Defeating the All-Mighty Scratch Off Lottery Ticket, We Bet You Didn’t Know This!

Defeating the All-Mighty Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

Things You Didn’t Know about Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Think you can’t win big with scratch-off lottery tickets? Think again! Meet Joan Ginther – a girl that we’ve already talked about. She’s a Stanford Ph.D. holder in statistics, but we aren’t sure whether she cracked the code or was merely lucky. No matter what, Ginther won scratch-off lottery jackpots on four occasions. The smallest amount she won is two million dollars (long live statistical odds!).

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Many people believe that scratch-offs involve some messiness and throwing money down the statistical drain. Though this may be the case for certain scratch-off ticket types, others are an excellent option for winning easy money. Who wouldn’t want easy money, right? Well, get ready to crack the code, learn the facts and have fun with scratch-offs. Because after all, everyone enjoys the thrill of unveiling what’s hidden beneath the shiny surface.

Fun Facts

A man from Canada cracked the code to winning the scratch-off lottery jackpot. Lucky him, you’re probably thinking, but the man happened to be a bit more conscious than the average lottery player.

Mohan Srivastava from Canada started dreaming about turning scratch-off tickets into a full-time job. He figured out that he could make 600 dollars a day by just going from store to store and, well… scratching.

Mr. Srivastava, however, was at the time making more money as a consultant. So, instead of enlightening the masses, he decided to inform the lottery company about the glitch. This means that if you’re finding it difficult to win the millions, a man called Mohan Srivastava is to blame.

There have been people less than satisfied and positive towards the companies selling such tickets, however. Angry individuals decided that they’d demand 10 million dollars from Texas Lottery. Here’s why.

The conditions of the game were as follows: “reveal three “5” symbols in one row, column, or diagonal, win PRIZE in PRIZE box. Reveal a money bag symbol in the 5x box, win 5 times that PRIZE.”

Most players believed that they had to meet just one of the conditions to win. It turned out, however, that all of the conditions had to be met for a grand prize. Feathers were ruffled, people were angered, and some even decided to take legal action. If the court rules out that they’ve been misled, the cumulative compensation is going to be 10 million dollars. If you’re the owner of a company selling scratch-off tickets, you’ll need to think carefully about wording the conditions next time!

So Let’s Get to it: Winning the Big Bucks

We hear about these lucky bas… pardon the language, individuals who’ve won millions after a few seconds of scratching a card. Is there something going beyond luck and can you make something to increase those odds of winning?

Experts recommend visiting those stores that few other people are going to. Yes, find those places that nobody else goes to and get your tickets there. The number of winning tickets is limited. The more tickets are sold, the more winners there will be. After a winning ticket has already been sold, your odds of scratching off the jackpot (in a positive way, of course) become minimal.

Do your homework in advance. Look for games that have recently given out a big jackpot. If it has already been won, there’s no point in trying the very same game.

If you want to win big, forget about the cheapest tickets. Your odds of getting millions after spending one dollar are minimal to non-existent. More expensive tickets (costing five dollars and more) statistically have a bigger percentage of winners and higher payouts. See what we did here – we went back to statistics!

The final thing you can do is gloat over other people’s lack of success or at least keep track of it. Long streaks without winnings could indicate that the jackpot is just around the corner.

Scratch that Itch but Not Too Often

There’s a big difference between playing smart and spending foolishly large amounts on tickets. Many people get so caught up in the jackpot chase that they don’t realize how much money they’ve spent. After all, it takes just a few seconds to scratch lots of your savings off.

Playing once per week is the smart thing to do. The same applies to keeping the sums under control. You can buy a few tickets from the same batch – this is a great way of increasing your odds of winning. Take it a step further and play once per month. A ticket today, five tomorrow, and 15 the day after (because you won a couple of bucks and you kept going) isn’t going to lead to anything.

Invest the money you can afford to lose, and you’ll be happier with the results.

Now that you’re armed with all of the essential information, you can go out there or stay home and do your research. You can win without doing math or calculating the odds. Still, you’ll have to be smart about it.

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