EuroMillions in the UK, International EuroMillions Lotteries, Winning the Millions — Differences, Similarities and Money Matters

The differences between EuroMillions Lotteries

Millions of EuroMillions

It seems that lotto creators have run out of names since you’ll find various instances of EuroMillions games. Yes, these are different. One of the games is available across Europe; the other one is based in the UK. If you’re wondering about the differences between the two, you’ve come to the right place. Since we’re nice, we’ll give you all of the information about the EuroMillions varieties. You’re welcome!

Are European lotteries available on 24Lottos?

Live in the UK? Try the Local EuroMillions Two in One Combo

This is a National Lottery game that’s a bit tricky – you have to choose five numbers from one to 50 and two lucky stars in the range from one to 11. If you don’t have your set of lucky numbers, don’t worry, EuroMillions has got you covered. Choosing a lucky dip will generate a ticket featuring random numbers.

EuroMillions draws in the UK take place on Tuesday and Friday. Submitting one combination for a single draw will cost you two pounds, and you can submit up to 10 slips at a time.

This is a combination of two games – the international EuroMillions that’s available across Europe and the local UK Millionaire Maker. Yes, it’s a bit confusing but bear with us. When submitting a ticket, you’re participating in both games. According to local regulations, you can’t participate individually in one opportunity or the other. Playing EuroMillions costs you 1.5 pounds and the UK Millionaire Maker submission costs 0.5 pounds for a total ticket price of two pounds. Not bad for a two-in-one opportunity.

The approximate odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot (by having five correct numbers and two correct lucky stars) is one in approximately 116 million. If you’re this lucky, you’ll get 32 percent of the common prize fund, plus rollover money from the previous weeks.

Anyone lucky enough to match five balls and one lucky star (odds of one to approximately 6.5 million) will win an average of 211,000 pounds. Having five correct numbers and no lucky stars will lead to approximate winnings of 35,000 pounds.

Two super-draw varieties are also available. In both cases, there’s a guaranteed minimum amount. If there’s no jackpot winner, the first super draw will have the amount rolled over to the next week. In the second version, it will be rolled down to the next prize category.

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is 190 million euros, which is still a pretty sweet amount.

Go Big or Go Home: Continental EuroMillions

The transnational lotto was launched in France and the UK. Currently, the lottery is available in the UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

Just like the standard UK EuroMillions, the draws for the transnational lotto take place on Tuesday and Friday. The standard ticket costs two euros per line played, or as already mentioned – two pounds in the UK.

There are some regional variations, as well. People in France, for example, get the My Million addition that costs 0.5 euro per line. In Ireland and Portugal, a plus option is available, and it requires one euro per line.

The fun thing about winning the EuroMillions jackpot is that the amount is tax-free (except for those unlucky winners in Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland) and it’s provided as a lump sum. Yes, people in the US, you have every right to feel jealous.

Playing the game is the same as playing EuroMillions in the UK – choose five numbers from one to 50 and select two lucky stars. The people that guess the five numbers and the two lucky stars will win 32 percent of the prize fund plus the rollover amount.

In essence, the only difference between playing EuroMillions in any of the participating countries and EuroMillions in the UK is that the second option gives you access to two lotteries at the same time. All other rules remain the same, apart from the regionally-available bonuses and the taxation regulations in each country.

It’s Time to Talk about the Numbers

Odds, percentages, and rollovers – it sounds too abstract, you may say. You’ll certainly be right. Let us look at some of the figures to give you a better idea about what EuroMillions brings to the table.

The chance of winning an award at all is one in 13. The lowest prizes, however, come in the range from four to eight euros – amounts that aren’t to be significantly celebrated but still – you’ll get to buy at least an extra ticket or two.

Some of the most notable EuroMillions winners come from the UK. On June 12, 2015, an anonymous individual won a breathtaking amount of over 129 million euros. Neil Trotter from Coulsdon entered just one ticket on March 14, 2014, and won 129 million euros, as well.

The biggest winners up till present have been an anonymous person from Portugal and a family from Haverhill, Suffolk. In both instances, the winners got a maximum of 190 million euros.

Scams, Scams Everywhere!

Keep in mind that the EuroMillions lottery is one of the games that have the most significant number of scams named after them. A ripoff is even available in the US, even though the country isn’t among the participating ones.

The vast majority of EuroMillions scams are carried out in the same way. People are contacted by scammers either via a traditional letter or email. Although they haven’t entered a ticket for the draw, these individuals are informed of owning a winning combination. They are then kindly asked to pay processing fees.

EuroMillions tickets are solely available through authorized vendors and official websites for each respective country. That’s the only option for entering the draw for the big jackpot and winning something rather than falling into the trap of scammers.

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