Not Ready to Take Responsibility for Your Own Life? Blame the Lottery!

Jane Park is blaming the lottery

Are you tired of your life and annoyed all the time, regardless of the fact that you’re a lottery millionaire? Chances are that you’re not, but you get the idea. They say that money isn’t the key to happiness and various lottery winners can confirm that claim.

Few stories, however, are as outrageous as the one of Jane Park. She became a young millionaire and she’s currently blaming the lottery millions for all of her troubles.

The Making of a Young Millionaire

Jane’s story is an absolute “how not to” guide. If you ever win the lottery jackpot, you should definitely refrain from doing what this young Brit has concocted ever since she became a rich girl.

Jane Park won the lottery at the tender age of 17. In 2013, she bought her first lottery ticket and it instantly granted her a prize of one million pounds. Instead of doing something smart with the money, however, our young protagonist started splurging on the most insane things.

For a start, young Jane decided that she wasn’t sufficiently endowed by nature and she underwent a breast enhancement. Going up to a 36FF didn’t seem to be enough and Jane subjected herself to a range of additional cosmetic procedures, including Botox injections (because of all those wrinkles at the age of 17) and lip fillers.

Once she was done with making herself prettier, Jane began spending on other essentials in life. Holidays across the world and a customized Range Rover (a purple one!) followed the silicone. She also got over 50 designer handbags, going on extensive shopping sprees regularly. Eventually, Jane bought two properties and started considering herself a developer. You may think this was a move in the right direction, but unfortunately, you’re wrong.

Things Start Going South

In time, Jane realized that money couldn’t buy her happiness, respect or love. She had problems with multiple boyfriends who apparently were not interested in her bubbly personality but rather – her cash.

In multiple interviews, Jane said that winning the lottery was one of the worst things that have happened to her. “I thought it would make [my life] ten times better, but it’s made it ten times worse,” is just one of the popular quotes that multiple media have shared ever since Jane made her announcement about being a particularly displeased millionaire.

Jane has even gone as far as saying that her life would have been much better had she not won the millions. She reported feeling lonely a lot of the time due to the fact that men aren’t really interested in getting to know her and her relationships fail.

Prior to winning the lottery, Jane worked in administration and earned eight pounds per hour. A report in the Daily Mail states that she’s currently gone back to the simple life, working in a fish and chips shop. Jane blames all of her troubles on the lottery and the fact that she was so young when she won.

Jane Park

Is Jane Suing the Lottery?

In February 2017, Jane made the shocking announcement that she was going to sue the lottery for ruining her life. That’s right, kids, a millionaire planned to take legal action against the entity that made her a millionaire.

Britain’s youngest millionaire has announced that legal actions would be based on negligence due to the fact that she was sold a ticket at a very young age. After the initial statement, however, Jane has backtracked, saying that she isn’t going to pursue legal action, but that she’s rather making a statement about irresponsible lottery ticket selling.

According to a report published in The Independent, Jane had solely spoken to an attorney because she was in need of legal advice. She also said that the extensive media coverage has made it unnecessary to pursue further legal action. People have been warned of the dangers due to the fact that her story has gotten so much publicity. “I feel like I have been listened to now and people are actually listening to the difficulties,” miss Park has concluded thoughtfully.

Since 16 is too early to win, especially if you don’t have guidance, Jane believes that the legal age for the purchase of lottery tickets in the UK should be increased to 18. While she does make some good points, Jane has refused to take any responsibility for her own behavior. This is the main reason why her recent proclamations have received quite a lot of criticism.

Camelot representatives (the company that Jane is eventually intending to sue) have also responded to the matter. They reported that ongoing support was offered to the young millionaire, but it’s up to the winner to decide whether to make use of such assistance.

Needless to say, suing lottery authorities would be completely pointless. Jane wasn’t forced to buy a lottery ticket and she could have used the money in a wise way, regardless of her young age. The lack of personal agency and the quick decision to throw the blame on somebody else both are at play when it comes to the disapproval for Jane and her message.

What’s the Lesson of the Story, Folks?

Winning the lottery is great! In fact, it’s a dream for millions of people across the globe. They perceive it as an opportunity to get out of misery, a chance to bring their dreams to reality and change their lives completely.

Winning a large sum of money, however, also comes with a lot of responsibility. The money can be invested wisely or it can go down the drain of wasteful and extravagant purchases. As the story of Jane shows, however, such purchases can hardly ever result in happiness.

The curse of the lottery winner is a real thing, precisely because of the fact that people don’t know what to do with so much money and they opt for foolish things. When used for good and for personal development, however, such a sum can be legitimately life-changing in a positive way.

So, it’s not the lottery’s fault that somebody is feeling down and that their life is empty. Personal agency and being responsible for one’s actions are both required. Whether you’re young or old, it’s entirely up to you to find new opportunities or splurge on superficial things that will make you feel empty inside.

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