BEWARE – the Adrian & Gillian Bayford Scam!

Adrian & Gillian Bayford Scam

Scam Artists Use Adrian and Gillian Bayford’s EuroMillions Win Adrian & Gillian Bayford Scam

Wow! Adrian and Gillian Bayford won the EuroMillions jackpot of £148 million in August 2012. There was no question that this was a life-changing event that they said would benefit their family and friends that have supported them. But, they didn’t say anything about strangers. That’s coming later.

Arian and Gillian Email

There are some nasty people out there who are using Adrian and Gillian Bayford’s names to pull off the ole fees upfront scam. People are sending out emails that claim the Bayfords would like to share their wealth. This scam comes in the form of an email asking for your name, country, age, occupation, and phone number. They support this scam with an email link to a BBC news article announcing ‘their’ win.

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Details of the Adrian Bayford Scam

It all looks very legit except when recipients look into the details. Different versions of the email can say ‘random selection was done by the legal advisers to this donation program’ or ‘your email, was given to us by Google management.’ Firstly, why would anyone just randomly select recipients when there are people in their community that could benefit? Secondly, Google does not give out email addresses.

Email Addresses for Adrian and Gillian Bayford

The other issue is that the ‘from’ address identifies one address and then the email details respond to another email address. In the one I received, the second email address used Adrian and Gillian Bayford and referenced my provider. I guess this was to make me feel more confident in the legitimacy of the email. It didn’t work!

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Advance Fee Lottery Scam

The Adrian and Gillian Bayford scam is what is called ‘an advanced fee lottery scam.’ That means that once you send your details, the scammers will send another email claiming there are upfront payments required for legal purposes. This can include insurance, transfer, and banking fees. A victim sends what seems like a small amount compared to what they are going to get – and doesn’t receive anything. This is unlike the other kind of scam which is identity theft.

Is it a Scam

There are quite a few different online services that provide information on scams.,, and are just a few of the sites where you can check out scam lottery emails. If you simply want to search, open your search engine and type in the keywords (in this case ‘Adrian and Gillian Bayford’ and ‘scam’).

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

I did enjoy reading about what the Bayfords did to celebrate their big jackpot win. They had takeaway pizzas from Dominos We all dream of winning – that’s why we play lotteries. The Bayfords did what big jackpot winners should do. This included heading up to a secluded campsite in Scotland to simply think through what they were going to do [].

The Bottom Line on the Adrian and Gillian Bayford Email Scam

If you do receive an email like this, you have two choices. You can either simply hit delete or forward it to the provider of the origin of the email address along with the properties. Whatever you do, DO NOT RESPOND TO IT!

  1. From: bayford family
    Sent: Sunday, 6 December 2020 9:05 PM
    To: Email Management Team ©2019
    Subject: Request for Follow-up of the Bank Money Fund Transfer from South Africa to Philippines

    My dear, your funds is still available all you need to pay is 600 dollar for the courier team to deliver your ATM CARD to you

  2. Dear

    I have just received your letter now, i want you to know that i am
    making this donation for you to use it to help yourself and your
    family, most especially this difficult period of time as this deadly
    virus has dominated the whole world. So i am making this donation to
    you so that you can use the money to help your family, friends,
    neigbours and the poor people on the street.

    God have really blessed me and my family by making me won this
    £148,656,000 (One Hundred and Forty Eight Million Six Hundred and
    Fifty Six Thousand Pounds), and i am giving you this $6,800,000.00USD
    (Six Million Eight Hundred Thousand US Dollars) as a token and gesture
    from me and my family, and you really have to promise me that you will
    make use of this fund judiciously.

    I and my wife deposited this $6,800,000.00USD (Six Million Eight
    Hundred Thousand US Dollars) with a security company here in London so
    that the funds can get to you right in your exact address in your country . You have to
    provide me your personal information as i have listed below herein so
    that i can forward it to the security company letting them know you
    are the beneficiary of the money so that they can start making
    preparation for paying you the sum of the amount as i mentioned above.

    1. Your complete name
    2. Your office/residence contact address
    3. Phone number
    4. Age
    5. Occupation
    6. Name of your country

    As soon as i receive these above listed information i will now forward
    it to the security company and also provide you the contact
    information of the security company where the fund is deposited so
    that they can start your fund transfer process right away. So i urge
    you to get back to me with the required information immediately.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mr. & Mrs. Bayford.

    On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 6:55 AM lazoaldrin1128 wrote:
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  3. I sent information, and I waited, but information asked did not include bank accounts etc..only name, occupation, phone number, address…

  4. I first got contacted by this scammer on an app called LiveMe, immediately I called them a scammer and they blocked my account, lucky for me I have another account, so I set up a fake email address and contacted them on my other account, they asked for my email address, and sure enough, the email I received was exactly as you had posted here. I then got a second email from a different email address, but obviously the same scammer. I wrote back and told them I will get them banned on LiveMe for scamming people, and I will notify the police, right before I said congratulations, the scammer just got scammed. They haven’t replied since.

