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European Lottery Guild Exposed — A Home of European Lotteries?

European Lottery Guild Review

Arriving at, their home page is colorful and their little logo on the left definitely put a smile on my face. I must confess though I didn’t need the scrolling window of a group of African children front and center in amongst other updates on the latest lotteries available. It was very distracting and got me sidetracked immediately. Dragging myself back to what I was here to do – check out their credibility – I started walking through their pages. So what did I find out?


This is a very persuasive site that is clean and easy to navigate. It is very straight forward without all the usual lengthy explanations of terms and conditions though do provide sufficient information to answer most questions.’s Games

The offers the basic European lotteries including British, Irish, French, German, Spanish (El Gordo, Summer Gordo, and El Nino) and EuroMillions. They provide a nice short and sweet explanation of each of the lotteries including tax information if applicable in that country.

Who Can’t Play at

It’s interesting that specifically identifies “our service is not available to residents of some countries, including the Netherlands, Canada, the United States and its territories, Liechtenstein or Switzerland”. It also states clearly that they cannot accept orders from a player for a lottery if they are residents of that country. Their example is if a person is living in France, they cannot play the French lottery through the European Lottery Guild. Players must be 18 years of age or older.

Winning at

According to the European Lottery Guild, they take no additional commissions or charge any fees for sending a player their winnings. This amount is built into the original amount spent on the ticket. Players who win over € 1500 will be notified by telephone. Lesser wins will be deposited directly into a player’s account. Winnings will be paid by check, bank draft or money order.

Who Is the European Lottery Guild?

European Lottery Guild site that says they offer opportunities for players to win European lotteries from ‘the comfort of their own home’. Their snail mail address is in the Netherlands though we weren’t able to confirm where they were actually registered.

Scams and Stories on European Lottery Guild

Digging deeper, I was shocked to find so much information on Let’s start with Western Australia’s Department of Commerce. They go into an excellent explanation on the fact that this is a ticketing agent that offers syndicates but say you really don’t know what you are getting for your money (what the ticket cost actually is versus what they are charging for a service fee). It sounds like was actively promoting their service in Australia which is illegal.

Digging Even Deeper

Next was a site where a soon-to-be ex-employee provides an explanation of how works. He/she points out that though they have an address in the Netherlands, it is actually a call center run out of Vancouver, Canada. Part of the reason they have such a list of ‘free call’ telephone numbers is that that is what they do. This soon-to-be ex-employee says that once your phone number gets on their list, you actually have to take legal action to get them to stop. The targeted demography is retired pensioners primarily in the UK and Europe but also in Australia (which supports the previous information). This person also goes on to explain in detail how makes its money, the percentage of return and how they misrepresent your lottery investment.

Jumping to New Zealand and the European Lottery Guild

A discussion board references the NZ Ministry of Consumer Affairs on a warning they have sent out on, though our team was not able to track down the original alert.

European Lottery Guild Customer Service

Besides the usual snail mail and email address, European Lottery Guild offers a heap of ‘free call’ telephone numbers. They also offer ‘live chat’ though does not indicate when it is available. On the social network side, they provide a Skype contact as well a list of other networks including Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati, Delicious, Mixx, and Newsvine. I found it rather strange that there wasn’t any Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Bottom Line at

There is enough noise about this site to hit the delete button. In many ways, it’s what is not said on their site versus what is. Their terms and conditions are very limited without telling a player what they are actually getting into.


Pretty Site

Easy to Navigate


Fees Questionable

Information Questionable

Who Are They?

There is enough noise here and enough options out there to choose someone else to play with. Though I always read with suspicion soon-to-be ex-employee comments, the information provided made a lot of sense. Our team gives a thumbs down to

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