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Facebook Lottery Scam

Facebook – Be Aware or Be Square

Facebook as a social network is fantastic. I have ‘found’ so many old friends and made a few new ones. But, as its popularity of it has grown, so have the scammers that use it to take your money. I was looking at the list today of the different methods used and figured it was time to bring it to your attention.

Facebook Lottery Scam

Mark Zuckerberg is such an off-the-wall character; it’s hard not to believe he might go through a little money in your direction, right? Absolutely not! The Facebook lottery scam claims that he has randomly drawn your email address for a piece of a big jackpot. The amounts vary from scammer to scammer. What this Facebook lottery hoax does is go after advanced fees or passwords to hack your account.

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Facebook Freedom Lottery

The scammers add an additional twist to the Facebook Freedom Lottery. Their email announcement of your big win asks you to go to their web page. There you have to purchase ‘the form’ to get your tickets and your win. They are using various websites to lure people into giving them money.

Friend Me on Facebook

Some of the scammers use a system of starting up a chat with you. Be very careful who you accept as a friend. I have a stringent policy of only friend-ing people that I know. It’s hard sometimes when a nickname comes up, and you’re not sure if you know the person. Block it! If they know you, they will write a blurb in the message to make sure you know it is someone you know.

Facebook Cloning

Another way to run the scam is they clone your Facebook page. They set up an alternative page under your name and then resend a friend request clarifying that they’ve had a Trojan virus and have had to redo their Facebook connections. Next, ‘this friend’ is sharing the information about their big Facebook lottery win and that your name was on the list. They provide contact details for you to follow up with. Of course, you believe your friend – I mean it is your friend – NOT!

Facebook Scams in Scams

My personal favorite of scams within some of the comments on several of the Facebook hoax info sites was the spell caster. This is from a supposed winner who announces that she used a Nigerian spell caster and immediately won a 500 million dollar jackpot and a car. She includes his email address and says to send him money; he will cast a spell for you and you will win a big jackpot. But first, you have to send him money.

Facebook Facts

The bottom line is that Facebook at no time has never participated in any lottery. Do not share your details, do not friend someone you don’t know, and if a friend starts talking to you about a Facebook lottery, tell them to get lost. They are not your friend. Do not respond to second requests for confirming a friend. Get in touch with that friend and suggest that they put out a mass email to everyone they know and say ignore anything regarding a Facebook lottery as it is a scam.

Be Aware or Be Square

It doesn’t matter if it is a Facebook International Lottery or Facebook Online Lottery, they are scams to either take your money or take your identity. The only way we are going to stop these scammers is to ignore their requests and stop them from making money.

  1. I too was contacted first by PCH and later it turned into I won $1,000,000 from some FB cash giveaway. I expressed doubt all the way and then I received a video call twice from “Mark Zuckerberg” who told me he was home with his wife who says “Hi”!!!! I repeated several times they weren’t getting any money from me but I continued to “play” along. He made reference that I didn’t need to send any $$ and then started calling me “mum”. He sent all kinds of photos (that I easily found on Google) and I continued to see what other bull crap he had. No request for money yet from my “son”! This happened last night.

    • Yes, I understand I am being scammed right now. I really feel bad for Chris Wray because they are using his name trying to get me to pay more money. I paid these bastards 1800 bucks and still trying to get me to pay 200 more. And they will bring me 150,000. I guess I really wanted to believe I was getting money but these bastards need caught ASAP. Any advice how to get them caught would be appreciated.

  2. I’m currently being scammed

  3. I was contacted by Erskine Bowels from Facebook claiming I have won 900,000.00USD and a Range Rover Vehicle asked me to send the shipping fee nothing turned up and now out of pocket being $10,500.00 reckons he will be in contact this Monday somehow, its a load of lies and a scam. Also claims he is on the board of Facebook as well, Mark Zuckerburg wouldn’t be happy now I am out of pocket on top of all this I have breast cancer so the money would have been helpful however I have learned my lesson not to fall for a scam artist ever again.

  4. Am being pressured by Agent Molly Mcclahannan to pay fees to release my facebook lottery claim
    I requested her to pay for me or deduct from my winnings then
    Amazing someone I know as well tells me that she received her winnings I must just borrow the amount from somebody so I borrowed from her but telling her she has used and fixed her winnings. so this sounds like a scam really

    • I was also harassed to pay the fee I even got a copy of Zuckerberg driver’s license to prove that it was real I even talked to one of them please do not give any money it is a scam scam scam

  5. Got. Message from man Mark also sent me video winnings on convert belt fed X get winnings buy £100 Amazon card borrowed £100 from sister mortgage money told me after give him £100 Amazon card fed X deliver winnings then told me had get another£200 Amazon cards live on breadline as is only stay own husband died 29yrs old left no one now sister not speaking to me anyone please help me thank you for your time Annemarie Bryant

  6. I have been scammed by a Lottery by FaceBook from a guy by the name of Brandon Guillory and his phone number is 1-657-234-6026. He told me Mark Zuckerberg drew my name as a lottery winner of $500,000.00. Then he tells me I owe FATF $7,500 in order to get my winnings. I did send some of the money but not all. I have back up of texting he has sent me and now he wants more money because I haven’t given him my SS number or bank number. He tells me to send money to James Harkins, 1108 SW 150th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73170. You could catch this James Harkins if you act promptly or someone at that address who is receiving money from people for Fraud Facebook Lottery. I would love to have what I paid back and I know others would also. Thank you!

