Monday Lotto

Monday Lotto

Great 4.3 | Reviews (3)
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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Mon
Average Price: $2.40 for one draw (minimum 4 standard games)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 0.008
  1. Interesting to play and cheapest for 59 games you only pay $30.30 hence you can afford to buy more than 1 ticket. Increasing the chances of winning. My favourite❤️ Never won but have faith one day I will get it💞💞

  2. Low price but nice odds of winnings. Really a nice lottery.

  3. Nice that people can play from anywhere. Nice that it’s tax free. But – ya there always seems to be a but. It’s not a big mega jackpot that is going to grow. Good that if more than one winner hits the jackpot then they all get the same around. Nice that it is a lump sum, but I think I’ll stick to some of those mega jackpot lotteries.


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Monday Lotto Exposed — Nice Way to Start a Week

Australia Monday Lotto Exposed

Monday Lotto Review

Do you get those Monday blues? I found a great little pick-me-up that puts a smile on my face. Wouldn’t a little bit of Monday Madness Money be a great start to the week? Australia’s Monday Lotto might not grow, but it’s got a steady cool one million jackpot with better odds than some of the other lotteries around. Best, it is an officially run lottery, so you know you can take your winnings to the bank!

How Does Australia Monday Lotto Work?

When I say good odds, this is a pick six balls out of forty-five lotto. Players can use their favorites or can take a quick pic. The Monday Lotto draw itself draws six balls plus two bonus balls. The bonus balls come from the original forty-five numbers. These bonus balls are used for a variety of extra prizes down to win with one regular number and the two bonus balls. That’s just one of the ways this lottery increases your odds to win.

Australia Monday Lotto Wins

The jackpot for each draw is fixed at 1 million dollars for up to four winners. That means up to four people could walk away with the full jackpot. All winnings are tax-free and paid in a lump sum. This is versus some lotteries that advertise their jackpots, but if a player decides to opt for a lump sum, then the amount won is less. They have some calculation based on the value of the jackpot paid over 25 or 30 years (depending on the lottery). With Monday Lotto, what you see is what you get!

More Winning with Australia Monday Lotto

Regularly, though in fairness, there isn’t any schedule to it, Australia Monday Lotto doubles up the prize money offered. These draws are ad hoc and usually the result of no one winning the jackpot for a few weeks. The price for the double up lotto draws stays the same.

Who is Australia Monday Lotto?

Initially, this draw was established by NSW Lotteries in 1979. Tattersall’s bought them out and took Monday Lotto from a state lottery to a nationwide lottery. Tattersall runs this and a variety of other lotteries including Oz Lotteries, Aussie Powerball, Wednesday Lotto scratchies and other betting games on sporting events. Yes, that includes betting on horses. Their games can be accessed online and through mobile apps on your telephone.

These are the Monday & Wednesday Lotto odds based on 1 and 12 games according to Tatts:

DivisionRequired NumbersOdds based on 1 GameOdds based on 12 Games
16 winning numbers1:8,145,0601:678,755
25 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers1:678,7551:56,563
35 winning numbers1:36,6891:3,058
44 winning numbers1:7331:61
53 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers1:2971:25
61 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers1:1441:12

Who Can Play Australia Monday Lotto?

People can win from anywhere. That’s right folks – you don’t have to be Australian or in Australia to win. Tatts did point out that it is essential for anyone playing to check out the rules and regulations that apply to a player’s home country or where they are playing from. There could be taxes applicable and/or laws that prohibit playing lotteries in other countries. Then again, playing through the right lottery service provider does give a buffer for deciding where you want your jackpot win to go.

Customer Service and Customer Complaints

They do not happen – complaints that are. This is a professional organization that runs professional lotteries and other games. Aussie Monday Lotto offers a variety of phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses though only respond during business hours Australia time. The only question I had for them was to verify I can play the game and not live in or be Australian. I can! I can!

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The Bottom Line

Monday Lotto won’t climb up into those big jackpot numbers like US Powerball or EuroMillions, but it offers better odds and pays down seven tiers.


Fixed Jackpot

Lump Sum Jackpot

Great Odds to Win


Jackpots Don’t Grow

Deciding What to Buy First – with that Win!

Australia Monday Lotto gets a thumbs up. It’s a good lottery for the value and consistent in what players can win. It could be an excellent way to start the week with that jackpot win.

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