BBC Lottery Scam is Intended to Deprive You of Your Hard Earned Money. Think About It!

BBC Lottery Scam

There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

I wish I could tell you that there isn’t a single person alive that will ever fall for lottery scams. I mean, come on! They are obviously a fraud, especially if they announce that you are a winner by email or worse yet, by SMS text message! Really? You’re supposed to be a respectable company, and you use a text message to tell me that I have won millions? Get out of here.

Is 24Lottos legit? Should you trust it?

Well… That isn’t the case this time. The latest scam to claim a victim is the BBC Lottery. Now with a well-known name like the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), you probably wouldn’t think twice when you receive a notification from them. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the BBC is not behind this, even though they do broadcast National Lottery draws on their networks. And it is because the BBC does show the National Lottery draws on their network, many people in the UK associate the two together.

Tried and True Formula for a Scam

The BBC Lottery Scam follows the Nigerian-Prince scam—which means the poor sucker was sent a notification (usually email) stating they won a large amount of money and they have to send over some sort of personal information and/or money that will cover any “taxes”. Once you wire them the money, they will release your winnings. The same old lies all wrapped up under a different name.

The Newest Sucker Is…

A man living in India (yes, India) is the latest to fall for a lottery scam. This particular scam was initiated by an SMS text message and it was sent to him two years ago. The text message asked him to send over his personal details so that he could claim his winnings. Yes, TEXT over his information. Sounds totally legit right?

The man stated that he knew many people who received the same message, but they simply deleted the message. Ever the optimist, the man in question spoke to the scammers and gave them the information they requested. You know, information like his full name, bank details, and other things should be kept private. The scammers asked the guy to deposit Rs 12,000 into an RBI bank account. Once he did this, the winnings would be released. Since the poor guy was… Well, poor and unemployed, he couldn’t make the deposit.

During the course of two years, the guy made calls and sent letters to the BBC, begging for them to release his winnings. He ultimately went to the head office for the BBC in Delhi to see if there was a check in his name. He traveled 1,000 miles only to find out he was a victim of a scam.

And Today’s Lesson is?

There are several lessons to be learned from this Indian victim’s story.

    1. The BBC does not host a lottery, they only broadcast the National Lottery Draws. If you receive a notification from a BBC Lottery, it is a scam!
    2. Never ever give out your personal information, especially if you have someone requesting it via SMS text message!
    3. If you’re ever asked to make a deposit of some kind in order to receive “winnings”, it’s not legit.

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