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Atlantic Lottery Corporation Exposed — Digital Innovators Still Have It!

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Exposed

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Review

The Atlantic provincial governments have decided to give local Canadians fun opportunities to play lotteries online and win some money. These fun things happen through the Atlantic Lottery Corporation website.

There are many questions about Atlantic Lottery Corp that we need to tackle. Is there an app? Do you have to be local to play? How do you get your hands on some actual cash in the event of winning?

Let’s not waste more time on pleasantries and get into the real stuff. Here’s everything you need to know about the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

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Games at

Atlantic Lottery offers a good selection of games. All of these can be played online, as long as you are a registered member of the website.

The available games include Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Daily Grand, Keno iBingo, Casino, Pro.Line and Instant Wins. Several other games are also available, and you can also purchase combo tickets that allow entry into more than one lottery. That’s a pretty nice perk we haven’t seen all too often with other lottery agents out there.

From the names above, you’ve probably gathered that some of the games are actual lotteries. These include ALC 649, Lotto Max, and Daily Grand. Some of the other games are only digital, giving players a bit of added diversity on top of what’s available in the local retail networks.

And here’s something else pretty cool that we discovered. The cost of buying lottery tickets online is the same as going to a local retail venue and purchasing there. The website doesn’t include markup or commission, so you can rest assured that you wouldn’t be ripped off.

A final feature worth mentioning is the so-called subscriptions. Subscriptions allow you to make recurrent ticket purchases for your favorite games. A subscription can be activated for an indefinite period of time. If funds are available in your account, a purchase will be made automatically for every upcoming drawing. That’s a nifty little feature, and it can make your life easier if you’re an avid lotto enthusiast.

ALC and Claiming Your Prizes

Like most other official lotto agencies, the platform has a standard prize claim procedure.

Here is the good news – lottery prizes aren’t taxable in Atlantic Canada. The sum that’s advertised for the respective drawing is the exact one you’ll get in the event of winning.

The prize claim itself goes like this – you do your login after the drawing occurs to find out if the sum has already been credited to your account. This should happen fairly fast. Once you see your winning amount, you can either withdraw the money or use it to purchase tickets in the future.

For larger sums, players will need to get in touch with customer service, and they’ll be informed about the specific claim steps.

Keep in mind that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation does not maintain the anonymity of its winners. In fact, you will be asked to do some media interviews if you snatch one of the bigger prizes. Obviously, that’s not cool for everyone but playing the lottery and winning comes with its rules.

Who Can Play at

You have to be of legal age to access the gameplay opportunities available via the Atlantic Lottery Corporation platform.

But this isn’t the only condition you’ll have to meet.

Wah-wah – you have to be a local to buy your tickets digitally. When signing up for an account, you will be asked to enter your address, postal code, and phone number.

As already mentioned, larger prizes have to be claimed in person. This is one of the reasons why the opportunity doesn’t work out in the Atlantic Canada region.

Still, if you’re a fan of Canadian lotteries and live abroad, numerous other online lottery agents carry the country’s most popular games.

Who Is Behind Atlantic Lottery Corp?

Atlantic Lottery Corporation was established by the four Atlantic provincial governments in Canada – New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission, and Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This all sounds way too official, and it is. With so many official provincial entities behind the organization, you can rest assured that it is legitimate and anything but a scam.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation actually has a very long history. It was set up in 1976, and originally, it only offered local lotteries. Eventually, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation joined the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation of Canada to offer some nationally drawn games.

Ever since its establishment, ALC has been viewed as a major innovator in the Canadian lottery realm. In 1988, they became the first in the world to start featuring a barcode on all printed lottery scratch tickets—the move allowed for the immediate verification of a winning ticket and the payment of a prize.

ALC allowed its fans to buy lottery tickets online as early as 2004. As you can see, the platform has an extensive background. Today, it’s functional, clean, and usable – characteristics that anyone interested in online lottery ticket buying is looking for.

Other Bits and Pieces

That’s pretty much it – all of the information about ALC is readily available on the website. You can find out more or call their hotline to have your questions answered.

As far as the online gaming experience goes, we want to point out a few additional essentials.

For a start, deposit bonuses are available to stimulate active play via the website.

Right now, if you deposit 60 dollars and spend 20 on Instant Wins, you will receive a 20-dollar bonus. This, however, is a limited-time offer that will probably be expired at the time you read this review. Still, check out other bonuses and loyalty programs because such get announced every once in a while.

Finally, there is one more opportunity called 2Chance.

To play 2Chance, you need to be a registered Atlantic Lottery Corporation website user.

The opportunity refers to all tickets that have not won anything through a regular drawing. When you enter your ticket in a 2Chance drawing, you can win some additional prizes. Each month, 2Chance distributes about 40,000 dollars in cash and prizes. The cool thing is that you can point out exactly what kind of reward you want to win.

Why You Should Register with ALC


Set up by an official lottery entity

Has been around for a long time – ALC is one of the innovators in the realm of online ticket buying

Tickets cost the same as they would if you bought them online

There are additional digital games on top of the standard lotteries

Combo tickets for multiple games are available

The ALC website offers some bonuses and discounts (check the website every once in a while since these are limited-time offers)

2Chance games are available, providing additional ways to win

Fairly easy prize claim procedure

Excellent and accessible customer support

Why You Shouldn’t Register with ALC


Geographically restricted, cannot be used by international players

Larger sums have to be claimed in person, and the anonymity of the winners isn’t maintained

There doesn’t seem to be an official mobile app on top of the website

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation website is functional and clean. It offers a comprehensive online gaming experience that most people would enjoy. The faults are very few, and generally, they don’t stand in the way of buying tickets and winning prizes.

ALC offers an outstanding online ticket buying experience. The website also features some cool bonuses and opportunities we haven’t seen with other online agents. Based on all of these, ALC’s website is definitely worth testing out.

  1. Just put it simple. When playing the slot games on ALC you will have to spend 1000.00 to win 5.00. The games play differently with less chance than at a casino or VLT shack/bar. It is a consistent loss regardless of your bet. Do not play Let It Ride, Wildlife, Royal Spins, or any of blackjack variations. The house edge is ridiculous, more like 30 percent based on the calculation of play over several sessions. The provincial governments complicit in this should all be ashamed of themselves. If you want fair play you will have to go to a live casino or gambling hole. This gaming portal is very bad.

  2. Are the governments using the lottery to recoup their losses because of COVID? I used to win once in a while but lately, all I’ve been doing is winning back my bet or maybe a few dollars more. This certainly seems like it’s rigged because math doesn’t lie and the numbers just don’t seem to add up but it’s the government who is running things so who would we turn to when they start stealing our money to pay back their COVID bills? Don’t they take enough from us already for taxes and income tax? Sometimes it seems like I am working for the government.

  3. Straight up scam. Legalized thievery. Enough to play maybe, getting your bet back on occasion. Forget about ever cashing out or getting a prize over 20.00.

  4. How can you trust a corporation that doesn’t do live draws on television like they do in the United States? Everything about ALC is a scam. Why can’t they let us see them pick the winning numbers? Makes no sense!!

  5. Horrible, literally lost 52 straight games. When you win it is you bet back or less.
    Stay away, big rip off.
    I will come back if I hear they have changed.


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