If You Can’t Win The Lottery, Then Change Its Rules!

Change Lottery Rules

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Description: "If You Can't Win The Lottery, Then Change Its Rules!" is an ebook that covers the topic of lottery wheeling and promises to beat the results that all other guides deliver.

Change Lottery Rules Exposed — Is It Really the Only Lottery Book You’ll Ever Need?

Change Lottery Rules Review

Change Lottery Rules Review

With a slogan like “If you can’t win the lottery, then change its rules,” this product is certain to grab the attention of every single lotto enthusiast across the globe. Right off the bat, Change Lottery Rules is advertised as something revolutionary. It is supposed to cover all popular lotto games, including some of the highest payout opportunities out there.

Based on our experience, we know that such universal solutions don’t work. But exactly what does Change Lottery Rules do, and how is it supposed to give you the results that you hope for? It’s important to answer these questions before concluding whether the book works and whether it’s worth spending a pretty hefty sum on.

When you go to the book’s website, you’ll be greeted by a fairly generic landing page. It looks like many other promotional websites aimed at convincing you just how great a product is. Digging through all of the marketing content, we tried to find more information about what exactly the system does. Here’s what our research led us to.

Is TheLotter legit worldwide and can a book help you win?

What Is Change Lottery Rules and What Does It Do?

If you’ve ever done a bit of research, you’ve probably come across dozens of products that are supposed to beat the lottery and improve your odds of winning. Changing Lottery Rules is one of them. It doesn’t, however, come in the form of a system or software. Instead, it’s an ebook that highlights everything you need to know about sequential wheeling.

Lottery wheeling is one of the most well-known approaches for attempting to improve odds. Wheeling involves playing more numbers than the one required to play the particular lottery. The aim here is to guarantee a win through a specific numerical selection.

According to If You Can’t Win the Lottery Change Its Rules (3rd edition), mathematics can be employed to beat the odds and ensure sufficient lottery wins.

There isn’t one approach that ensures consistent wins from games of luck time and time again. If there were such a system, everyone out there would have become a lottery millionaire by now. Still, there could be some truth to wheeling (and some people swear by it).

In this instance, what matters is determining whether the book is a good wheeling guide and if it can be applied universally to all lotteries, just like the author claims.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s the most disappointing aspect of the guide – it’s very costly for what it claims to offer.

Right now, the book is being sold for “only” 39.95 dollars. You can pay for it via a credit card or PayPal. Interestingly, people who are in Europe cannot buy the ebook at the time. It’s being offered to them for free if they buy one of the products that the author is an affiliate of.

The book is sold only through the author’s website. You cannot find it on Amazon or another popular ebook platform. That’s a bummer, as you’re not covered by the warranties these large ebook sellers offer. Also, there aren’t any buyer reviews to go through before deciding if you’re going to spend nearly 40 dollars on a lottery PDF.

How Does If You Can’t Win the Lottery Then Change Its Rules 3rd Edition Work?

Going through all of the marketing text, it isn’t easy to discover any concrete information about the specifics of the system and how it works.

There are several examples explaining what sequential lotto wheeling is and how it works. In essence, you create sets of tickets that feature different numerical combinations. Probabilities are being improved to come up with enough combos to win a prize.

The question is whether playing a vast range of numerical combinations is financially justified. Because you will need to buy all of these tickets, you wouldn’t know how many of them will win and what the prizes are going to be.

Wheeling can be fun, and you can test it out when you have a bit of cash to spare. However, playing a set of different numbers in an array of combinations every single time will be too costly. It’s not a responsible approach since you’ll often end up spending a lot more than what you’ll win.

In theory, the approach can be applied to any lottery out there. It can be combined with hot and cold numbers or played using your “lucky” digits.

Experts, however, have written on the topic, and they claim that wheeling doesn’t work.

To cover nine numbers, you will need 84 entries into a game (to feature all possible combos). How often can you do that, and will this set of nine numbers help you win bigger? Probably not. A wheel is usually optimized for a certain level of a win, but it can’t ensure a jackpot or a large prize. This is why wheeling doesn’t make financial sense.

Terms and Conditions

The ebook author doesn’t make any guarantees or promises. While this wheeling guide is being advertised as revolutionary, it simply cannot state that you’re going to win every single time. Such claims will be false, and they don’t apply to any lottery system out there.

Other than that, the terms and conditions page features standard information.

It’s still essential to go through all of the stipulations and ensure that you’re ok with your rights and responsibilities.

As already mentioned, you can pay for the ebook via PayPal. When you do, you’ll be covered by the payment platform’s warranties to an extent. Don’t hesitate to check out what kind of protection PayPal offers you as far as refunds go.

Who Is Behind Change Lottery Rules?

Change Lottery Rules has one person mentioned as the author of the ebook. Stefan Vandevelde is the person behind several lottery software products like WinSlips, Pick 3 Sniper, and LottoTrix. Other than that, the man is a mystery. You can find general information about him on the websites advertising his products. A regular Google search isn’t going to reveal an awful lot of additional information.

Based on this fact, it’s safe to assume that Stefan Vandevelde is a pen name that somebody hides behind. The biographies that we came across don’t cover any specifics. It isn’t easy to understand what Stefan’s credentials are and why you should be trusting his products.

On Change Lottery Rules, you will discover an About page that states a few things about Stefan.

Supposedly, he won an award for his wheeling system, and nobody has been capable of coming up with a better design. Other than that, however, you can’t determine what Stefan has studied, how he developed his system, and what the scientific explanation of his “success” is.

We’ve said it time and time again – anonymous product developers don’t make credible sellers. Someone confident in their product’s quality will come out openly and back the offering by their actual name.

It’s safe to assume that another person stands behind the name of Stefan Vandevelde. And unless they provide some legit, specific info about their background and experience, lots of questions will remain unanswered.

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Some people have utilized it successfully to improve lottery odds

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Is Change Lottery Rules Legit?

This book isn’t as revolutionary as the author wants you to think. Wheeling has been around for a very long time. Some people have utilized it successfully to improve lottery odds. For most, however, it doesn’t do too much.

Change Lottery Rules is a website with an awful lot of text, but that doesn’t say too much.

You don’t see a book outline or a sample. It’s difficult to judge the product and its qualities because nothing is revealed. Also, you cannot try the book for free or at least access a single chapter to learn more about the author’s logic. Speaking of the author, we are almost entirely confident that they’re using a pen name instead of backing the offering through their actual identity.

If you have 40 dollars to spare, you can test the book and the information it offers. Chances are, however, that you wouldn’t come across the revolutionary lottery system that we are all so eager to find.

Based on the price and the other product specifics discussed in this review, we give this ebook a 3 out of 10 stars rating.

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