  5. Attention: Dear Brother / Sister,

    I, Mr. Adrian Bayford who won £148,656,000.00 GBP (One Hundred and Forty Eight Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand Great Britain Pounds) on the 10th day of August 2012 from Euro Millions Lottery jackpot. My Wife and I have done lots of Charity Donations around the world, but this year beginning of 2020 we have decided to give out £500,000.00 GBP(Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds Only) each to 7(Seven) lucky people around the world.

    This is to mark New Year Windfall 2020, lucky for you; your email address was given to us by Random Internet Search as one of our lucky recipients. For verification process download this link and read about us –

    Kindly contact our pay out office in the Republic of South Africa, with your below personal details and be rest assured that they are waiting to hear from you, to enable them guide you with the releasing process immediately you receive this email.

    Full Names:
    Full Address:
    Date of Birth:
    Country of resident:
    Telephone Number:
    Mobile Number:
    Fax Number:

    Contact them at our South Africa New Year Windfall office with their below contact details for easy collection of your £500,000.00 GBP.

    Full Names: Mrs. Grace Abraham
    Position Held: Payout Manager
    Telephone Number: +27 (0) 631989476
    Fax Number: +27 (0) 86 577 0089
    Email Address :{ griversgroupscheerful @}
    Finally, do use the above information to contact them and please for GOD sake if you do not feel comfortable about this New Year Windfall from Mr. and Mrs. Bayford, delete it immediately, as our motto in this world since GOD blessed us in this manner is to help eradicate poverty in this world in our own little way.

    Thank you so much for been part of our wonderful celebration in this year 2020,


    • Hi

      I received a similar email. What happen next…

  6. I told them it’s a scam and that I will inform the authorities. They responded with if you think this is a scam then feel free to contact the authorities in your country. The telephone number is the right one for Citibank South Africa. Only thing is email addresses are different when send and they would not have an email address that says citii.bankmail @post lol. Nice try. I’ve contacted the bank as well and asked to speak with Nicolas fish.

  7. Yep me too. Received an email from Citibank South Africa asking for my bank account details – no request for upfront fees yet – I guess that’s stage 2. Nicholas Fish is the contact at Citi bank – 2 things point to scam email is Citiibankmail @ not citi and second the contact phone numbers given and not listed on the real CITI Bank Web site for South Africa.

  8. I have even been contacted by Citi Bank that is based here in the UK and asked to transfer £620 to their branch in South Africa for admin fee etc etc. for them to complete the transfer of £1.5 million Contract name is Nicholas Fish!

    R C

  9. Wouldn’t it have been lovely to be a recipient though, and that’s how they get you everyone wants money. Me a cottage by the sea, others a flash car. We all want a bit of luck. The scammers spell Adrian’s name wrongly so beware.

    There is also a tax rebate scam also watch out for that. The tax office will send official letter if you are entitled to a rebate don’t fall for this one either.

    • Too bad a response will be bad. Religion and frats based morals are now in the basket with the debased. While I would love to support religious history in GB, the island has scam like drugs from Canadian Health Network etc based in Scotland while offering fake drugs. I loved what bio Intas as one supplier claims to have done in India but what’s the use with liars taking money and leaving people scammed and in poor health. Knights of the Garter rest in peace fellahs. (The real ones are no more. Love them old Spencer kin that cannot do it all to preserve freedom and faith allowing only new problems instead.

  10. Which means I am in the same truck, I was sent an email saying you the solely one of the 5 lucky winners of our yearly donation of $2.000.000,00, all we need is your personal details to transfer your donation, and as I read then I said to myself what a day! And quickly sent my details from Angola and you would break my heart? Please life in Africa is not easy.

  11. I received multiple Email stated it from Adrian and Gillian Bayford, saying that have been selected as beneficiary of their yearly donations of £2,000,000.00, after I read the email numbers of time, so I decided to reply back with my personal information. I didn’t know it was a scam, now I am worried about it.

    Email used:
    Bank transfer:
    Fen Financial institute

    • So happy I read this before I further sent more info. What scumbags tees scammers are to imitate Adrian and Jillian.

    • Don’t worry, I just received the same email and I replied with personal info, but when I received the second email I saw you had to on a payment account lol that is when I knew it was a scam. If you ever win something, you should never have to pay to receive it, the people who send you crap like that are just scam artist. Just ignore the email an it will be fine!

