Choosing Lotteries to Play: National or Privately Operated?

National Lotteries VS Private Lotteries

To Play National Lotteries or to Play Private Lotteries?

Lotteries are now legal throughout the world (hurray!) and most countries have their own varieties operated by a national company. That’s one of the options. The other one comes in the form of private lotteries.

If you’re a Lottie (we like the concept of a foodie taken to the lottery world, plus we’ve coined a new term), you’re probably wondering whether to try national lotteries or private lotteries. Both varieties are completely legal, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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The Pros of National Lotteries

Each country has at least one national lottery. It’s operated by an appointed entity that’s responsible for ticket sales, draws and monitoring the distribution of the accumulated funds in the different prize tiers.

Anyone looking for the safest option out there should choose a lottery that’s operated by a national entity.

Apart from coming with official guarantees, these lotteries make you feel good in another way. Some of the money accumulated through ticket purchases is donated to good causes. In some countries, the national lottery sponsors sports developments. In others, a portion of the proceeds goes to infrastructural developments, education and other good causes.

Some national lotteries have special draws and additional winning opportunities that enable the players to win non-monetary prizes like houses, cars and even jewelry. Some of the world’s most popular lotteries are operated by a national entity.

Finally, national lotteries, find it a lot easier to investigate violations and problems. It’s in the state’s best interest to uncover whether an employee or an executive has gotten involved in faulty operations. Since the proceeds go towards national causes, embezzlement and other unauthorized financial operations will be investigated immediately.

Private Lotteries – Worth a Try?

Private lotteries operate in the exact same way, but instead of being run by a national entity, there’s a private company responsible for the process. Reputable private companies usually acquire a certain license that guarantees the legal running of the lottery.

If you want to try private lotteries, you should always make sure that the operator is certified and licensed. Otherwise, you risk spending your money on something that isn’t necessarily going to bring you results.

Some people avoid national lotteries at all costs because these are seen as a “form of taxation.” When lotteries came into existence in the early 1600s, they were created to obtain funding for troops and the wars that England was waging at the time. Some fundraising activity is always linked to a national lottery and it isn’t necessarily a cause that’s supported by the citizens.

Private lotteries can be set up by companies that have better resources and a more widespread distribution network than the national entity. This is the case for states and smaller countries that don’t have lottery traditions dating back decades. In such instances, the state finds it a lot easier to privatize the process and give a private entity the authority to carry out lottery activities.

Which One should You Choose?

The type of operator is definitely far from the top consideration when it comes to choosing one lottery or another.

Be smart about it and make sure that the lottery you’re interested in is operated by a licensed company. That’s everything you need to do in order to make sure that if you ever win, you’ll get your prize.

The odds of winning the game, the prize tiers and the distribution of the funds happen to be way more important than the manner in which the lottery is operated. Sure, if you’re 100 percent anti-government, you may want to opt for a game that’s operated by a private entity. If you don’t have such strong political views, however, it doesn’t really make any difference for you as a consumer of the service.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the causes and initiatives that some of the funds will be dedicated to. Anyone that wants to be a socially-responsible individual may want to opt for a lottery that helps the youth, sports development or the elderly. Both private lotteries and the national lotteries support such initiatives – it’s up to you to identify the one that you consider to be most worthy.

Finally, always read reviews before choosing one lottery or another. This is especially important for people that would like to try international lotteries. We’ve got a range of comprehensive reviews that will help you figure out which games are legal and which ones are scams. By comparing all characteristics and checking the reputation of lotteries, you’ll take the risk of committing a serious mistake down to a zero. Good luck and have some fun!

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