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Monday Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Mon.
Average Price: AU$1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Monday Lotto Exposed — The Million-Dollar Opportunity Beloved in Australia

Monday Lotto Exposed

Monday Lotto Review

Australia has so many fun lotteries to offer! Monday Lotto is among the popular choices. It has a typical draw-style format, it provides good jackpots, and it’s pretty easy to play.

Officially known as Monday and Wednesday Lotto (or X Lotto in South Australia) is available across all territories. It has a reasonably cheap entry price, an added perk for sure. If you’d like to give it a try, here’s everything you should know about it.

Before discussing how to play Monday Lotto, we need to look at a couple of details.

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This is a fairly old game with such well-established traditions. Originally, Monday Lotto was launched in 1979 in New South Wales. Eventually, its popularity grew, and it expanded. By 2008, Monday Lotto became available via Tattersall, and in 2010, the lottery spread to South Australia.

Monday Lotto has undergone several rule changes through the years. Prizes grew, numbers to be drawn were modified, and the lotto evolved. Today, Monday Lotto produces some great rewards, and it ranks among the most well-established Australian games of luck.

How to Play Monday Lotto

So, how does Monday Lotto work?

For a chance to win the Monday Lotto jackpot, you have to choose six numbers from a range of 45. A single ticket entry costs 0.55 Australian dollars (although there could be some regional variations and specifics depending on how you decide to participate).

Drawings for Monday and Wednesday Lotto occur on the respective day of the week, at 7:30 p.m. local time. And if you’d like to know what channel is Monday Lotto on, we can let you know that drawings are broadcast on 7TWO and all affiliated regional stations. You can get more information on Monday Lotto and how to win Monday Lotto via your local retailer.

There’s a guaranteed jackpot, as well as a few additional opportunities aimed at optimizing prizes.

Double Your Win and Cashcade Celebrations are just two of the add-ons that players can activate in an attempt to increase the size of the prizes they’ll win. Such opportunities are available via all retail venues that offer national lotteries in Australia.

Monday Lotto Prizes and Odds

Monday Lotto offers a guaranteed jackpot of one million Australian dollars (for up to four division one winners). The odds of claiming the jackpot in the game are one in 8,145,060.

According to the official Monday Lotto presentation, jackpot winners have collectively claimed over 90 million dollars up till now.

Keep in mind that if there are more than four division one winners, the jackpot automatically becomes four million dollars. that amount is shared equally among all of those who managed to guess the six lucky numbers.

So, while Monday Lotto doesn’t offer the massive amounts linked to the Australian Powerball (or its overseas counterparts for that matter), it’s still a solid game.

Other than the jackpot, there are five additional prize tiers. The overall odds of winning any reward in the game are one in 144. Although these aren’t the most favorable odds for prize claiming, they’re still pretty good.


DivisionRequired NumbersOdds based on 1 GameOdds based on 12 Games
16 winning numbers1:8,145,0601:678,755
25 winning numbers + 1  supplementary number1:678,7551:56,563
35 winning numbers1:36,6901:3,058
44 winning numbers1:7331:61
53 winning numbers + 1  supplementary number1:2981:25
61 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers1:1441:12


Some Information for Monday Lotto Winners

Lottery players in Australia benefit from a simple and straightforward prize claim process.

How a reward is to be claimed depends on how the ticket was bought.

Those who bought tickets online through an official platform can expect the reward money to be deposited directly into their player account. Usually, the amount is deposited within a day unless the player has won the Monday Lotto jackpot. If that’s the case, two weeks for reward processing will have to pass first.

When a ticket’s purchased in-store, the prize claim process is different.

Depending on the amount, the reward can be claimed at a retail venue, at one of the lottery’s head offices, or by post.

In Australia, all lottery prizes are free from taxation. The amount being advertised for the respective drawing is the exact one you’re going to get in the event of winning.

Can You Buy Monday Lotto Tickets Online?

Luckily, Australia offers very convenient opportunities for online ticket purchases.

If you are an Australian citizen or residing in the country legally, you can use the official online platforms. These are run and operated by local lottery entities. They are entirely legitimate and very user-friendly.

Also, numerous international lottery agencies offer tickets for Australian games. Monday Lotto tickets can be bought through such websites, regardless of your location. When opting for such a service, however, make sure that the agency is a reputable one!

To end the review, we need to sum up some of the essential advantages and shortcomings linked to the game.

Why You Should Play Monday Lotto


A well-established national lottery that has been around for decades

Available in all Australian territories

Straightforward to play, simple and clear format

Add-ons available to maximize prizes

There is a guaranteed jackpot

Players can choose to buy tickets both in-person and online

There are no income taxes applied to prizes

Online prize payout is available

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Monday Lotto


Standard, a draw-style format that isn’t the most exciting one

There’s only one drawing per week

The jackpots aren’t the biggest ones

Lower-division prizes are relatively modest

Is Monday Lotto Legit?

With such a long history, Monday Lotto is anything but a scam. You can rest assured that Monday Lotto is being offered legally in all Australian territories. Hence, all of the Monday Lotto divisions offer you the same protections and chances to win.

If you’re not a fan of the biggest lotteries out there and you want a nice alternative with a low entry cost, Monday Lotto is the one to try. And since tickets can be bought from all parts of the world, you can quickly examine this option to decide whether you like it or not.

  1. Waste of time and money, been playing every week Mon and Wed, religiously, system and all, 100 a week, all kinds of numbers, I feel sometimes even if there was an I system 38 numbers, and I selected 1-38, the winning numbers would be 39-45, it’s as if they have an algorithm

  2. Interesting to play and cheapest for 59 games you only pay $30.30 hence you can afford to buy more than 1 ticket. Increasing the chances of winning. My favourite❤️ Never won but have faith one day I will get it💞💞

  3. Low price but nice odds of winnings. Really a nice lottery.

  4. Nice that people can play from anywhere. Nice that it’s tax free. But – ya there always seems to be a but. It’s not a big mega jackpot that is going to grow. Good that if more than one winner hits the jackpot then they all get the same around. Nice that it is a lump sum, but I think I’ll stick to some of those mega jackpot lotteries.


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