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Dotto Lotto Exposed — Lottery Betting, Not a Ticket Sale Agency

Dotto Lotto Review

Dotto Lotto Review

Let’s cut to the chase – Dotto Lotto isn’t an online lottery agency. They don’t have local agents who will buy tickets on your behalf. Rather, the website operates a betting service that lets you play against the results of an official lottery. If you choose the winning numbers, you’ll get a payout as determined by the Dotto Lotto team and not by the official lottery organizer.

Now that you know this important information, we can look objectively at everything else Dotto Lotto has to offer.

Is Dotto Lotto legit? Based on research, it seems to be. However, it operates in a manner similar to what other service operators who do betting do. They don’t explicitly let you know a lottery ticket wouldn’t be purchased on your behalf. You’ll have to go through the terms and conditions in order to uncover such information.

In fact, Dotto Lotto has a navigation section called “play lotto.” When you visit, you see a presentation of the actual official lottery with its actual official jackpot. However, this isn’t the sum you’re going to claim in the event of winning the top-tier prize. In our view, such a presentation is somewhat misleading and chosen specifically to misguide potential customers. But let’s dig a bit deeper into the service to make everything clear.

Games at

Our Dotto Lotto review commences at the most important question – what lotteries are available to play via the platform?

Dotto Lotto has a good selection of lotteries. There are 27 lottos in total as of the time of review writing. Some of the popular picks in that catalog include EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, Powerball and Mega Millions, BonoLoto, the UK Thunderball, Australia’s Powerball, El Gordo, Austria Lotto, South Africa Lotto, and the New York state lotto.

Now, given you’re not getting an actual ticket but rather betting against the result of the official lottery, how much will you have to spend on a ticket?

We used the US Powerball as a random example. Players in America will need to spend only two US dollars on a single line. If you choose Dotto Lotto, the amount will go up to 3.5 euros (3.8 US dollars). That’s quite serious of a markup, given the fact you wouldn’t be playing the actual lottery.

Dotto Lotto also states it has lottery syndicates that allow you to partake alongside other players. This aims to increase your odds of winning a prize. It’s not clear, however, whether the syndicates participate in actual lotteries or Dotto Lotto betting. Given how fairly non-transparent the website is with its policies, we bet (no pun intended!) on the second option.

The amount you’ll have to spend on lottery syndicate participation depends on the shares you want to get. There are packages and you can learn more about those by visiting the website.

Dotto Lotto Claiming Your Prizes

Here’s the thing – you don’t get to claim the actual lottery prizes. You get rewards determined by Dotto Lotto.

The company works with insurance service providers. These are the companies responsible for arranging the payout in the event of a winner getting something.

Prizes at Dotto Lotto are capped, no matter what the official jackpot for a certain game is.

As per the terms and conditions, syndicate members can win a maximum of 10 million euros, regardless of the official lottery jackpot. For individual players, the amount is capped at 50 million euros. Whether this model is good for anything depends on your preferences. However, spending more than what an official lottery ticket costs in order to win less doesn’t really make a lot of sense as far as we are concerned.

Other than that, the prize payout procedure is more or less standard.

After official lotto drawing results are announced, Dotto Lotto determines prizes and credits amounts to individual player accounts. Once the money is deposited, the player is free to make a claim. Any amount can be withdrawn from an account, there isn’t a minimum requirement.

Keep in mind that up to 5,000 euros can be withdrawn in a 24-hour period. There’s a five euro fee that applies to each withdrawal.

Who Can Play at

The player terms and conditions are standard.

In order to sign up for a Dotto Lotto account, you need to be aged 18 or older. Before making a withdrawal, especially if you need to claim a larger sum of money, identity verification may be carried out by the Dotto Lotto team.

Dotto Lotto: Who’s Behind It?

Dotto Lotto is a project by Bunbury Ventures, a company based in Curacao. It holds valid registration there but the company is not licensed by any organization that regulates the manner in which lottery-related services are being offered.

There’s an address linked to Dotto Lotto and it’s in Curacao. To contact customer service, you may use email or a phone call. A live support chat is also available but there have been some complaints about it being far from the most reliable way to get in touch.

We did some research on Bunbury Ventures to find out more but there really isn’t too much to find out. The company has a LinkedIn profile and it’s listed as a software development enterprise. We couldn’t identify other projects in its portfolio.

Other Bits and Pieces

We’ve done a pretty extensive overview of the lotto and the syndicate service. Dotto Lotto has a couple of additional noteworthy elements.

The website also features a casino and a sports betting section. The casino is fairly predictable – you get to play online games like slots, card-based games, and a number of other digital games of luck. In terms of sports betting, the selection includes football, baseball, basketball, golf, motor racing, Olympic games, tennis, volleyball, and various others.

At the time we checked the website, however, there were no games available for players to bet on. So we don’t really have an idea if this is a well-developed service or something that the team intends to start offering in the future.

Finally, we looked for Dotto Lotto reviews and actual player testimonials. You know, learning from the experience of people who have used a certain service is the best way to find out if it works and delivers what’s being promised.

Dotto Lotto is being reviewed more as a casino website rather than a lottery-based service provider. In that sense, there isn’t too much useful information if EuroMillions and Powerball are your main priority.

The service doesn’t seem to have much of a social media presence. This means you can’t access additional information about it there. Is that a red flag? Not necessarily. But in this day and age, it’s somewhat curious that a company has decided to limit its digital presence and the channels for potential communication with clients and prospects.

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The Bottom Line at

Dotto Lotto employs a model that we’ve gone through before. It tries to present itself as one thing when in fact it’s not offering precisely what’s being suggested. That’s a pity, as reliable and well-developed online lottery agencies appeal to many players.

We don’t claim the platform is illegitimate. In fact, detailed information is being provided about the offering. To find this information, however, you’ll need to go through an extensive document.

To sum it up, here’s a list of the Dotto Lotto pros and cons.


Developed by a company that’s legitimate and that provides contact information

A good selection of lotteries available

Fairly intuitive website design

Participation in lottery betting is unreasonably expensive

Lottery syndicates are also available

There’s clear information on the prize claim procedure, multiple ways to withdraw


The website doesn’t sell lottery tickets, you bet against the results of lottos

With a cap on the jackpot amounts, you can’t win the same amount as the official jackpot

There’s a daily money withdrawal cap

There’s a fee for withdrawing money

No customer reviews to provide a better idea about the service quality

If you want to check out Dotto Lotto and actually spend something on it, you can. But it’s not the best way to access your favorite lotteries from across the world. In fact, this is something you aren’t going to get at all. Betting could be fun and some people may be into it. If that’s you – go ahead. If not – choose somewhere else to spend your money.

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