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  1. I signed up on CubeLotto, but I was not very impressed with their service. The site looks quite similar to many others and did not really have any uniqueness. But my main problem with them was that I had some questions about the service and I did not have any effective way to reach them. I was unable to call them, nor reach them with online chat. That made really frustrated and I deleted my account.


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CubeLotto Exposed — Looks Awfully Familiar

CubeLotto Review

Looking at again, it looks very familiar. Yup – another site using Lottoyard with the usual FPP benefits, discounts and a head office out of Cyprus. It looks pretty straightforward, though we (once again) couldn’t get our head around how all the different discounts work.

Games at

This online lottery provider offers EuroMillions and Euro Jackpot, US Powerball & Mega Millions, La Primitiva, New York Lotto, SuperEnalotto, BonoLoto, El Gordo, UK Lotto and Canada’s Lotto 6/49 (versus Germany’s Lotto 6aus49) with straight lottery ticket play or syndicates.

Discounts Galore

So what would you say is the difference between clicking the multi-draw or the subscription choice. In the case, of, multi-draw offers discounts of 2 draws/2%, 4 draw/4%, 8 draws/15%, 26 draws/22% and 52 draws/25%. Alternatively, subscriptions offered with 1 week/2%, 2 weeks/4% and 4 weeks/15%. The only thing the team could figure out being the difference is that with the multi-draw, there is a finite period and with the subscription, if you don’t let them know, they automatically roll it over – at a charge to your credit card.

Cube Lotto and Getting Your Money

Minimum cash out and the fee depends on where you’re based with the fee range being $2.50 for Europe, Australia and South America, $10.00 for Canada and Asia (now that’s a big region), and $50.00 for Central America and Africa.

CubeLotto Syndicates

Once in a while, I wish these folks would actually read what they write. Let’s take the syndicate available for Lotto 6/49. The info says that that it involves 50 lines and “up to 150 shares” in the group. So what happens when there are insufficient shares?

VIP Frequent Player Points

There are the usual Bronze for a 3% discount (400 to 899 points which means you’ve spent that in Euros), Silver for a 5% discount (900 to 1999), Gold for a 10% discount (2000 to 3,999) and Platinum for a 12% discount (4,000 plus). There is no information on how this interacts with the multi-draws and subscription discounts. Oh – and they do offer the additional benefit of a Personal “FPP” Account Manager once you hit the 400 points level.

Customer Service’s customer service by telephone is available 9:00 am through 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. There is also an email address, but no online form. There are no phone numbers and the only snail mail address is for the owner, Safecube Holdings Limited out of Cyprus. But no real info on who they are. It is mind boggling all the different businesses that have the same address.

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The Bottom Line at CubeLotto

There are no real surprises here and it looks like yet another Lottoyard clone that mirrors a bunch of other sites. I don’t like the fact there are no phone numbers, plus no online chat. The team had a discussion on this and it’s one of our bottom lines on playing with an online lottery provider.


Big Lotteries

Clear Fees

Lots of Discounts


Who Are These Guys?

How Do the Discounts Work?

How Do I Talk To You – For Real?

We won’t go so far as to give this site a thumbs down at the same time, it is simply looking like a clone of so many other sites plus the lack of communication (phone numbers and live chat) is enough to say, there are other good lottery providers to feel confident with playing – look elsewhere!

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