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Facebook Lottery Scam – Fraud Alert

Facebook Lottery Scam

Facebook – Be Aware or Be Square

Facebook as a social network is fantastic. I have ‘found’ so many old friends and made a few new ones. But, as the popularity of it has grown, so has the scammers that use it to take your money. I was looking at the list today of the different methods used and figured it was time to bring it to your attention.

Facebook Lottery Scam

Mark Zuckerberg is such an off the wall character; it’s hard not to believe he might go through a little money in your direction, right! Absolutely not! The Facebook lottery scam claims that he has randomly drawn your email address for a piece of a big jackpot. The amounts vary from scammer to scammer. What this Facebook lottery hoax does is go after advanced fees or passwords to hack your account.

Facebook Freedom Lottery

The scammers add an additional twist at the Facebook Freedom Lottery. Their email announcement of your big win asks you go to their web page. There you have to purchase ‘the form’ to get your tickets and your win. They are using various websites to lure people into giving them money.

Friend Me at Facebook

Some of the scammers use a system of starting up a chat with you. Be very careful who you accept as a friend. I have a stringent policy of only friend-ing people that I know. It’s hard sometimes when a nickname comes up, and you’re not sure if you know the person. Block it! If they know you, they will write a blurb in the message to make sure you know it is someone you know.

Facebook Cloning

Another way to run the scam is they clone your Facebook page. They set up an alternative page under your name and then resend a friend request clarifying that they’ve had a Trojan virus and have had to re-do their Facebook connections. Next, ‘this friend’ is sharing the information about their big Facebook lottery win and that your name was in the list. They provide contact details for you to follow up with. Of course, you believe your friend – I mean it is your friend – NOT!

Facebook Scams in Scams

My personal favorite of scams within some of the comments on several of the Facebook hoax info sites was the spell caster. This is from a supposed winner who announces that she used a Nigerian spell caster and immediately won a 500 million dollar jackpot and a car. She includes his email address and says send him money; he will cast a spell for you and you will win a big jackpot. But first, you have to send him money.

Facebook Facts

The bottom line is that Facebook at no time has ever participated in any lottery. Do not share your details, do not friend someone you don’t know, and if a friend starts talking to you about a Facebook lottery, tell them to get lost. They are not your friend. Do not respond to second requests for confirming a friend. Get in touch with that friend and suggest that they put out a mass email to everyone they know and say ignore anything regarding a Facebook lottery as it is a scam.

Be Aware or Be Square

It doesn’t matter if it is a Facebook International Lottery or Facebook Online Lottery, they are scams to either take your money or take your identity. The only way we are going to stop these scammers is to ignore their requests and stop them from making money.