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Baloto Colombia

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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Wed., Sat.
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Odds of Winning: 1 in 15,401,568

Baloto Colombia Exposed — Cool Odds, How about the Jackpot?

Baloto Colombia Exposed

Baloto Colombia Review

Colombia isn’t just the land of a thousand rhythms and delicious coffee. International lottery lovers will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the country has a couple of fun opportunities for earning some cash.

Are you one of these lottery lovers? That’s great; you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll acquaint you with one of the most popular Colombian lotteries – Baloto.

Licensed and approved by the Gaming Commission of Colombia, Baloto has already handed out awards worth millions of dollars. If this weren’t enough to get you excited, the odds of hitting the Baloto jackpot are much higher than what other international lotteries have to offer.

Is TheLotter legit in Colombia? Find out more in our review.

What’s Baloto: A Brief Overview

Baloto is a very fun lottery that features a primary option and something quite curious known as Revancha. This is a secondary draw that uses the same numbers as the ticket submitted for the primary draw. The draw features a few secondary prizes so even if you haven’t hit the big bucks in the primary draw, you still have a chance.

Baloto for Dummies – How to Play

It couldn’t get simpler than that – choose six numbers out of 45 possibilities. If you have all six numbers correct, you’ll win the Baloto jackpot. The initial jackpot is 2,000 million pesos. There’s no cap on the jackpot and if it doesn’t get earned, it will be rolled over toward the next draw. Needless to say, the sum can reach a juicy amount after several draws featuring no winners.

Revancha has a separate guaranteed jackpot – 500 million pesos. So in essence, one set of numbers submitted for one draw will give you access to two. Though the Revancha jackpot is lower (about 172,000 dollars), it still isn’t an amount that can be dismissed lightly.

The Baloto draws take place each Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased during the day of the draw but you’ll have to get yours a few hours in advance.

Prizes and Odds

The odds of hitting the jackpot are relatively good, especially when it comes to a few of the most popular international lotteries. Getting six out of 45 numbers correct has an odd of one in about 8.145 million.


DivisionsMatchWinning Odds
1 Prize61:8,145,060
2 Prize51:34,808
3 Prize41:733
4 Prize31:45


The size of the jackpot will obviously depend on the amount that has rolled over from previous draws. Baloto’s highest jackpot ever won has reached 47 million US dollars.

Even individuals that have five, four, or three correct numbers can expect to win a good amount. For five correct numbers, the prize can be about five million pesos (1,700 dollars). Four correct numbers will lead to earnings of approximately 5,500 pesos (two dollars). The last one isn’t that impressive but it can still cover the cost of getting a ticket.

Tips and Tricks for Advanced Baloters

Obviously, waiting for the jackpot to accumulate is the key to getting a chance for bigger earnings. There are many theories and you can easily come across the numbers that are drawn in Baloto most commonly. If you think that such a strategy increases your odds of winning, you should most definitely give them a try. Don’t forget to share the results with us!

Playing the Revancha will demand an additional payment but the opportunity is too good to pass. Yes, the Revancha prizes are far from impressive but getting to access two draws is definitely a good idea.

Can International Players Buy Baloto Tickets?

By choosing a good online lottery agent, international players can test their Baloto luck. These websites have local representatives that purchase tickets on behalf of the customers. Each agent has specific terms and conditions – check those out before opting for one opportunity or the other.

Keep in mind that Colombia has the so-called Impuesto a Ganadores de Loterias or tax on lottery winnings. The tax totals 17 percent of the earned amount. Before buying a ticket, it may be a good idea to check out the taxation in your own country and whether you’ll lose a portion of the amount two times.

Why You Should Play Baloto Colombia


Good odds of winning the jackpot

There’s a regular draw and a Revancha draw

Two draws per week

The jackpot rolls over to the next draw in case of no winners

Getting five numbers correct will also result in a nice prize

Open to international players

It’s fun to try but Baloto definitely isn’t the lottery for people that are looking for the millions. Quite often, the jackpot is modest and this is one of the biggest Baloto shortcomings. Keep a few other cons in mind.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Baloto Colombia


Lower tiers feature measly prizes

Colombia has a tax on lottery winnings

No special

Is Baloto Colombia Legit?

As already mentioned, Baloto is recognized and licensed by local authorities. The lottery is far from a scam and it gives you a wonderful chance to win some money (especially if you’ve already given up on winning your national lotto). So, to answer your question – Baloto isn’t a scam and you should most definitely give it a try.

Would you mind rating Baloto Colombia?

To Play or Not to Play?

One thing is certain – Baloto is a legitimate international opportunity to gain lottery earnings. Colombia, however, is a country that features relatively modest jackpots with the occasional millionaire or two. To figure out whether you like one of South America’s biggest lotteries, simply give Baloto a try. We give you thumbs up and a seal of approval.

  1. I wanted to say great, but there is tax and that’s not. Yes, they take tax though I didn’t see any threshold on the amount. I am guessing they don’t take tax on the bottom tier of the equivalent of $2. The jackpot does roll up so it does grow to some good amounts.


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