Do Online Lottery Providers Offer the Same Extras as Local Stores?

Do Online Lottery Providers Offer the Same Extras as Local Stores?

Playing lotteries through online providers has opened up being able to get in on some of the amazing games internationally. But not all the online lottery sites give you a chance to get in on some the extras that goes with international lotteries. There are lotteries besides the big four that offer guarantees and opportunities that increase the odds of winning. Let’s take a look.

UK Millionaire Maker Raffle

One of the big differences between getting a ticket through the UK Euro Millions versus somewhere else in Europe is the UK Millionaire Maker raffle. Each game there is an additional draw where someone becomes a guaranteed millionaire. Most online providers have added this option so players do get their extra numbers. But is everyone adding these extras?

What about Canada’s Lotto 6/49?

If you purchase a Lotto 6/49 lottery ticket in Canada, you automatically get a second 10 digit number that goes into the draw for a guaranteed CAD $1 million. Looking at various online lottery providers, they do not include this in purchasing a ticket through them. So, what happens to that prize if your ticket purchased online also had the winning guaranteed million? This also goes for Canada’s Lotto Max where there are a minimum of four guaranteed millionaires each draw – increasing as the jackpot rises. What happens to those guaranteed prizes if your ticket had the number?

Keeping on Canada Extras

The other thing that Canadian lotteries offer is Encore. For an additional dollar, you can get in on an additional draw. It’s not a mega jackpot, but a nice extra chance to win. But to get in on this, you have to go purchase the ticket yourself. None of the online lottery providers offer this.

Other Raffles Internationally

It’s interesting that a lot of the time the word raffle is used versus lottery for the guaranteed jackpots. Take the Spanish Millionaire Raffle that is held every Thursday. 70% of the ticket sales are paid weekly with a guaranteed jackpot. The raffle tickets available are limited which also increases your odds. Spain also seems to offer the most extra draws throughout the year. Spain also seems to continually add special draws for special occasions. Their St. Valentine’s draw had a guaranteed jackpot of €15 Million. Okay, you do have to pay taxes here.

What about Australia?

Though there doesn’t seem to be any specific extras for buying your Aussie lottery ticket on the ground, they do have several guaranteed raffles. Tatt’s Monday Lotto has a guaranteed prize pool. The only thing with Aussie is you have to be careful with the terms and conditions as some of their lotteries are limited to people living in that specific state.

US Lotteries and Extras

It doesn’t look like any of the lottery draws in the United States offers guaranteed wins. Most online lottery providers have added the multiplier extra to Powerball and Mega Millions. This is a number that is drawn prior to the draw that multiples the tiers excluding the jackpot. With Powerball, it can be up to ten times the posted prize. With Mega Millions, it’s up to five times the posted prize. It does cost an additional dollar.

The Bottom Line on Add-ons

I personally love the concept of a guaranteed added value of a millionaire draw which means I opt to play the UK Euro Millions versus Euro Millions in other countries. Mega jackpots are great, but the odds on winning makes each draw a crap shoot. The fact that someone must win the millionaire part of the ticket gives it an extra edge. This goes the same for the Canadian draws. But none of the online providers adds this to the ticket. So what happens with the added number for the Canadian millionaire draws?

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