People Hating on You? Here Are the Best Ways to Turn That Negative Energy into Winning the Lottery

The Best Ways to Turn That Negative Energy into Winning the Lottery

Fuck the Haters, Let’s Move to Winning the Lottery

In order to value something and respect you first must take a look at it inside out. Experience that action or get to know one person before you can truly judge that hobby or that person. In reality, people jump to premature conclusions all the time. I myself was like this back in the day. As a lottery player, I was bad-mouthed before even by my own friends on a few occasions. Nevertheless, I persevered and I managed to cope with that negative energy. In fact, I found a few ways to channel that energy as it is in my lottery play. You’ll be surprised how good I felt in the early stages. Soon after that I just didn’t care. People can hate you because you’re successful, but they can hate you just because you’re doing something they don’t understand and they don’t want to do. So don’t try to explain yourself to them. It’s futile, believe me. I don’t want to take much of your time, so let’s get to business.

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Don’t Take It As a Negative Occurrence – Consider it as Attention Only

I’m doing this in other areas of my life, not just the lottery. Winning the lottery may take a lot of time. During this period you’ll stumble upon all kinds of people. The ones we take a look at today are the bad ones of the worst kind, people who don’t mind their own business and try to demotivate others. I’m 100% positive that by now you have and you probably didn’t have and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Instead of accepting that negative energy, you should try to transform it. It still is energy; it can’t be lost or nullified. Let this energy be candy for your soul and your ego. Let’s face it, they showed you attention and attention only, right? We’re starting to get along pretty well already.

This negative energy may not affect you in the short run, but it will and I repeat it will affect your play style in the long term. That’s why it’s best for you to learn to ignore the negativity they show. Don’t avoid these people. After all, the lottery is not the only important thing in your life. This can be your neighbor, your friend, or even some of your relatives. Instead of running away from your problems, deal with them.


Let That Energy Turn into Motivation – Become Stubborn

Winning the lottery takes dedication, perseverance, and a lot of patience. At some point, you’ll need a fresh source of motivation to go on and keep playing. They say what comes easy is rarely valuable and we always value things that we put effort to achieve.

There comes a time in life when you need to get mad. Not because you want to, but because you have to. If you have someone close that’s always getting you down and telling you that winning the lottery can be your dream only I guess it’s time to get mad. Become stubborn and use this new energy, the will to win the lottery. But instead of feeling down, pick up the pace and analyze more, research more, and come up with a new strategy why not even buy an extra ticket or two if your lottery budget can afford it? At the end of the day, you will be the winner. They will just bite your dust.

Confront Them by Asking Them One Question Only – Why?

Now, this is my favorite. Since some of these people were actually my friends I felt comfortable having a chat with them on this topic. I was just repeating one question “Why do you hate ME playing the lottery?” On a few occasions, my friend cracked. He quit. To be honest, this wasn’t my intention, but it turned out better than I expected. He had a short fuse and all he wanted to do is provoke me and start a “cheesy” argument. I like lotteries, and winning the lottery has been my dream for ages. I wouldn’t fall down on my knees and quit just because one of my friends doesn’t like what I’m doing. I’m not interfering with his matters and I don’t expect him to interfere with mine. By asking them, “Why” in this state of anger, you’ll learn a lot from them. They might reveal their true feelings, intentions, and views regarding you. It’s a great opportunity! If you’re a light-hearted person you’ll have a great time! At least I did!

Your Last Resort – Ignore Them, Avoid Them, Delete Them from Your Life

This is the bottom line. It can’t get more extreme than this. However, I do not recommend this course of action as you can be sorry later down the road. Then again, there are situations when this is necessary. For example, if they bad mouth you in front of other people stressing how you play the lottery. This, my good friend, is humiliation. You don’t deserve this treatment, nobody does. Cut them loose. Let them go. You are much worthier than they think you are. If they don’t respect you and what you like most they obviously don’t deserve your presence. If it’s some random friend of yours don’t despair. There are billions of people and believe me the majority of them would support you in winning the lottery.

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