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Betfred Exposed — A Chance to Win by Picking Only 5 Numbers!?

Betfred Review

Call me conservative, but when I play online lotteries, I’m after that big jackpot. I’m not there to bet. offers a chance to win with only picking the correct 5 numbers for any lottery including those that play 6 and 7 numbers. It is a betting site that uses official international lottery numbers and not a place to purchase lottery tickets online.

How Betfred Lotto Betting Works uses existing international lotteries for people to make bets on. Players choose five numbers they think are going to be drawn irrespective of how many balls are part of the actual lottery. Winning pays out for five tiers starting at one correct ball up to five correct balls. How much can be won on each tier depends on your ‘stake’. As an example, with EuroMillions, if your stake is €1, then the top prize of nailing 5 correct balls is €150,000. But if a player bets €2, then the top prize would be €300,000. These folks are not buying lottery tickets, but paying out against players betting on the numbers that will be drawn. This is for single betting. Then there is the option to do multiples which gets a whole lot more complicated in the different combinations that can be played. Including the bonus ball option decreases the levels of wins.

Hang On –’s FAQs

According to the FAQs, the maximum payout to any one customer is limited depending on the lottery. This means that though a player might increase a specific stake if a player gets all 5 balls correct within the lottery number drawn, there is a maximum that can be won which is not reflected in the amount identified at the time of placing the stake amount in.

Games at accepts bets on the EuroMillions, 49’s, UK, Irish, Canadian, Spanish, German, Greek, and other lotteries. Each lottery has its own scale of wins and pays in the currency of the draw.

Betfred’s Betting Bonus Bonanza

“Fred” also offers a Betting Bonus Bonanza of betting on the bonus ball in different lotteries including the actual bonus number, odd or even, the color of the bonus ball, the total sum of the numbers drawn, the color of the first ball drawn and other combinations. I think I’ll stick to good old fashioned online lottery tickets.

Winning at

There is a lot of information in the terms and conditions on what can do with people’s winnings and very little information on how a player can withdraw winnings from their account. Currencies

All transactions at use US Dollars, Euro and UK Pounds. Accounts can be set up (and winnings received) through Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, bank transfer and checks. They also advertise Ukash, Skrill, and Maestro on their website, but when a player gets into the nitty-gritty, they don’t show as available. Maybe these are reserved for horse racing and other sports betting.

Who Can Play at

Players at must be of legal age (18 years or older) and not a resident of Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Kyrgyz Republic, Estonia or the United States of America and its territories.

What Else at Betfred also offers Sportsbook (football and horse betting), Euro 2012, casino games, poker, skill games, bingo, virtual and live casino. They also added slots. Some of their games involve downloading and some are played live.’s Customer Service

Besides a whole bunch of different email addresses plus a snail mail address in Gibraltar, these guys have live chat 24/7. The only issue is, they don’t seem to be able to answer questions immediately and have to refer back to ‘their traders’. Further, they also wanted my user name, date of birth, full name and security question before answering any questions. This was rather frustrating given the questions I wanted to ask directly related to whether or not I would play on this site. They finally did answer my questions, though it took a great deal of time.

Who is is owned by Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited and is registered in Gibraltar, regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. I was advised by live chat that there is actually a Fred though she wouldn’t give me any particular details. I finally was advised that ‘Fred’ is the name of one of their co-founders, Fred Done.

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The Bottom Line

This is a betting site that should keep horse racing and other casino games. Their betting on lotteries looks a little questionable though we were not able to confirm any complaints from anyone.


Different Options to Win

Different Games to Play


Where Is My Lottery Ticket

No Big Jackpot

Who’s Fred

Playing online lotteries is fun and I think has taken it all a little too far. This is a private company that is really a casino. For playing online lotteries, this site gets a thumbs down.

  1. I find it all quite easy to bet on, don’t know what all the fuss is about!

  2. I don’t know about this betting thing – especially to win bits and pieces versus that mega jackpot I’m going for (and it will happen to me!). I guess the probability odds increase with only having to pick 5 numbers versus the 6 I need for my favorite lottery – then again, I haven’t managed 5 numbers so far. Definitely, I’ll stick to my regular site.

  3. In shop bingo run all day. Its well rigged. It says no more bets with 5 seconds to go and draw commences 2 seconds after. As its on kind of tote slip. So think about this. If the main frame of the Dole can organise payments to 500,000 bank accounts nationwide in a millisecond. Then in 7 seconds it can sort out lets says 20,000 combination of bingo numbers.

    it should be called RIGGED 6 BINGO.


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