Best Pick Lottery Software

Best Pick Lottery Software

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Price: Subscription-based per month (prices vary depending on the package you choose)
Trial: No
Guarantee: A five-drawing money-back guarantee
Description: This is software tailored to increase your odds of winning multiple lottery games – Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, Powerball and Mega Millions.

Best Pick Lottery Software Exposed — Yet Another Lottery Number Predictor

Best Pick Lottery Software Exposed

Best Pick Lottery Software Review

How do you choose lottery numbers? Is there a way to increase your odds of winning? The creators of Best Pick Lottery Software believe there is. This isn’t a single product, in fact, multiple software packages are available for the fans of different US lotto games.  To determine if these are effective, however, it’s important to take a closer look at what Best Pick Lottery Software is and how it works.

Is TheLotter legit? Can software help you win a lottery on this lottery service?

What Is Best Pick Lottery Software and What Does It Do?

The developers of Best Pick Lottery Software promise you that with this product, your odds of winning a lottery prize are one in five. Best Pick Lottery Software actually consists of different kits you can apply to the game that you like the most – Pick 3, 4, 5, or 6, US Powerball, or Mega Millions.

There are separate order pages for each one of the games. The price of the respective package will also vary. The more popular options like Powerball and Mega Millions come with a higher price tag than the other games.

To use the software, you simply have to choose your game and budget. Based on this information, you’ll be provided with a number of suggestions that are supposed to enhance your odds of winning significantly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of your software package will depend on the game you have chosen and the time period you’re paying for.

Mega Millions and Powerball packages come at the same price. If you buy the product for six months, you’ll have to pay 14.95 dollars. The two-year subscription is worth 19.95 dollars. There’s also a lifetime subscription option that will cost you 29.95 dollars.

Currently, the Pick 3 system is advertised as being available free of charge (that’s a limited-time offer, however). The Pick 4 and 5 software packages are available as follows: 9.95 dollars for a six-month subscription, 14.95 dollars for a two-year subscription, and 24.95 dollars for a lifetime subscription.

The website also offers combined packages. If you get Powerball and Pick 3, 4, or 5, there will be a 60 percent discount.  The Powerball and Mega Millions combo packages are available with a 65 percent discount (in comparison to what you’ll have to spend if you get each of the software products individually).

If you choose to get all of the software packages, the cost will be 29.95 dollars for six months, 39.95 dollars for two years, or 79.95 dollars for a lifetime subscription.

Best Pick Lottery Software does feature a money-back guarantee. Use the software for five consecutive drawings within a 30-day period and if you do not win anything, you will be issued a complete refund.

How Does Best Pick Lottery Software Work?

This is a system that’s obviously based on previous drawing analysis and hot/cold numbers.

Best Pick Lottery Software eliminates the need of having to go through past results, which can be laborious and cumbersome. Some people have been known to draw extensive graphs and make spreadsheets for the purpose of identifying the numbers that increase the odds of winning.

This software does more or less the same thing. The interface, however, is more user-friendly. If you do not have experience with statistics and you’re making your first experiments in the world of hot and cold numbers, chances are that this product will come in handy.

Now keep in mind that the maker of the software does not make an explicit and straightforward statement about the methodology being utilized. Hot and cold number selection is our informed guess because there are dozens of similar software products out there and all of them employ the same logic.

Terms and Conditions

As already mentioned, Best Pick Lottery Software is covered by a money-back guarantee. You can get a refund if you don’t win after playing five games. To meet the conditions, however, these games have to be consecutive and occur over the course of 30 days.

To qualify for the money-back guarantee, you will also be asked to show proof of play – save copies of your tickets! Technical issues with using the software do not qualify the buyer for a refund.

On occasion, there are discount coupons available that can be applied to the purchase of the software system. You will have to check the Best Pick Lottery Software website on a regular basis to find out if such a price reduction option is currently available.

Payments are processed via PayPal. When you choose the package that you’re interested in, you will be referred automatically to the PayPal website.

Who Is Behind Best Pick Lottery Software?

This is where things become a bit more questionable. The Best Pick Lottery Software website features an About Me page that’s supposed to shed more light on who the author of the product is. The page, however, provides you solely with a first name – Biagio.

That’s not entirely correct, though, Biagio also has his picture there. While it’s a nice and smiley pick, it doesn’t provide a lot of additional information on top of what we already know about the author (absolutely nothing).

Biagio tells us that he began developing lottery systems back in college. Ten years later, he’s still doing the same thing and he’s charging money for it.

There are no qualifications, no information about winning the lottery, and testing of the effectiveness of the system. Even after extensive research, it was also impossible to find information from someone who bought Best Pick Lottery Software and won. Thus, despite the great money-back guarantee, there are still many questions about the product and its author – questions that remain without an answer for the time being.

Why You Should Register with Best Pick Lottery


Money-back guarantee

Not too pricey

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Best Pick Lottery


No evidence of winners

Would you mind rating Best Pick Lottery Software?

Is Best Pick Lottery Legit?

For some people, Best Pick Lottery Software could actually work. These are newbies and those who don’t want to bother with learning about hot and cold numbers. If you are one of these people, however, you should still be skeptical. Biagio doesn’t reveal any information about the drawing results on his system is based on. Are they recent, or are they old? When was the last time that the methodology was updated? Without an answer to these questions, it’s impossible to predict whether Best Pick Lottery Software is going to accomplish anything.

Since there is a money-back guarantee, you may want to test out the program. Make sure that you understand the conditions, however, because you’ll otherwise end up without a refund and with a software product that you don’t particularly like.

Best Pick Lottery Software doesn’t offer anything new or revolutionary. In addition, there is no information about its effectiveness (if there are winners who won using this product, they are incredibly shy!). Do yourself a favor and save your money or invest some cash in lottery tickets. Best Pick Lottery Software gets a 4 out of 10 stars rating.


  1. Do not take part in this software system is totally useless, a big waste of time and money.

  2. I purchased the lifetime program for the 3 big systems several years ago. Never won anything with it. Have not been able to log in for the past 3 years.

    • I did the same thing. Bought a lifetime subscription for the big 3. Haven’t been able to gain access to their website, nor login for 3 years. Is there a way to get a refund?

  3. Not very good and website doesn’t always work

  4. I purchased the whole program a few years ago and I hit once on it for $500.00. Been using it since but I have not hit anything else since then I don’t think it works well like all the rest.


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