  7. Spencer Hoffmeister
    You’re friends on Facebook
    New Facebook Account
    2:53 PM

    Spencer sent Today at 2:53 PM
    Hello ma
    You sent Today at 2:57 PM

    Spencer sent Today at 2:58 PM
    How are you doing today?
    Spencer sent Today at 2:58 PM
    Am spencer from the Facebook Int
    You sent Today at 3:19 PM
    I’m doing great. Thank you for asking.
    You sent Today at 3:19 PM
    How can I help you?

    Spencer sent Today at 3:20 PM
    I was Authorized too informed you about your winnings which takes place on the Facebook lottery promo?
    You sent Today at 3:22 PM
    Okay. I haven’t heard of that. What did I win?

    Spencer sent Today at 3:28 PM
    Oh! The Facebook organization wants you to know that a sophisticated automated database has been designed for a randomly selected email account that frequently browses the Internet, where your account has been happily I selected as one of the top 10 winners . earned $ 5.5 millio nUSD and New Truck on Facebook’s online program. What has been achieved by Facebook officials.

    Spencer sent Today at 3:31 PM
    Are you there
    You sent Today at 3:33 PM
    Yes. I’m here. I’m listening.

    Spencer sent Today at 3:34 PM
    Through our recognition and success, we are engaging in this global promotion for oaur users, disabled, unemployed, workers and retirees, we have United Power to Success to focus on our users in the community, supported by the United States. United. From the Government of America.

    Spencer sent Today at 3:38 PM
    You sent Today at 3:39 PM
    You sent Today at 3:40 PM
    What do you want from me?

    Spencer sent Today at 3:40 PM
    So, the reason I am here is to know if you are ready to claim your 5.5 Million USD and a new Truck for real ..?
    You sent Today at 3:42 PM
    What do I need to do? How does it work? I thought I was already a Winner.

    Spencer replied to you
    Today at 3:43 PM. Original message:
    What do I need to do? How does it work? I thought I was already a Winner…
    Reply by Spencer:
    You sent Today at 3:43 PM

    Spencer sent Today at 3:44 PM
    First, the numbers that will be given to you now are very relevant. These numbers are your numbers that were chosen from random draws by an automatic random machine. They will be asked when claiming your winnings:
    You sent Today at 3:46 PM
    You sent Today at 3:46 PM
    I will check it out

    Spencer sent Today at 3:51 PM
    Write down these numbers and keep them safe without disclosing them to anyone, and once you’re done, do not hesitate to contact me, is this understood?
    Spencer sent Today at 3:51 PM
    Hello are you there?

    Spencer sent Today at 3:51 PM
    You sent Today at 3:55 PM
    These number do not work. This is a scan

    Spencer sent Today at 3:56 PM
    No is not
    Spencer sent Today at 3:56 PM
    That’s your confirmation code just write it down
    Spencer sent Today at 3:56 PM
    All you have to do is follow the step given here to avoid any mistakes that could lead to a false statement. I would like to know if you are now quite ready to claim your prize.
    You sent Today at 3:58 PM
    what do you need from me to claim my prize?

    Spencer sent Today at 3:59 PM
    So you must contact me with the information required for me to forward them to the Facebook Claims Department sortt that we can proceed without delay, if this is understood?

  8. I was told by someone named Michael that I had won £2,00,000 but would have to pay £1000 to FedEx to get my winnings in 5 hrs and because I only had £107.00 in my account he said he would help me so I would have to get 4×£25.00 amazon gift cards and send them to him, that has to be a scam too

  9. hi got a message Daniel Ruston saying I won face book sum of 500000 thousand dollars then a message from the USA department say congratulation you won they wanted delivery charge of 250 dollars and promised me it will be here 5am next day never turned up got a message saying IRS has got it but I message them and could not find it so I contact them again wanted me to pay threw them I ignored them they give me a dead line and I got them to extend it department name is William Barr district unturned

  10. I am dealing with an agent Margaret Gegermann who works for charity Link for lottery also a feeding scheme in AFRICAN (I LiVE IN DURBAN SA) she is dealing with I think is a LOTTERY SCAM via Mark Zuckerberg (she has people with African accent calling for extra monies to pay up before you receive your lottery winnings, starting from donation of R5000, then Insurance of R85000.00 TAX R65000.00 THEN DUMRRAGE R138000, BEFORE YOU RECEIVE R1MILLION??? SO DEMANDING WITH FORCE???

  11. Good thing I looked it up to Facebook lottery scam to before I went further they try to get me to pay $40 to get the prize but if I won I shouldn’t have to pay to get it. got me thinking. but now they got my personal info I’m a fool for trusting that person thinking I won something.

