Can’t Find a Boyfriend? Use Your Lottery Millions to Pay for One Like Jane Park

Jane Park Is Looking to Buy a Boyfriend

Heard of Jane Park? She is an example of everything you shouldn’t do after winning the lottery.

Jane Park, a lottery winner that the world learned about in 2013, became rich at the very tender age of 17. Just like any other teenager, Jane splurged on insane luxuries and things because of… well, we don’t know why but the story is more than predictable. She spent on breast enhancement surgeries, cosmetic procedures, luxury handbags, and other essential life necessities.

With time, however, Jane understood a hard lesson – money can’t buy you happiness. She went through a string of bad relationships; she lost her job and most of her cash. Eventually, Jane blamed the lottery for everything wrong in her life. How convenient, right?

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Well, the story doesn’t end there.

Today, Jane still seems to be somewhat bitter and dissatisfied with life. Her relationship status hasn’t improved either. In November 2018, Jane made the headlines once again. She came up with an innovative method for finding love. Is this one going to be efficient? We leave you to be the judge of that.

Jane Park a New Lottery Millionaire

Cash for a Boyfriend

Jane is still looking for a boyfriend. She has gotten to be way too desperate because of her relationship failures. Thus, Jane is offering cold, hard cash to anyone who may be willing to share their lives with her.

The 23-year-old has announced that she will be launching a “find Jane a boyfriend” website. The online platform provides potential suitors with an easy opportunity to apply for the position and eventually win young Jane’s affection.

Do you want to know what the deal is? Well, the guy who wins the contest and becomes Jane’s boyfriend will be provided with a 107,000-dollar annual allowance.

Jane has been known to complain in the past that men weren’t interested in her, they simply wanted to get a bit of the lotto jackpot. We’re not exactly sure how her new dating approach is going to attract the right men who aren’t greedy at all.

Information on the new Jane venture was first released in The Mirror. The report stated that Jane had designed a thorough and complicated process for vetting out the applicants. Men who want to win the heart of our fair lady will have to pass through an interview process that will be televised and broadcast in a documentary series. Now, who wouldn’t want to court a woman this way? Do you see any gaps in Jane’s strategy?

An anonymous source told The Mirror that Jane has a lot to give and she’s a loving person who has found herself in one bad relationship after the other. These disappointments have made Jane much more cautious and more willing to have her entire dating life out in the open.

How Jane Park changed in time

Can You Buy Loyalty?

The aim of Jane Park from the UK is to ensure loyalty and stability in a future relationship. The former lottery winner has confirmed that she has never been sure in her past affairs. It wasn’t clear whether the men were interested in her or the fame and fortune she had.

As a result, Jane is now ready to pay for loyalty.

It’s not exactly clear how this experiment is going to be different from what Jane has already been through. Many of her past relationships were highly public. She dated X Factor finalist Sam Callahan and footballer Jordan Piggot. In 2016, Jane Park made headlines once again by dumping Mark Scales and telling the entire world he had only been using her for money.

Jane told the media that she would spend a lot of money on gifts for her love. Mark got Rolex watches and other lavish gifts. He never landed a job, and he used Jane for money, an interview she gave shortly after the breakup claims.

Later during the same year, Jane started dating again. Her new boyfriend had to follow a long and strict list of rules that Jane… you guessed it… made public once again.

The list quickly went viral because of just how ludicrous it was. In it, Jane’s new crush was supposed to avoid eye contact with other women at all costs. After going on a trip, the boyfriend was also to do a drug test and submit his smartphone for a thorough Jane inspection.

Jane’s insecurities became even more apparent when she had a custom-made t-shirt printed for her boyfriend. The t-shirt featured a photo of the couple and a menacing text underneath: “If you are reading this, you are too close to my boyfriend.”

Jane Park, Lottery Winner

You Can’t Always Have What You Want

Multiple times, Jane Park – the UK infamous lottery winner – had said that her life was much better before she won the lottery. Even though she was earning a minimum wage, Jane claimed she was a lot more content with what she had.

Regardless of the fact the lottery offered her ongoing financial support, Jane decided to live a luxurious life. As a young person, she quickly becomes confused and dissatisfied with the empty luxuries that couldn’t give her happiness or the human connection that she craved so much.

Reports suggest that so far, Jane has spent over 84,000 dollars on cosmetic surgeries and procedures in an attempt to enhance her appearance (and potentially catch the interest of a great gentleman?).

It’s still not clear how her latest experiment is going to unfold and whether it’s going to bring Jane happiness. Can you put a price tag on love? Is this the right stimulus to offer someone for companionship and loyalty? We don’t know, and it seems that Jane doesn’t have the answer yet either.

An article published in The Sun suggests that Jane has already gotten dozens of applications from eager gentlemen willing to win her heart. There have been applicants from the US, Germany, Egypt, and numerous other countries. Jane’s Instagram doubled in followers since the announcement and men are giving her the sweet promises she wants.

Whatever happens, we wish Jane a lot of luck in love. We hope that the dating experiment will turn out great and even if it doesn’t – she has her reality show already planned to trace the results of the dating applications. Hopefully, it’s a win-win situation for Jane, and she finally acquires the peace of mind that will make her content with life.

  1. I don’t know why u do like that but this is not a good way to search for a good boyfriend. A true lover does not want anything in love. Love always needs love or care of a partner. So think again.

  2. Hello Jane, you are so beautiful.
    You need boyfriend with true love.
    True love needn’t money.
    Please keep away the money from true love and true relationship.
    I am suggesting you choose someone who really cries for you and you spend some time with him to take some decision in your love life.

  3. Love always starts from the heart, not from money and your money is not higher from true love so plz think about an only real lover who can give you love without money or other things but love always true …money is not the value of true love

    But I like ur thought its really so funny

  4. Dear,
    jane park I want to marry you.. I don’t want your property … You will give your property to your country govt… I proud to be Indian ….

  5. People want only two things one is the money and 2nd is the hot gf so 70 % love is fake

  6. Dear Jane u r so beautiful but many people want with u relationship because u r rich and he takes advantage and he will cheat u I know in this word 50% guys are lie and cheat but 50% guy is innocent. I don’t like ur money I like just only a nature and behavior and beautiful heart I am searching for this type of girl but I don know when she meet so I told u only one thing I want my whole life spend with a beautiful heart girl.only for this reason u can choose me but I don’t like yr money I just like on u

  7. Nothing…because here is everyone only for her money and they all are liers truly be faithfull friends for someone not for money name is aakash and i dont love u or like u jene because untill i know how can i say these types of cheaps things…so be carefull dear all are here is only cheater tk cr buyyy…

  8. Dear
    jene park
    You are choose to me for your long time partner
    Our partnership never end in this life and you to grant me. I’m a belong to a middle class family i like you jene. i shall always keep to your hapiness and care all time
    Jene you are very beautiful girl and
    I am not want pound
    I am only want to your love and keep your smile

  9. Dear jene i listen on internet about I request to you
    You are choose to me for your long time partner
    Our partnership never end in this life and you to grant me. I’m a belong to a middle class family i like you jene. i shall always keep to your hapiness and care all time
    Jene you are very beautiful girl and
    I am not want pound
    I am only want to your love and keep your smile
    I am Indian

  10. She is so cute and sweet, how can anyone cheats her, I would like to be her friend if possible…

  11. I think she’s a good heart and I would like to chat with her if that possible


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