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Celebrities Are Playing the Lottery! Who, What, Where and Why?

Celebrities Are Playing the Lottery!

Celebrities or Lottery Players?

Despite having millions in cash, these attention magnets are spending quite some time and money for playing the lottery. I was surprised by the diversity of occupations involved, some are entertainers, others are into sports etc. All of them are multimillionaires. At first I was wondering “Why would a wealthy person of that caliber bother playing the lottery?” Soon after that I realized, it’s not about the money. Even I don’t play the lottery solely for the money part. The thrill, the excitement is what keeps me coming for more.

Manchester United’s Mega Star – Wayne Rooney is a Regular Lottery Player

Wayne Rooney is a Regular Lottery Player
I open the list of celebrities who are playing the lottery with none other but Wayne Rooney himself. If you’re into soccer or as Europeans and the rest of the world call it football, you must’ve stumbled upon him by now. He has an estimated worth of over £80m or in USD that’s been around $115m. With a weekly wage of £260k he can buy a lot of lottery tickets. But he’s not buying tons of tickets. In fact, one of his friends is doing it for him, and he buys only a handful of lottery tickets, but he never misses a lottery draw, talk about dedication.

It seems like celebrities who have sport like the their primary occupation are into a lottery. Chris Singleton has a different approach to playing the lottery. On one occasion he spent roughly $100,000 on the Mega Millions lottery when the jackpot was over the half a billion mark.

While we’re at sports celebrities, Terry Bradburry a football player who was part of the Chelsea squad won the UK National Lottery few decades ago.

So Sportsmen Are the Only Celebs Who Play the Lottery? – Not Quite

Simon Cowell is a Regular Lottery Player
In fact, it’s the opposite. Mega popular stars, coming from other industries like the movie industry, or the show business, are also part of the lottery community. Take for instance the somewhat arrogant Simon Cowell. I can’t stand his face. I guess it’s due to his pretentious behavior shown on his show the X-Factor. Regardless of my honest opinion about him, he’s a co-lottery player. He’s worth more than $550m and he’s still playing the lottery on a regular basis.

How about the commonly referred to as the Queen of Pop? Madonna used to be a passionate lottery player. Once she even won over $130,000. Fortune favors wealthy people, unfortunately. Or it’s the other way around? Anyway, she donated the full prize amount to charity. Like she needed the extra cash.

The charming and for the ladies irresistible George Clooney has close ties with the lottery industry. In 2010 he and Elizabeth Hurley bought tickets for the SuperEnaLotto, it’s the Italian equivalent of the Powerball. They hoped they win big and donate all of the winning proceeds to charity. Although, they failed, they still fulfilled their mission.

But, Why Do Celeberities Play the Lottery? – WHY?

Hugh Jackman Was Buying Lottery Tickets
Some have a hidden agenda, others like to attract attention and then again there those who are genuinely into a lottery. Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Wolverine in the Marvel’s Universe was buying tickets for his crew members as a way to bond them. Hugh noticed there was no chemistry among his co-workers and that he doesn’t know their names. Wolverine used the lottery as a way to connect with people. He’s the celebrity that probably buys the highest number of lottery tickets, however, he gives them all away.

On the other hand, Paris Hilton, the wealthy starlet is seeking attention. Unlike Clooney and Hurley, who wanted to donate all of their winnings Ms. Hilton here shamelessly stated that she’d donate only 10% of her winnings. Despite having an estimated worth of little over half a billion dollars she’s still greedy!

The Largest Ever Powerball Jackpot Was the Push Some of Them Needed

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Not long ago I like other people who are not living under a rock, witnessed the largest ever Powerball Jackpot with a little over $1.5b. Now that’s seriously a lot of money. Even wealthy super stars were intrigued by the Powerball. The lottery community hasn’t experienced something like this since who knows when.

Celebrities who’ve bought lottery tickets went rampant on twitter, posting pictures with Powerball lottery tickets stating they hope they’d win the most desired jackpot of them all. Jessica Simpson was one of the pack members of celebrities affected by the Powerball madness. She stated that she was back into lottery because she was too  excited about it. Jessica was aware that she’s not going to win since she doubts that rich people can win the lottery.

Former star of the show called Jersey Shore, Snooki also got her hands on a Powerball ticket. Her twits about the ticket were not well accepted by the public. In fact the backlash was so fierce they made her feel bad. How unlikely is that, she’s the fierce Snooki for crying out loud!

Lastly but not least, Kim Kardashian posted about the Powerball as well. Although we can’t take this as proof that she actually bought lottery tickets, but it’s surprisingly pleasant to see a celebrity of her caliber to “promote” the lottery. Celebrities playing the lottery are rather common. Boy, they’re made out of flesh and blood like I am, and they play the lottery. I could be a celebrity already, if I lived in a world featured in the movie called “Truman Show”. Heck, I’d play the lottery even then.