  12. I received a second email (after giving my name and address only) from Adrian saying they had separated. The email didn’t ask for any money but did request that I immediately contact Barclay Wealth Investment Management. I googled that banking firm and it is a legit firm. The from address is the same as the reply to address. What should I do?

    • They sent me to Fen financial institute which is fake. Don’t do it. They will take the fees you send to set up the transfer account.

  13. Dear Victoria younger,

    How are you doing? Sorry I had sent the email for your details before I discovered you already sent it, I have already issued a letter of authorization to my financial firm regarding us appointing you as our beneficiary and you are now the sole and sole beneficiary to this fund totaling $2,000,000 USD for you and your family. As i mentioned in my previous email, I thought about this and searched over the internet for assistance because I saw your profile on Email owners list and picked you. sometimes it will be difficult for me to be on the Internet and send messages to you but do send me messages any time and as soon as the funds get to you please let me know.
    The contact details and email of the finance firm (FEN FINANCIAL INSTITUTE) is below and you have to contact them immediately via email ” ” I would have sent a phone number along but I am not sure about the number I have, if you contact them, they should be able to give you a number to reach them; as i have already issued the authority to them and they will be expecting to hear from you so that they can arrange on how the funds will be transferred to your personal account via an online bank to bank wire system, You have to provide them with every assistance the bank will need to effect the transfer to enable the funds released to you without delay. I want you to contact the finance firm stating only your full name; address and my deposit file no: DN/WF603192; For easy trace of my file.
    It is important that you “must” first open a new online payment account with the paying financial firm, before our approved $2,000,000 USD will be released to the new online bank account, then you will be provided with information/access to your new bank account online using your personal computer and other instruction which will also be sent to you via email, you will also be directed on how you can easily transfer your $2,000,000 USD from the new account to your local account within 24 hours. You only need to open an active disbursement account with the Bank to enable you personally handle the transfer of funds to your local account as I have already arranged and agreed with the management of the Bank, if you follow the instructions and communication from the finance firm within the next three (3) working days you will have the fund transferred to your account and available for use.
    Contact Email:

    The agreement/contract I signed with FEN FINANCIAL INSTITUTE. USA for the payment of your approved $2,000,000 USD. states that you will personally complete the payment of your fund through the use of a new temporal online account which you must first open with the finance firm, therefore your contact with the finance firm will only involve the opening of a new online bank payment account in your name which they will automatically credit the sum of $2,000,000 USD into the new account and immediately you will be provided the account ownership information and instructions on how you can access your new account from their online database and personally execute the bank to bank wire payment transfer of your funds to your own local account within 24 Hours. This is FEN FINANCIAL INSTITUTE Electronic banking policy, so you should be ready to open an account with them upon your contact.
    I wish you and your family the best, the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.
    Hope to hear from you after you contact with the bank, Good luck.

    Adrian Bayford

  14. This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be.

    Gillian and I won Jackpot Lottery on the 10/08/2012, and we did lots of charity donation before we divorced, Since we both separated, I decided to continue with this charity and am donating 2,000,000USD each to 5 lucky people this Month, Lucky for you, your email address was given to me by random internet search as One of the lucky recipients.

    Contact me on ( For More Info.

    Adrian Bayford.

    • Lol, this is really funny 🙂

  15. I don’t know what to do, I sent all my info to they also said that I may contact Mr stephen Munoz who I did email before I sent my details and he confirmed that it is not fraudulent and I may send all my details. Please advise, I am really scared now.

    • I didn’t know who to send those messages I received from Adrian and Gillian Bayford, so I posted them on here and just like Natalie I gave my home address and phone number and don’t know what to do a little worried…

      • Do not reply to these emails. NEVER. In the next letter, he will require you to pay some fees before you can get the money. Please follow our publications Lottery Scams Exposed.

  16. Mr Gillian and Adrian Bayford give me a grant donation, but I want if this true, that’s why check my internet if is true or scam. Thank you for the information!

  17. Thanks for your article its unfortunate i got scammed but luckily i did not pay their required amount. However i am worried about my personal details. People should know about these scammers, taking advantage of someones misfortunes is not right. Please let people know.

  18. It’s interesting that the of 3 lottos you recommend, I would not use any. Playhuge charge 10% (rip off) of a jackpot win. The only service that I know that does. Even though their service is no different than any other. The Lotter and Wintrillions will not let you buy a single ticket. The Lotter demands 5 and Wintrillions seems to need a full month. So I have to wonder why you push them when all I want is to be able to play a single Powerball or Megamillions when and only when the jackpot climbs into a level I like to start playing at.

    • Dear Ron,
      First of all, thanks for your comment. Secondly, we approved these agents because of their low complaint rate. This is crucial! We have a bunch of reviewed ticket sellers besides those three. Check them out, I believe you’ll find something worth your attention. Daisy


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