Austria Lotto 6/45

Austria Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 6/45 + Zusatzzahl
Days of Draw: Wed, Sun
Average Price: €2
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Austria Lotto Exposed — Official, Tax Free Lottery with Great Odds!

Austria Lotto 6/45

Austria Lotto Review

Amidst all those mega, mega jackpots are some nice medium-range lotteries that offer better odds at actually winning. The Austria Lotto 6/45 is one of those. It’s not going to climb to those mega numbers like US Powerball or EuroMillions because it simply pays out more – that’s the jackpot. Let me explain why.

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How Austria Lotto Works

In looking at Austria Lotto 6/45, the numbers say it all. This is a bi-weekly draw where players choose six numbers from one to forty-five. To win the jackpot, a player has to get all six numbers correct. Pretty simple, eh? Add to that that their prize tier utilizes a bonus ball – called Zusatzzahl – for five of the prizes.

The Zusatzzahl is drawn from the same original 45 numbers. For those of you who are not mathematicians, that ups the odds compared to lotteries that use a separate drum for the bonus ball and/or use 49 or more balls. It’s one of the reasons this lottery doesn’t get to grow that large. It’s won a lot more regularly than some of the others. The other thing to remember is we’re talking Euros. An example is their 7 million Euro jackpot that was won a few years ago translated into US 9.6 million.

Tax Man or No Tax Man

On top of the fact we’re talking Euros, this is a tax-free lottery. Okay – if you haven’t used a great online lottery provider who helps put the money somewhere safe and your country demands taxes on lottery wins, you might have to pay some money. That’s up to you and how you handle your winnings!

The odds of winning Austria Lotto

Who Can Play Austria Lotto

But you have to play to win. The good news is anyone can play. Initially, only Austrians could play. A bunch of years ago, they opened it up to anyone’s win, though part of that has been the capacity to get tickets online.

Austria Lottery Planning Company aka Austria Lotto

One of the hardest things in researching this lovely little lottery is the fact that they are located in Austria. It took some time to work through the language challenge to be able to provide serious feedback. It has gone through a variety of name changes since inception in the mid-1980s but is mostly known now as Austria Lotteries or by its local name, Osterreichische Lotterien. It’s an official lottery sanctioned by the government and people seem happy about it.

Austria Lotto Customer Service

I can’t seem to imagine why anyone would want to get in touch with this lottery, but if you do, the parent company has a professional website with email and direct telephone contact details. Most of the time, any international player will be dealing through their online service provider so make sure you know how to contact them if you have an issue.

One More Bonus at Austria Lotto

I did enjoy watching the latest draw at For international players, the Austrian TV station that does the draw live provides a link so you can watch it too – from anywhere. Pretty cool!

Why You Should Play Austria Lotto



Great Odds

Anyone Can Play

Why You Shouldn’t Play Austria Lotto


Won’t Get to Mega Numbers for the Jackpot

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Is Austria Lotto Legit?

Though this lottery won’t grow to those big mega draws, the odds mean that people win regularly. It rolls and grows with good odds starting from a one million Euro base. It pays out as a lump sum so what you see advertised is what you get. It has nine tiers of winning with alternative prizes using the Zusatzzahl.

This medium-sized lotto gets a thumbs up. Austria Lotto 6/45 is played Wednesday and Saturday, and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to get my numbers now!

  1. The greatest lotto ever, am gong to win it soon

  2. UK players can bet on this lottery via lottoland at a cost of £1.50 per ticket. No minimum amount of lines.
    I love this one.

  3. Played with TheLotter and liked it. Nice game to try!

  4. A good review, but you forgot to mention that the minimum you can play is 6 tickets, which is over £14.00…
    AND that getting the results is very difficult…
    I bought my first (and last tickets) at and one has to register for email updates… Then all one gets is an email in German!
    On top of that even the official website does NOT show any results…
    So at £14.00 a crack and no winning number info I’ll spend my money elsewhere.
    Kevin, UK.

  5. I played the austria lottery 4 times with the and i won 4 times ranging from £4 to £12, i hav”nt won the big one [yet] but you never know. Colin.


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