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BuzzLotto Exposed — Not the Usual Busy Bee Online Lottery Provider

BuzzLotto Review

Looking at (yes, there is a little bee logo in the corner), this online lottery provider looks straightforward. They offer players the option to play seven international lotteries including the big international games. Okay, so maybe the Polish Lottery does not compare to the mega jackpots like US Powerball. Let’s take a deeper look.

Games at

BuzzLotto offers online ticket sales for seven lotteries including EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, US Powerball and Mega Millions, Polish Lottery, SuperEnalotto, and UK Lottery. There is a minimum of a three ticket line purchase. There are no multi-draws or subscription options.

What Else Isn’t There?

There are no syndicates here. There isn’t a VIP club (which I actually like). There is a flat cost for buying tickets with no discounts.

Promotions on Buzz Lotto

Buried in the Terms and Conditions, they do discuss the “Welcome Bonus” and “Tell a Friend Bonus”. Both involve some sort of participation in a lottery pool which BuzzLotto will choose. There is no other information on what is in the lottery pool. The “Tell a Friend Bonus” involves you sending the details of a friend and their joining play within thirty days. and Setting up Your Account

In setting up an account, you need to send them a copy of your passport, copy of your credit card with only the last four numbers showing, current utility bill showing your name and address and – hand-on, “a signed purchase history of online transactions”. Huh… never seen that one before. Does anyone have any idea what that means?

Winning at BuzzLotto will collect your winnings for you a la a power of attorney. You agree that they can take any handling charges, fees and/or commissions (who that nasty commission word). If the official lottery requires you to pick up the prize yourself, you’re responsible for any and all costs to do so.

Getting Your Money

Minimum cash out is €5 or that value in other currencies. Clause 11.5 does say that the company does not take any commission except where it is involved in the actual transfer of your money. BuzzLotto also says that it will take 3 to 5 business days to process and then it will take up to an additional 7 days for your money to reach your account.

Who Is BuzzLotto?

This online lottery provider seems to be a partnership between Seymour B.V. out of Curaçao and Seymour Marketing Limited in the UK. There are several email addresses, an online form, a snail mail address for the UK and a UK phone number. There is no live chat. and the Bottom Line

This site is pretty straightforward, though 3 to 5 business days to ‘process’ money seems a lot. I mean, how difficult is it as long as they already have all the necessary documents. Add an additional 7 days – sorry folks, money move faster than that.


Simple & Straightforward

Flat Fee For Tickets

No Commission


Minimum 3 Ticket Purchase

No Multi-Draws or Subscriptions

Waiting for My Money

The site doesn’t get a thumbs up or thumbs down. The team agreed that they usually like more options when playing including the ability to play one single ticket line at the same time they liked the fact it doesn’t have all those multiple types of discounts so many sites offer.

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