Florida Lucky Money

Florida Lucky Money

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Numbers to Pick: 4/47 + 1/17
Days of Draw: Tues., Fri.
Average Price: $1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 3,032,205

Florida Lucky Money Exposed — Many Prizes, Modest Jackpot, Is It Worth the Try?

Florida Lucky Money Exposed

Florida Lucky Money Review

Sunny Florida has a fun lottery and though the odds of winning aren’t the best out there, playing Lucky Money is most definitely worth a try. The lottery is known for the lucrative lower-tier earnings and the bigger overall number of winners in comparison to others.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let us start at the beginning and go through all of the details that will help you determine whether Lucky Money is your chance at fame and fortune.

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Lucky Money Overview: What Is It?

Lucky Money is a relatively new addition to the Florida lottery pool. It came to replace Mega Money in 2014. The new option is characterized by a bigger number of winners and by more attractive lower-tier prizes.

Many people are drawn to Lucky Money because of the lucrative ticket price – just 1 dollar. If you’re rubbing your hands already in eager anticipation, however, calm down. The price of the ticket is far from the most important factor and we’ll first need to take a look at several other criteria.

How to Play

Here are the rules – to win the jackpot, you need to choose 4 out of 47 numbers, plus an additional Lucky Ball in the range from 1 to 17. The Lucky Money jackpot you’ll win by getting the four numbers and the Lucky Ball right will start at half a million US dollars.

Apart from picking the five numbers, players have several additional options to choose from. EzMatch can be selected on top of the regular ticket. This feature enables additional winning that can reach up to 500 dollars. Five additional EzMatch numbers will be printed on the ticket, right underneath your main pick. The correct number of EzMatches will determine the additional prize.

Adding the EzMatch option to your ticket will bring the price up to two dollars – a worthy investment, considering the added benefits.

There’s also a Quick Pick option if you don’t have numbers that you’d like to play with. Your 4 picks and the Lucky Ball will be chosen randomly for you through the use of a computerized number generator.

Let’s have Some Fun with Numbers: Prize Tiers and Odds

The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 3.032 million. As already mentioned, the minimum guaranteed jackpot is half a million dollars. If there’s no winner, the amount will be rolled over until the jackpot reaches 2 million dollars. In the case of no winner, the money will be distributed among the lower prize tiers. The Lucky money jackpot can’t go beyond the 2 million dollar cap.


MatchesOdds to Win
4 + Luckyball1:3,032,205+
3 + Luckyball1:17,629.10
2 + Luckyball1:559.65
1 + Luckyball1:61.43


The other prize tiers and odds are as follows:

  • 4 correct numbers: odds of 1 in 188,512; the prize to expect is 2,170 dollars if there’s no rolldown and 4,340 dollars in the case of a jackpot rolldown
  • 3 numbers + Lucky Ball: odds of 1 in 17,629; the prize to expect is 340 dollars or 680 dollars in the case of a jackpot rolldown
  • 3 numbers: odds of 1 in 1,101; prize to expect is 60 dollars or 120 dollars in the case of a jackpot rolldown
  • 2 numbers + Lucky Ball: odds of 1 in 559; prize to expect is 22 dollars or 44 dollars in the case of a jackpot rolldown
  • 1 number + Lucky Ball: odds of 1 in 61, the prize to expect is 3 dollars or 6 dollars in the case of a jackpot rolldown
  • 2 numbers: odds of 1 in 34, the prize to expect is 2 dollars or 4 dollars in the case of a jackpot rolldown
  • Lucky Ball: your prize is a free ticket for the next draw

As you can see, timing and luck have a lot to do with winning Lucky Money (hence the name of the lottery, duh!). If you don’t hit the jackpot at its cap and nobody else does, your chances of winning higher lower-tier prizes increase exponentially.

Taxation, Tips, and Other Useful Info

As you may already know, US lottery winnings are taxed. Florida State Lottery will be required to withhold 25 percent from the sum for federal taxation purposes (for prizes higher than 5,000 dollars). If you’re an international player, you may also want to check local regulations.

For nonresidential Lucky Money winners, the official operator will take out 30 percent of the prize. The regulation certainly sucks, but such is life!

People that win the jackpot can choose between two options for getting their prize – a lump sum or annuity payments over a 25-year period. The decision has to be made within 60 days of winning the jackpot.

When playing Lucky Money, it’s a good idea to use the EzMatch option. Paying one additional dollar for the chance to earn 500 dollars more is definitely an investment worth making.

Can International Players Try Lucky Money?

Lucky Money is available to non-US citizens through online lottery platforms. These websites have local representatives in numerous countries responsible for buying tickets on behalf of the clients. Various such portals have Lucky Money included in their catalog.


Feeling excited about Lucky Money? You should be. The lottery has a couple of unique and fun advantages:

Why You Should Play Lucky Money


Two draws per week

It’s open to international players

The jackpot sum rolls over in the case of no winner

The jackpot sum rolls down when the cap is reached

EzMatch gives you a chance to increase your winnings

The ticket price is very low

A fun game, Lucky Money also has a few characteristics that decrease its attractiveness:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Lucky Money


There’s a jackpot cap

The jackpot itself isn’t as impressive as what some other US lotteries have to offer

Prizes are subject to taxation

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Is Lucky Money Legit?

This is a 100 percent legitimate lottery. It’s run and operated by Florida State Lottery. The winning numbers are chosen via a mechanical draw from a lottery ball machine. Florida State Lottery officials are responsible for overseeing the draws and making sure that no violations take place.

To sum it up, yes, Lucky Money is legitimate. If you want to test your luck, you should definitely go ahead and give it a try.

Some people love Lucky Money; others find the financial stimuli insufficient to give it a try. One thing is certain – the lottery is legitimate and available to just about anyone having an internet connection (and being over the age of 18). To make up your mind, you may as well give Lucky Money a try. Buying a ticket or two will help you test the vibes and see if you like the opportunity.

  1. Shouldn’t do an annuity for that small amount & where does it tell you what percent the cash value will be. Sounds like a rip-off.

  2. I love the lower tier prize options, plus the odds are better than a lot of other lotteries. It is not going to be one of those mega jackpots, but a chance to say I won. It is also an official lottery so I know I will get my winnings.


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