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CelebLotto Exposed — Are You Betting or Getting Tickets Online?

CelebLotto Review

Looking at CelebLotto.com, things got weirder and weird the more I dived into the small print. On the fact of their website, they refer to a different company and the fact that they do not actually buy tickets and this is a betting site. But diving into their terms and conditions they are buying tickets. It really couldn’t get any weirder – or could it?

Games at CelebLotto.com

There are 20 lottery games available for players, including the usual US Powerball and EuroMillions, down to some of the more obscure lotteries like Polish Mini Lotto. Players can play for 1 draw, 1 or 2 weeks of draws or 1 month (based on four weeks). Players can also play 1 ticket or more. CelebLotto also offers Lotería Nacional twice a week, Spain’s raffle. This is particularly attractive as the winning numbers are drawn from the sold tickets – so all prizes are won.

What Do You Win?

It appears that players win the value officially published by each lotto’s prize tier. The only problem is, I can’t quite figure out whether this is from betting on the numbers or purchasing tickets. On the face of their web page, they say they do not buy tickets but in their terms and conditions, they say they do.

Getting Your Winnings

CelebLotto.com will pay winnings under €10,000 directly to your account. For winnings over €10,000, players will have to go the country and present the winning ticket personally to collect your winnings. They will help make the travel arrangements. If they pay in a current that is different from what you won, besides the transfer free they add a 2.5% administration fee.

CelebLotto.com and Who Can Play?

Upfront they say US residents cannot play. Other than that, CelebLotto is open to anyone 18 years or older. You do have to provide a heap of personal data to register but that seems to become pretty standard.

Who Is CelebLotto?

On CelebLotto.com’s front page, they say that they are operated by PLAYLOT.TO LIMITED “trading as CelebLotto”. Then they say that AllTheBestLottos.com is “not an official lottery operator” but take bets on official lotteries for you. Okay, who the heck is AllTheBestLotos.com and why are they noted on the face of their website. Worse – at this point PLAYLOT.TO LIMITED has a snail mail address in Chester. Jump to their about site and suddenly PLAYLOT.TO LIMITED is the operate registered address is now in Birmingham. Okay – it gets worse. Go into their terms and conditions and “Who We Are” is now GIANT MARKETING S.L., registered in Barcelona. GIANT MARKETING S.L. operates AllTheBestLottos.com. So who exactly is CelebLotto?

Talking to CelebLotto.com

Besides the snail mail addresses offered, there is an email address and phone number for Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. There is no information on their official office hours and/or how long it takes to hear back from them.

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CelebLotto and the Bottom Line

Even putting aside the mix up on who these guys really are, CelebLotto.com lost me with the whole is it betting or is it purchasing tickets. I guess the mix up could be the fact that they simply mixed up their info from their AllTheBestLottos.com site when they created this new one. Or maybe CelebLotto is supposed to be the mirror image but betting instead of purchasing tickets.


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Is it Betting or Purchasing Lottery Tickets Online?

Who Is CelebLotto?

This site gets a clear thumb’s down. Who an online provider is and the terms and conditions are basic information that is key to playing confidently.

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