Calgary Hospital Home Lottery

Calgary Hospital Home Lottery

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Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Exposed — Be a Good Citizen and Win a Mansion if You’re Lucky

Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Review

Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Review

What does the house of your dreams look like? If you imagine a 2.6-million-dollar mansion (that’s oddly specific but good for you!) that you cannot afford, we may have some good news for you.

The Calgary Hospital Home Lottery allows you to win just that. The top prize is a luxurious property in Alberta that looks like something out of the rich and the famous lives. Apart from the house, the lottery distributes about 2,500 other prizes also worth checking out. And to top it all off, you’ll be supporting a charitable cause by joining the annual event.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s look a bit deeper into the Hospital Home Lottery of Calgary to make sure it’s legit (because right now, things sound too good to be true, and we have to make sure they’re real).

Home Hospital Lottery Calgary: A Quick Overview

The Calgary Home Hospital Lottery isn’t a unique concept. Numerous charitable and non-profit organizations from different parts of the world use such formats to generate enough funds for their activities or research. In most cases, prizes that people win come in properties, vehicles, electronics, and other valuables.

The Calgary Hospital Home Lottery uses a similar principle. It incentivizes participation through the provision of expensive rewards that most people would never be capable of affording.

The beauty of this concept is that the entire endeavor is self-funded. Money generated through ticket sales is used both for the acquisition of the prizes and for healthcare support. It’s a 50-50 split. At a time when healthcare matters more than it has ever before, participating in such a lottery seems like a wonderful idea. Luckily, all research suggests that the Calgary Hospital lottery is entirely legit and worth checking out.

Is Calgary Hospital Home Lottery a Scam?

Let’s answer the most important question first – no, the Calgary Hospital Home Lottery is not a scam.

The entity behind this game of luck is the Calgary Health Foundation. This philanthropic organization was set up in 1996 to bring donors and hospitals together through effective fundraising efforts. Lotteries are one of the opportunities that make such “connections” easier.

For its over 25 years of existence, the Calgary Health Foundation has raised more than 528 million dollars to support health care locally. That’s pretty impressive, and you can discover detailed reports about its activities on the organization’s official website.

Information about the home lottery is also readily available. It is so popular that very often, the tickets sell out long before the annual deadline. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel good about supporting a beneficial societal cause and winning amazing prizes simultaneously?

How to Play the Calgary Hospital Health Lottery

Luckily, the Calgary Lottery Health Lottery is super easy to play. All you have to know is when is the Calgary Hospital Home Lottery draw and when ticket sales are discontinued. By marking the dates on your calendar, you’ll make sure that you’re not going to miss such a marvelous opportunity.

There are a few important ticket sales deadlines to keep in mind.

The first one is the early bird ticket sales deadline. In 2021, the deadline fell on October 29. Do understand, however, that the date is provisional, and it changes each year.  VIP ticket sales are discontinued on August 27; bonus ticket sales end on October 1. The final ticket sales deadline for 2021 is on November 19, and the annual drawing is scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 3, 2021.

More information about the difference between the ticket varieties is readily available on the lottery’s website. Essentially, each variety entitles you to a specific set of prizes.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of participation.

A   single ticket in the home lottery costs 100 dollars. You may feel that’s a bit costly, but annual lotteries organized by charitable organizations usually have more expensive tickets than regular lottos. The higher price tag allows for the provision of luxurious rewards, and it also enables the generation of sufficient funds for whatever cause is being supported.

There are also three-packs, five-packs, 10-packs, mega and max ticket packs that make an individual entry into the lottery more affordable. As the cost could change from one year to another, check out the information on the lottery’s website.

Calgary Home Hospital Lottery Prizes and Odds

Here’s the most enticing part of playing the Calgary Hospital Home Lottery. There are numerous amazing prizes most definitely worth bringing into your life.

The grand prize is a 2.6-million-dollar mansion. On top of that, the winner will get 250,000 dollars in cash. The property itself is custom-built and offers a panoramic view of the Bow River valley. One lucky winner will get over 5,900 square feet of fully furnished living space and a 450-square-foot outdoor space.

And that’s not all! The early bird prizes are also very cool. These include a Canmore luxury condo worth 800,000 dollars, a car, and cash rewards.

Other prizes in the lottery include (but are not limited to) vehicles (or you can take a cash prize instead of the car), vacations, cash prizes, Apple gadgets, furniture, home accessories, and various others.

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Some Information for Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Winners

Tickets are provided as they’re being advertised. Only the ones officially announced to be replaceable by cash can be exchanged for money. in all other instances, the winner will have to accept the respective item or property being offered. We don’t think this is a bad thing!

For the top prize, there’s no obligation for the winner to live in the house. It can be sold (which makes it exchangeable for cash).

All winners have one year from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim. The exact claim procedure for the Calgary Hospital Home Lottery is listed online (and there’s also a hotline winners can call for more information).

In Canada, lottery prizes aren’t subjected to taxation; hurray! Winners have whatsoever no obligation to notify the authorities and pay anything for the prizes they’ve won.

Can You Play the Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Online?

Yes, you can play the Calgary Hospital Home Lottery online, but only if you’re a local. There are restrictions excluding international players from giving this game of luck a try.

All tickets have to be purchased within the boundaries of Alberta, no matter what method a player chooses. And speaking of methods – there are a few possibilities. As already mentioned, there’s online ticket buying. Calgary Hospital Home Lottery tickets can also be bought by phone and by mail.

The Bottom Line at Calgary Hospital Home Lottery

The Home Hospital Lottery in Calgary, Alberta, can have life-changing consequences. And it doesn’t impact just the people who play and could potentially win amazing prizes. It also affects everyone in the province due to the fundraising mission at the heart of this project.

Based on our research, we have concluded the lottery’s legit and very exciting. It does have a few shortcomings, but they don’t interfere with the quality of the game or the player’s experience.

We’ve summarized its pros and cons to help you make up your mind about the hospital lotto.


The lottery is organized by a charitable entity that’s been around for more than two decades

It generates funds for better healthcare provision in Alberta

The top prize is a multi-million-dollar mansion

Apart from the top prize, there are over 2,500 other rewards to be won

For some of the prizes, players can choose between a luxurious item and a cash

Ticket buying is possible online, by phone, or by mail

In Canada, lottery prizes aren’t taxable


Only people on the territory of Alberta can play

There’s only one drawing per year

A single ticket is going to cost you 100 dollars

Tickets often sell out way before the deadline

The idea behind this lottery is great, and the execution’s also worth checking out. So, if you have 100 dollars to spare and you’d like to support Calgary Hospital, this lottery is a definite must-try at least once in a lifetime.

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