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BEWARE – the Adrian & Gillian Bayford Scam!

Adrian & Gillian Bayford Scam

Scam Artists Use Adrian and Gillian Bayford’s EuroMillions Win Adrian & Gillian Bayford Scam

Wow! Adrian and Gillian Bayford won the EuroMillions jackpot of £148 million in August 2012. There was no question that this was a life-changing event that they said would benefit their family and friends that have supported them. But, they didn’t say anything about strangers. That’s coming later.

Arian and Gillian Email

There are some nasty people out there who are using Adrian and Gillian Bayford’s name to pull off the ole fees upfront scam. People are sending out emails that claim the Bayfords would like to share their wealth. This scam comes in the form of an email asking for your name, country, age, occupation, and phone number. They support this scam with an email link to a BBC news article announcing ‘their’ win.

Details of the Adrian Bayford Scam

It all looks very legit except when recipients look into the details. Different versions of the email can say ‘random selection was done by the legal advisers to this donation program’ or ‘your email, was given to us by Google management.’ Firstly, why would anyone just randomly select recipients when there are people in their community that could benefit? Secondly, Google does not give out email addresses.

Email Addresses for Adrian and Gillian Bayford

The other issue is that the ‘from’ address identifies one address and then the email details responding to another email address. In the one I received, the second email address used Adrian and Gillian Bayford and referenced my provider. I guess this was to make me feel more confident in the legitimacy of the email. It didn’t work!

LottoExposed alert


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Advance Fee Lottery Scam

The Adrian and Gillian Bayford scam is what is called ‘an advanced fee lottery scam.’ That means that once you send your details, the scammers will send another email claiming there are upfront payments required for legal purposes. This can include insurance, transfer and banking fees. A victim sends what seems like a small amount compared to what they are going to get – and doesn’t receive anything. This is versus the other kind of scam which is identity theft.

Is it a Scam

There are quite a few different online services that provide information on scams.,, and are just a few of the sites that you can check out scam lottery emails. If you simply want to search, open your search engine and type in the keywords (in this case the ‘Adrian and Gillian Bayford’ and ‘scam’.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

I did enjoy reading about what the Bayford’s did to celebrate their big jackpot win. They had takeaway pizzas from Dominos We all dream of winning – that’s why we play lotteries. The Bayfords did what big jackpot winners should do. This included heading up to a secluded campsite in Scotland to simply think through what they were going to do [].

The Bottom Line on the Adrian and Gillian Bayford Email Scam

If you do receive an email like this, you have two choices. You can either simply hit delete or forward it to the provider of the origin of the email address along with the properties. Whatever you do, DO NOT RESPOND TO IT!