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Numbers to Pick: 7/31 + Lucky Month
Days of Draw: Tue., Thurs., Sat.
Average Price: 2 real ($0.5)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 2,629,575

Dia de Sorte Exposed — Where to Play It Online?

Dia de Sorte Exposed

Dia de Sorte Review

Brazil’s newest lottery game is also the one that has the most exciting premise in the country. Called Lucky Day, this lottery enables you to bet on a favorite date and a month to claim the big jackpot. If you believe that your birthday or another special date could make you luckier and richer, you should test the theory by playing Dia de Sorte.

Dia de Sorte: Introduction

Dia de Sorte is the newest game in the portfolio of Caixa Economica Federal (the Federal Savings Bank of Brazil). It was launched solely in May 2018, and over the few months of its existence, it has gotten to gain a lot of popularity.

The idea is to bet on dates (or not – it’s really up to you!) since players can choose seven numbers from 31 and a Lucky Month in the range from 1 to 12.

According to Caixa officials, the game was launched to tickle the fancy of Brazilians who very often choose symbolic dates to play the lottery. Dia de Sorte makes that possible in an even more literal sense.

Dia de Sorte is not a high-prize lottery like some of the more prominent Brazilian options. According to an official Caixa press release, this game features more intermediate prizes that can help people with their day-to-day lives.

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How to Play Dia de Sorte?

Playing Dia de Sorte is relatively simple and straightforward. For a chance to claim the top prize, you have to select seven numbers from a pool of 31. You can either pick your numbers or opt for a lucky bet. The Lucky Month pick is independent and it doesn’t determine the top prize.

To increase your odds of claiming a prize, you can also play a system. Players can opt for up to 15 main numbers to increase their chances of winning one or more prizes.

The minimum entry of seven main numbers costs two Brazilian reals. System entries are more expensive. A system of 10, for example, costs 240 reals to enter and the biggest system of 15 will come with a price tag of 12,870 reals.

Dia de Sorte has three drawings per week – on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The drawings occur live at 8 p.m. local time, and they’re broadcast via TV.

Prizes and Odds

Lucky Day comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 300,000 reals. If there is no winner for the particular drawing, the sum will roll over towards the next one until it eventually gets won. Since Dia de Sorte is still a pretty new game, it hasn’t produced massive jackpots. Also, the odds of claiming the top prize are pretty favorable in comparison to other large lotteries – 1 in 2,629,575.

Currently, (as of August 2018), the amount that has accumulated is set at one million reals. There hasn’t been a winner for some time, and these are the types of drawings you should consider entering if you’re interested in claiming a bigger prize.

The second prize tier distributes among the winners 30 percent of the prize pool. To qualify for such an award, players will need to match six numbers. The odds of this happening are 1 in 15,652.

All other prize tiers come with fixed amounts. Those who guess five correct numbers will be entitled to 20 reals and the prize for four correct numbers is four reals. Getting only the Lucky Month number correct will produce a prize of two additional reals, enabling the player to cover the ticket cost.

Getting the Lucky Month correct will naturally come with odds of 1 in 12, making it highly likely for at least a small award to be claimed.

Some Information for Dia de Sorte Winners

Players have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim. If a claim isn’t made within this period, the funds will be transferred to the Student Financing Fund.

Those who win up to 1,332 reals can make a claim at any accredited lottery retail venue and the Caixa branches. The payout will be immediate. For prizes exceeding 10,000 reals, players have to visit the local Caixa branch. The payout will be issued two days after the request is made.

Brazilian lottery prizes are subjected to a 13.8 percent income tax. Both Brazilians and residents of other countries will have this percentage deducted before their prize is paid out.

Can You Play Dia de Sorte Online?

Brazilian lotteries are pretty popular because of the relatively low ticket prices and the favorable odds of claiming a prize. While Lucky Day is still a relatively new entry, it’s gotten numerous people from different countries curious. This is why a single question arises – can you buy Dia de Sorte tickets online?

Several international lottery agents support Brazilian lotteries, including Dia de Sorte. If you’re interested in acquiring your Lucky Day tickets, you’ll simply need to carry out a bit of online research to compare the options and identify the most profitable ones.

Keep in mind that tickets will be a bit more expensive when such a service is chosen. Online lottery agencies have their local representatives responsible for buying tickets on behalf of clients. Maintaining such operations can be costly, which is why a certain commission will be charged on top of the ticket price.

Dia de Sorte seems to be a lot of fun. The game comes with a standard numerical lottery format, but Caixa has found a way to make it a bit more intriguing through the selection of lucky dates.

If you’re wondering whether to give Dia de Sorte a try, here are a few of the primary advantages:

Why You Should Play Dia de Sorte


The lottery is organized and operated by a national entity in Brazil

The cost of a single ticket is pretty low

The odds of winning a prize, including the jackpot are favorable

Three drawings take place per week

A minimum guaranteed jackpot is set, and if there’s no winner, the sum will roll over toward the next drawing

International players can acquire their Dia de Sorte tickets online

The shortcomings aren’t that many, and they don’t interfere with how enjoyable Lucky Day is:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Dia de Sorte


The prizes aren’t the biggest, some Brazilian lotteries are known for more massive jackpots

There are just a few prize tiers

An income tax will be applied to prizes before these are paid out

Would you mind rating Dia de Sorte?

Is Dia de Sorte Legit?

Just like the other Brazilian national lotteries, Dia de Sorte is far from a scam. Caixa is an entity that has been around for a long time, and its functioning is regulated by law. You can rest assured that playing Dia de Sorte does not carry any risk and the lottery can potentially make you a little bit richer.

The national bank organizes dia de Sorte and all of the Caixa activities are regulated by law. The Ministry of Finance is also involved as lotteries are a fantastic opportunity for raising money for charitable and social causes.

The history of Caixa Economica Federal dates back to 1861. Over the past nearly 160 years, the bank has maintained its autonomous status, but Brazilian laws have set the operational framework for this entity. The Central Bank of Brazil also supervises Caixa as an added layer of protection for those who choose to play the national games.

If you’re looking for a massive lottery with a humongous jackpot, Brazil’s Lucky Day is not the right option for you. On the other hand, those who like fun little lotteries with favorable odds will probably fall in love with this one. With such a low ticket price and a great concept, Dia de Sorte is worth trying.

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