  12. I have a guy on WhatsApp ain’t sure where he got my number but he’s impersonating Mark Zuckerberg

  13. I just got scammed in the last few days. Out 350$. Should have known better. Facebook lotto. Stupid me. Now the day I need to pay 2500$ to get my money through FedEx from Dallas ft. worth airport. Soooo stupid of me. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!! COST ME 350$ LESSON LEARNED!!!?

  14. I have been getting text messages from a guy named Robert Wayne claiming to be with facebook and says I won 600,000 is there any way to track him his number is 6146813410

  15. I am right now in conversation with fb lottery scammer. Can you track him down now
    Gary Matthews

  16. Just received a message over Twitter that I won 500.000$
    FBI and Donald Trump know about my prize and I should send my personal data to claim my prize. The picture of Mr Donald Trump with the Facebook online lottery booklet looks real. Amazing how scammers always find a way to steal money.
    Please be aware and awake. Do not fall for this or similar scam

  17. I had one person telling me that my name came up on a list, she is on my friend’s list and sent me details of an agent. I couldn’t get any real proof out of any of them so have blocked them. Don’t fall for this crap

  18. Well today June 4th 2019 at 8:00 pm I received a text from a Shannon Williams. Saying that I was a winner of 1 million dollars.. Even sent me these two certificate saying that I won $1000000 dollars in the Facebook lottery. So here is the new scam….

  19. Got an email. I told them they were full of crap and I reported them to the federal government investigations department.
    They wrote back this

    “Whoever you are I am letting you know that this 100% real and legimate. As a matter of fact the Federal Bureau of Investigation are aware of the promotion. You need to stop thinking this isn’t a scam okay . Many winners already got their prize . If you are ready to claim your winnings let me know so I one of the claim agent will look you up and message you on fb with steps on how you are to receive your winnings prize.”


    • I was scammed by someone they said they work at Facebook Patrick Widen for over $7000 dollars now I’m out of money, now their’s others.

  20. Hello good morning, thank you very much for your information about this facebook lottery I been contact right now by some saying he is the CEO of Facebook and I winning $500,000 dollars. This is a scam

  21. I’m Agent Erskine bowels from the Facebook social Network Inc, and I was authorized to send you a request by the Facebook C.E.O concerning your Facebook Account. Firstly I would like to know if you have been contact by any of our online agent? CONGRATULATION TO YOU!!! You are one of our 20lucky winners that won Facebook freedom lottery 2019 The online draws was conducted by a random selection of emails you were picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the Facebook in other to claim your $500.000.00 the lottery program which is a new innovation by Facebook, is aimed at saying a big thank you to
    all our users for making. We have been authorized to get in touch with you by the head of promo coordinator and get to know if you are ready to claim your winnings?

    This was sent to me today!

    • Yes I was contacted by this person today

      I’m glad to get this information because I was almost ready to send him the $300

      • I was contacted by this person also… just recently. He wanted $250 dollars in Amazon Gift Cards to activate the prize. I had a feeling it was a Scam. Then the next person whom texted me was Mark Elliot Zuckerberg I told them THIS IS A SCAM and then blocked them.
        This morning (March 19, 2019) I received more characters in this hoax…. they are… Karen Reed from FedEx and Kennedy Cribbs from the FBI. This is taking place on Gmail’s Hangout. The messages they wrote was very cryptic with a lot of misspelled words. Hope this helps others.

        • On Hangouts Yes I have two people one who says he’s Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook and the other saying he is CHRISTOPHER WRAY FBI DIRECTOR both telling me that this is real and they have been very very persistent with their blatant behavior and trying to control conversations well that didn’t work very well for them they almost had me until I looked up Facebook lottery results so I thought I would leave ya’ll my little experience be safe for sure

  22. I have just blocked a few people for this Facebook Lottery Crap… There is no Facebook lottery it is a lie and a big time scam my Facebook account was hacked into and I had to change my password to get back into it. NEVER fall for it only fell for the personal information bit then I was told the damn tracking machine did not work to process how much Id won then I got fed up with it just as well I never sent any cash away to collect my winnings.

  23. I was told they randomly picked my name n I’ve won $650,000, but I need to pay $175 insurance first THRU money gram or western union to Joan Kiss New Carlisle, Ohio 45344

  24. We all like free money, but it does not exist if people say you have won a lot just sit back and laugh then delete them.

  25. At this very moment I am claimed to be a winner of a 2 million dollar Facebook lottery. They want a $400 dollar administrative fee to release the funds…
    They are requesting this fee to be sent through moneygram… I truly believe it is a scam after reading this warning. The authorities need to be alerted so these people can be brought to justice.

    • I was contacted by Micheal Batog James saying I won the Facebook annual Promotion 2018 and won 500.000 and a new truck to claim prize I needed to pay for the fees to receive my prize. Then gave me a number to call so I left a message and they texted me back so I asked them to call me and they wouldn’t but kept texting me. When I looked it up on Facebook and it said it was a scam so beware they sound awfully convincing. If it’s too good to be true it is. Don’t fall for this scam be aware.


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