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Description: AutoLotto looks like it will be an application to purchase US Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets – whenever it finally does launch.

AutoLotto Exposed — Is It Real or Scam?

AutoLotto Exposed

AutoLotto Review

Guess in this age of smartphones and instant messaging, more and more companies are going to jump to apps or at the very least, a dual system that allows players to play lotteries from whatever device they want. launched its new app in March 2015 on YouTube. Okay, should the word App be capitalized or not? That was just one of the weird questions that went through my mind as I was sitting there fiddling with my phone. And then it actually rang!

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US Powerball & Mega Millions

Jumping from the phone call back into the application, AutoLotto sounds fairly straightforward watching the YouTube launch. There are two games though there are different ways to play. There is straight play buying individual tickets and there are syndicates. Players can opt to book tickets when jackpots hit certain thresholds. The only thing though – don’t look to play your favorite numbers. This is all quick pics – at this point! Well, that’s what the YouTube launch said. Going to their site, there is NO information on the actual games offered.

And The Winner Is at AutoLotto? takes a 5% cut on your lottery wins called a “Service Fee” – that’s in their words “including, but not limited to, jackpots”. They also say that if they receive the winnings in the form of a check completed in your name, you agree to sign it back to AutoLotto so they can take their 5%, and then it goes into your account. Not sure why they are all twitchy about this one.
Don’t look for a great deal of info on their web pages. There are the usual terms and conditions though pretty basic. Now their privacy page made me stop and think before I’d put my phone number into their system. There are all kinds of mumbo jumbo on what they can do with your info, how they will use it, and what they are collecting. It’s probably all okay but definitely got me thinking.

Tony & Matt

Back to the YouTube, launch of, Tony and Matt walk people through how it works. This is really pretty good though it would be interesting to see where they got their statics. Tony claims that six out of ten people played lotteries in the last 12 months. He also claims that 70% of people who play lotteries have an income of over US $75,000. Now I’m not sure if he is trying to encourage investors in creating more lottery sites or raise the platform on the profile of the average lottery player.

Back to’s Site

Though there is information through their YouTube videos, the site really doesn’t say much. Worse, it wasn’t until we clicked on their contact page that we found a very short version of the FAQ “I signed up already. Where’s my free ticket?” Hey folks – they haven’t actually launched yet. The new video they have added to the website says they have 100,000 plus people waitlisted and are collecting more phone numbers each day. Part of me wanted to do this, just to see what happened and the other part of me said “No Way”.

Who Are They? lists “their team” on its front page. Other than that, the only real information is plastered on their site “Built in San Francisco”. Their contact page has a form plus two email addresses for press and advertising. Digging into the web, they do have an 888 telephone number plus a snail mail address and are registered in California. Their YouTube video says they are initially launching in New Hampshire plus 5 other states this year. We’re just not sure when they are actually going to go live.

Why You Should Register with AutoLotto


You can reach out to them

Why You Shouldn’t Register with AutoLotto


It is vague

Would you mind rating AutoLotto?

Is AutoLotto Legit? also says that they will be launching a web-based site for those who want to play from their computer and not through an App. Again, we’re just not sure when this is going to take place. For now, all they are doing is collecting telephone numbers where at some point you will be able to download the app, and at some point get your free ticket!

Final verdict: 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. This is so laughably fake, the five star “reviews” are clearly written by someone in the company because they say the same thing.

  2. I played in this Lotto game for short time and I did win there was supposed to be three different ways that you could win I did win, but it was only $0.05 here, $0.20 there $0.50 you there, but then when I canceled I never got my money back or my winnings I should say so it’s a bunch of bull and even if they do tell you you one you never get the money it would have at least given me five bucks LOL

  3. Can only play Powerball, not any other game. Can’t pick your own numbers. Can only order one play per drawing. But worst of all, they don’t show you a picture of your ticket so how do you know they even bought it?

  4. All of their information says that you get to keep 100% of your winnings. This article is either outdated or intentionally misleading.


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