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CrazyLottos Exposed — When You’re Not Getting What You’re Paying for

CrazyLottos Exposed

CrazyLottos Review

Are you crazy about lotteries? Do you live, breathe, eat and sleep odds, numbers, and statistical combinations? If so, you’re a member of a large group of people from all parts of the world who enjoy some of the biggest games of luck. As such a person, you’re probably looking for easy opportunities to indulge in your favorite activity.

Crazy Lottos is an online portal that allows you to do just that. Is CrazyLottos a scam, or is it completely legit? How does it compare to other similar service providers out there? To put it in one final question – should you trust this platform and give it a try?

The answer depends on a few important considerations. We’re about to take a deep dive into those, shedding some light on how the website works and whether it has your best interest at heart.

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Games at

Here are the obvious basics – Crazy Lottos offers a fairly good selection of games.

There’s a nice mix of both popular games and some lesser-known opportunities. You can access obvious global hits like EuroMillions, Mega Millions,  and Powerball. Crazy Lottos also features various other international games like Monday Lotto from Australia, California Super Plus, Hoosier Lotto, the UK Thunderball, and others. In total, 17 games, including both multi-national, national, and state games of luck.

Crazy Lottos also advertises its instant games that are solely available online. Slots and digital casino games are also included in the mix, turning into a jack of all trades of sorts.

Now, the next consideration is the price you’ll have to pay to use the platform.

If you take the New York Lotto as an example, here’s the final calculation. In New York, you will have to spend one dollar on your ticket. When you use CrazyLottos, the cost is 1.70 euros per line or two dollars. The markup is a high one. There are numerous online lottery agencies out there that have established much lower fees. It really is up to you, however, to determine if the amount you’re being asked to pay is justifiable.

WARNING!!! Only after reviewing all that did we go through the official terms and conditions, and boy does Crazy Lottos disappoint. The document states that the website DOES NOT buy tickets on behalf of its clients. Rather, players are betting against the results of the official lottery.

Crazy Lottos is the one that determines the winnings for each bet placed with them. Hence, you are not getting the Powerball jackpot if you match all of the important numbers. You’re getting an amount that the platform determines.

Crazy Lottos and Getting Your Winnings

Putting money in and taking money out of your CrazyLottos account are both simple processes that have been outlined in the help section. Keep this in mind. However, your winnings are dependent on the number of tickets bought through Crazy Lottos. There’s a ridiculously complex formula presented in the terms and conditions, and it makes it virtually impossible to determine what you’ve won.

If that doesn’t put you off using the website, here’s the scoop on deposits and withdrawals.

The supported money deposit methods are several, and they include Visa and MasterCard payments, Skrill, Neteller, Yandex.Money, bank transfers, and several others.

Withdrawing money you have won happens through your online account. Crazy Lottos warns that if you haven’t verified your identity before attempting a prize claim, you will be asked to do so before the money is released.

In the terms and conditions, the website states that all prizes are subjected to a validation process (to comply with money laundering laws). If you fail to provide all required information, payment will not be issued. For prizes exceeding 50,000 euros, the validation period can reach up to two weeks. No additional details are provided about what happens then and what the steps entail.

Who Can Play at Crazy Lottos?

We have already mentioned that you’ll have to verify your identity to use Crazy Lottos, buy tickets, and receive prizes.

The platform services are available to individuals over the age of 18 or at the legal age for partaking in lotteries in their own country (for some places, that age is 21 and in others like the UK, is 16).

If you manage to cheat during the verification process, you register, and you eventually win, Crazy Lottos can decide to withhold the payment of a prize due to the fact you’ve provided fraudulent information at sign-up. In other words – don’t go there because you may get in trouble.

Who Is Behind

The CrazyLottos review will now have to dig into the entity behind the platform. Finding out who runs the website is an important part of establishing its legitimacy.

Crazy Lottos is managed by Crazylottos Ltd. Like many other online lottery operators, this enterprise is registered in Curacao and Timeless Tech N.V. Timeless Tech itself operates it is registered in Cyprus – a common jurisdiction for lottery-related entities and operators.

In the ‘About Us’ section of the website, you will, unfortunately, fail to find additional details about these two entities, their qualifications, or their areas of specialization.

When doing our research, however, we discovered that Timeless Tech operates multiple other websites. These include Super Stakes, LArsVegasLotto, Lotto Arvonta, and others. Some of them are carbon copies of Crazy Lottos, featuring the same games and even the same website design (in slightly different colors).

There are no websites, LinkedIn, or directory listings for any of the entities mentioned here so far. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the fact raises some important questions about transparency.

As far as getting in touch with the Crazy Lottos team, you have two options – live support via chat and email. There’s no phone number or address provided for the purpose.

Other Bits and Pieces

Looking for other CrazyLottos reviews, we couldn’t find anything written by a person who actually used the website’s services. There are a few generic reviews out there, but they don’t say an awful lot about the actual user experiences, strengths, and the platform’s weaknesses.

And since Crazy Lottos has an affiliate program, the impartial nature of such reviews comes under question.

Crazy Lottos has a Facebook profile, but there’s barely any activity there. The fact that the social media page was set up only in August 2020 could provide a bit of an explanation as to why the social interest and the interactions are pretty much nonexistent.

Other than that, there isn’t an awful lot to say about the platform.

As already mentioned, there are some nice bundles and promotions you may want to check out. Occasionally, players can be entitled to free ticket purchases for specific games, which is obviously a good thing for penny pitchers.

We haven’t touched a lot on the instant games and casino games available, as this isn’t our primary interest area. However, if you are curious about those, you’ll be glad to find that demo play is available. This means you can test out a game of interest without spending on it (and obviously – without winning anything). If you like what you see, you can deposit some cash in your account and get started.

Here are the advantages and the (long) list of disadvantages of the platform:

Why You Should Register with Crazy Lotto


A good selection of lotteries

Bonuses and discounts are available

Accepts players from all countries that legalize online ticket buying

Instant and casino games are also available

Multiple payment methods supported, easy withdrawals

On the downside:

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Crazy Lotto


You are not getting a lottery ticket; you are betting against the result of the official lottery

Crazy Lotto is the one that determines how much you’re going to win

There are a lengthy validation and verification process you have to go through before getting your money

The company doesn’t focus on transparency; there’s no information about the entity running the website

Ticket prices are pretty expensive, considering the fact you’re not even entering the official lottery

Would you mind rating

Is CrazyLottos Legit?

Our final recommendation is pretty simple – stay away from CrazyLottos. While a CrazyLottos scam isn’t being run per se, you will be ripped off.

Just like always, we advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for anything. On the surface, Crazy Lottos may seem like yet another online ticket-buying platform. When you look closer, however, a different truth is starting to get revealed. With so many high-quality online ticket-buying platforms to choose from, this one is a digital portal you should most definitely avoid.

  1. I played normal lottery or syndicate and still no winners 6 months, don’t waste your money!

  2. Great site needs upgradations, good Luck!

  3. Cannot register or play, don’t waste time


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