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EmojiLottery Exposed — Which 5 Emojis Are Going to Win?

Freemojilottery Exposed

EmojiLottery Review

Checking out EmojiLottery.com, this looks like a nice little free lottery to play. Don’t look for any massive jackpots like US Powerball or EuroMillions. The prize starts at £5 and crawls up to £5 each day the prize isn’t claimed. It is advertiser-funded though it looks like it without the usual spam associated with free lotteries. Let’s review it!

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The Game

Pick from your personal five emoji characters from the fifty shown. There is a cash prize daily. The draw takes place at 9:00 pm GMT. Prizes are drawn from the registered Emoji lines so there is a winner each day. You just have to remember to claim your prize in the 23 hours and 59 minutes after the draw. They send you an email reminder to go check to see if you’ve won. If it goes unclaimed, it rolls into the next draw adding £5. Oh, and it starts at £5. The highest it seems to have rolled over to is £70. They do seem to do special things like multiply the prize on bank holidays and other occasions.

Emoji Lottery and Winnings

All winnings are paid out through PayPal and though they say usually the next day, EmojiLottery.com qualifies that with “it could take up to five days”. Okay, I guess PayPal is one of the advertisers. There are also Ads by Google you can pop into. Remember – this is a site funded by advertisers. So besides PayPal & Ads by Google, each time you change the page on the site, another advertisement pops up. But – and this is a good one – it looks like you your inbox won’t start filling up with spam and advertisements. There’s just the daily reminder to go check if you have won.

Who Can Play at EmojiLottery.com?

Besides the usual players must be 18 years or older, this is open to anyone anywhere in the world. There is no exclusion for people in the United States, which seems to happen with a bunch of sites. Players also can only enter once using one email address. Mess that up and get caught and you won’t get your prize.

Who is Emoji Lottery?

This funny little game was set up by Matt and James and is registered in Wales and England. Oh, and it says that Emoji Lottery is provided by EmojiOne – not sure what that is all about. There is no trademark stamp so not sure if they are part of the real TM. Getting in touch with Emoji Lottery is only through the online form. There is no snail mail address, email address, or phone number. There is also no information on how you opt-out.

The Rules

Speaking of which, the terms and conditions or what they call “rules” are simply a bunch of one-liners including “The Happiness must be shared” asking you to talk about EmojiLottery.com. They support these statements with a whole bunch of pictures that are hilarious. Okay in fairness, this is a free game so I guess there aren’t a lot of rules and regulations that apply.

Why You Should Register with Emoji Lottery


Free Lottery

Played Daily

Anyone Can Play

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Emoji Lottery


Small Prize

Small Rollovers

Might Get Spam

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Is Emoji Lottery Legit?

This looks like a cute little lottery that is free though you will be subjected to advertising. If you don’t go in each day and check if you’ve won, you might miss your chance. Remember – this is an advertising site and the way it works is you go in and look at it – and ads.

This site gets a laughing thumb’s up mostly as it appears that it simply sends you a reminder each day to go in and check if you’ve won, and not a lot of spam. We’ll see over the next week.

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