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Free Cash Lotto Exposed — Where “FREE Cash” Can be Won Every Day!

Free Cash Lotto Exposed

Free Cash Lotto Review

Are you looking for a free lottery to play? (FCL) looks like a pretty good site. They offer a free daily draw and a UK Lottery pool. FCL is upfront about the fact they fund this 100% with advertising. They also have a “Double Down” option to increase the daily draw winning amount. Usually, I get pretty twitchy about free lotteries wondering what the catch is. There doesn’t appear to be one. Then again, maybe we’d better take a look.

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The Game at

The main game/draw takes place each day at 7:00 pm GMT (that’s UK time). Players choose 3 balls between 1 and 59 with the 4th ball being their initials. Each new member has their initials added to the initials pool. Match 2 balls win £5, 3 balls win £50, and 4 balls win £500.

Doubling Down

Players have the option at to double the potential amount of winnings. This doubles the winnings to match 2 balls/£10, 3 balls/£100, and 4 balls/£1000. It takes 5 FCL credits to double down. Players get 5 FCL credits on joining plus earn 1 FCL credit each day they log into the site.

Getting Your Winnings with Free Cash Lotto will send an email reminder to check if you’ve won. If you have, click the “Claim FREE Cash” button and follow the instructions. Winnings are paid by Amazon Vouchers and PayPal. Winnings over £50 can be paid by bank transfer. But – yes, the big but – you have to log in and click on the button before the next draw. If you don’t, you lose your winnings. Players are contacted within 7 days to confirm the win and type of payment.

Use it or Lose It

If a player hasn’t visited the site for 7 consecutive days, the account will be suspended. This can be reversed by simply signing in, but there is a 24-hour wait to win anything.

Other Games at

The “Play Lotto Free” is an entry into a UK Lottery pool. There is no information on how many tickets are involved. Players can enter daily up to a total of seven entries a week. Winnings are totaled and then divided into 70 equal shares. draws 60 “Play Lotto Free” usernames from the pool with 10 shares going direct to FCL. This draw takes place on Saturday at 7:00 pm GMT. Winner “USERNAME” s are posted on the site on the Monday following the draw. Players click on the Username to claim their winnings. They can have more than one winning entry, but each Username listed must be clicked to claim the cash.

And Then There’s More’s bonus cash game is drawn every day at 10:00 am. One Username is drawn from its database and displayed for 24 hours. If you’ve won, simply click on the Claim Free Cash button. Again, if you don’t do it over 24 hours, you can’t claim the cash.

Who Can Play at

Players have to be over 18 years of age. They can only register one account. “Membership is limited to “individual residents of the United Kingdom and all other world jurisdictions where Membership and participation hereunder are not prohibited by law.” So, I guess that means anyone?

How do They Do It? is upfront that they fund their lotteries with advertising. But, it’s designed to get players to go in daily to their site to view the advertising there. They will send you an email a day to remind you to check to see if you have won. and Customer Service

The only way to get in touch with these folks is through their online form or interact with their site. It is administrated by proDmedia Ltd., an online media agency with a snail mail address in Evesham, United Kingdom. There are no phone numbers. They do respond to the online form within 24 hours of business days.

Why You Should Register with Free Cash Lotto


Free Daily Lottery

Simple Site to Navigate

Three Options to Play – for Free

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Free Cash Lotto


Potential Spam with Advertising

Logging in Every Day to Play/Win

Winnings are usually in PayPal or Amazon Vouchers – not cash

Would you mind rating

Is Free Cash Lotto Legit?

Playing FCL’s free lotteries is not going to bring in one of those mega jackpots like US Powerball. At the same time, it is free. It seems very straightforward, so if you’ve got the time to pop into their site daily, you will win something.

This site gets a reserved thumbs up. It doesn’t take that long to pop into and click on the necessary buttons to play or claim your winnings. At the same time, it will be interesting to see if spam emails start. So far, so good – if you’ve been playing here for a while and have feedback, it would be great to hear from you!

  1. Free Cash Lotto is a SCAM.. You will never get paid. By playing this you are wasting your time and at the same time you are supporting their site’s revenue by clicking their advertisement daily on their website free without getting any penny.

  2. I have been using it for weeks now, and I swear I have seen the same names come up as winners every time!
    These are NOT real people that are winning… Prove me wrong!! lol

  3. Bullshit!!! Freecashlotto is a SCAM!!!!

  4. Can never get through the site takes to long to open

  5. Gives hope for maybe…


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