accrued will be added to your winnings.

Who Can Play at

Players have to be 18 years of age or older and can only register once. They say anyone can play – it doesn’t matter where you reside.

Who Is Free National Lotto? is owned by Lotto Media Ltd., a company registered in England with a head office in Norwich. There is an online form, email address, and a heap of social media links to contact them. There are no phone numbers or live chat.

The Bottom Line at

Part of me wants to register and go for this and part of me is holding back. Nothing is free and Free National Lotto says upfront that they fund this by sending you advertising and promotions. Heck, you can earn bonus balls by participating in promotions they send you. The other thing I wonder about is having to go in and check whether I’ve won every day. I’d kick myself if I won and then hadn’t claimed my prize.

Why You Should Register with Free National Lotto


Free Daily Lottery

Anyone 18 and Over Can Play

Guaranteed Winner Every Day

Would you mind rating

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Free National Lotto


Advertising and Promotion Spam

Limited Contact Details

I Forgot to Check My Numbers and Had Won

The site does get a thumbs up for its honesty and being so straightforward. I think I’m going to take a shot and go for this one. I’m just wondering how much of this stuff I’m going to receive.

  1. It seems that nothing much has changed since Pamela’s review in Dec 2019. I have been writing emails/contact messages every few days trying to find out why my winnings from the Daily Draw about a month ago, have not yet been paid.

    No reply whatsoever. I am not the only one, having exchanged views with other players on other sites. Why not just close the site down if there is no intention to pay valid winners. I have been following the site for over 2 years and have visited mostly every day. I have referred over 50 new players. Very disappointed with the outcome to date.

    • I have today received my winnings after nearly a month of waiting. It is only fair to report this to counteract my previous negative review. The due bonus was actually paid up to date of payout and not cut off at the date of winning so that is a little extra in my view.

  2. Well normally I would not have given a bad rating but!!!! I won £10 plus my bonus balls worth £9+ claimed that day ( in astonishment). That was 13 days ago and although I have messaged numerous times not a living soul is replying to me. So is it a scam ??? Well I am not sure. Only if it were not, surely my emails to them may have given them the chance to prove themselves. Sadly nothing has come back to me. So I guess my PayPal account will not be receiving it’s Christmas bonus this year.


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