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CelebLotto Exposed — Are You Betting or Getting Tickets Online?

CelebLotto is a UK-based lotto betting operator that gives players access to more than 160 official lottery games from around the world. Acting as a bookmaker, PLAYLOT.TO LIMITED (UK Company number: 10263253), trading as CelebLotto is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for customers in the United Kingdom (Licence No: 000-049331-R-327380-001). The company is based in Chester, UK.

CelebLotto Review

CelebLotto is the new kid on the lotto block and, with an interesting new take on traditional lotto betting, it could well be a taste of things to come. In fact, the Rapid Lotto feature (more of which later) has the potential to attract a whole new audience to online lotto. The site is UK-based and licensed and, as you’ll see, the ‘celebs’ are unique brand ambassadors that no rival can match.

Games at CelebLotto.com

There are 31 lottery games available for players, including the usual US Powerball and EuroJackpot, down to some of the more obscure lotteries like Polish Mini Lotto. Players can play for 1 draw, 1 or 2 weeks of draws or 1 month (based on four weeks). Players can also play 1 ticket or more. CelebLotto also offers Lotería Nacional once a week, Spain’s raffle. This is particularly attractive as the winning numbers are drawn from the sold tickets – so all prizes are won.

CelebLotto offers lotto betting in two entirely different formats:

Jackpot Games

Jackpot Betting, Bundles, and Pools are what we have come to expect from the plethora of lottery betting sites out there. The format is a bet (with jackpots insured), which pays out identical prizes and odds to the official lottery in each draw. ‘Bundles’ are groups of pre-selected bets sold at a discount. ‘Pools’ are bundles where players can purchase a share of the bundle, as opposed to the whole, making the overall price cheaper.

CelebLotto also has a separate raffles lobby that offers the same form of betting on the weekly and seasonal raffles from Spain, such as El Gordo de Navidad with its €2bn-plus prize fund.

Rapid Lotto

Rapid Lotto games provide an entirely different betting experience, featuring a series of official lotteries (160 at the time of writing), with the draws happening every minute. There are a number of different options the player can pick from here:

  • ‘Normal Number’ and ‘Bonus Number’ options allow the player to choose to place bets on matching anything from a single number or bonus number to two, three, four (and so on), for a fixed-odds return. The single or two number bets provide a great chance of a win at a much better return than an equivalent lottery payout, providing great value for money. ‘Numbers Betting
  • ‘Numbers Betting’ takes things up a level. For each draw, all the numbers drawn are added up and the ‘sum’ (ie. the result of that maths) is used for a great choice of 50:50 bets, such as odd or even (the result an odd or even number) or under / over (a stated result which is the middle of all possible results) and then a series of range bets with different odds where the sum must fall between a given range that the player can bet on. This form of betting turns lottery into roulette and makes for great gameplay.
  • Beneath the list of ‘Rapid Lotto’ games is a section of “World Lottos’ which provide the same range of betting opportunities but occur over a weekly cycle in the usual way you would expect (some daily, some twice weekly, etc.), instead of every few minutes. Many of these you will recognize from the jackpot games.

Other Games

In addition, Celeblotto has scratchcards, instant wins, and slots from a well-known industry partner and also a very funky instant lotto product called LottoRace. These games are based on pooling the money from the entries to the game and then drawing numbers until a winner is found. It’s a cross between bingo and lotto. All draws happen live on-screen and there’s a leaderboard so players can see how they are progressing against the others in the game. You can choose daily, weekly or instaplay options.

Special Offers

At the time of writing, CelebLotto is offering new customers 2-for-1 on all US Mega Millions bets. Given the site’s already competitive pricing, that’s not a bad offer. Further special offers and bonus incentives are promised in the near future.

How Much Does It Cost?

Whilst jackpot bets are for a fixed price per line/bundle or pool share, there is no set stake on Rapid Lotto, so it’s possible to place bets from 25p up to £100.

Prices on jackpot lotto bets are competitive with the established competition and notably good value compared to some rivals.

It’s free to set up an account (as you would expect) and there are no fees beyond the price of the bet. Prices and stakes are clearly displayed before the order is confirmed. On the Rapid Lotto games, this takes the form of a bet slip, which can be loaded with plays from different lottos before confirming the purchase. With the draws every minute though, you won’t want to hang around too long.

What Do You Win?

All prizes worth up to £50,000 are processed automatically and paid into your player account. Any prizes above this level will be processed by a dedicated team who will contact you personally. Withdrawals are made to the credit or debit card used to make payments. Some larger payments may require a bank transfer, which is arranged by the customer service team.

How about Personal Data and Payment Security?

CelebLotto is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which means all player funds must be handled separately from company funds and all prizes must be paid out as stated.

Payments are handled by Secure Trading, a payment processor we’re happy to recommend, and data is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, which means players should have no concerns about entering personal data when signing up to play.

CelebLotto.com and Who Can Play?

Anyone over the age of 18 can play with Celeblotto, so long as online betting is legal in their country is legal. US players are specifically excluded. Being UK-licensed, Celeblotto is very likely to be strict on its KYC requirements and customers may be asked to upload proof of ID, age and address if automated checks cannot be completed.

Talking to CelebLotto.com

You can get in touch with CelebLotto via live chat, email or phone (UK local number). The Live Chat function is in the bottom right of the screen and combines seamlessly with a smart search facility that helps you find the answer to common questions. It all works well, although we would like to see the current opening hours extended to evenings and weekends.

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CelebLotto and the Bottom Line

CelebLotto may be a relatively new name in a crowded sector, but the brand has done enough to differentiate itself and stand out from the crowd. The site looks new and fresh with their brand ambassadors (check that out and you’ll see what we mean), it really does set itself apart.


 31 International Lotteries to Play

UK Licensed

Rapid Lotto


Lack of Payment Methods

Too Many Options Might Be Confusing

This site doesn’t get thumb’s up or a thumb’s down. We’d like to see a few more payment options and some additional incentives to sign up, both of which are in the pipeline. Please leave your reviews and let us know what do you think of CelebLotto and its services.

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