Are Single Moms Luckier in Lottery Than Married?

Are Single Moms Luckier in Lottery

Young and elderly, single and married, with one child or several children, they all play it. Moms have always been the heroes of any household. Today, we live in a dynamic society. We start doing things earlier than back a century ago. Heck, lottery players start playing the lottery sooner than a few decades ago.

Here, together, you and I will see if single moms are luckier in the lottery than married ones. It’s a bold question to ask, but somebody has to do it. I’m going to compare and contrast several points, but I’ll also show you several truly happy lottery stories which involve single moms as the main protagonists. This! This is why I love playing the lottery. Hopefully, you share the same opinion as me.

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Single Moms Are Lucky, But They’re Generous As Well

It’s not the amount of money or the size of the check; it’s what you do with the money. The first story I’m going to show you, or remind you of if you’ve been following me closely for the past several years doesn’t involve big-time cash. Instead, it’s about a single mom of 3 who won a modest $200. Single moms need every dollar they can get their hands on, especially when they have to take care of 3 children. Meet Sofia Lorena from Arkham, Massachusetts. It’s just a regular lottery prize. She won’t it from a scratch card.

On her way home, she encountered a homeless man. It was rather cold outside and she couldn’t leave him outside. Lorena gave the $200 to her new friend called Glenn and even started a crowdfunding campaign to gather resources for him. She put Glenn in a local hotel and paid for two nights.

So far we haven’t heard about Sofia Lorena, but this single mom is a true hero! Hopefully, the lottery was generous to her as she was to Glenn. Is she a lucky single mom? She definitely is generous.

A Single Mom of 3 Won $250,000 Because She Forgot a Carton of Eggs

Osorio from Chicago, a single mother of 3 won a substantial amount of money, $250,000, which she wouldn’t have won if she had bought a carton of eggs whilst she was in the store. Fortunately, she forgot about the eggs and she went back to the store.

She also bought her winning Crossword lottery ticket. Boy, I wish the eggs I forget the next time are my lucky charm, not just a reason for another argument with my S/O about how I’m forgetful. I guess single moms are luckier than married husbands. That’s for sure! Otherwise, I’d be on some distant tropical island, with a Pina Colada in my hands. Also, my wife, who is a mother of 2 hasn’t won the lottery yet. And she forgets to buy milk, eggs, bread, etc. I can go on for hours whining about what she forgets, but she still hasn’t won the lottery.

Oh well, now I can’t let her go, otherwise as a single mom, she will definitely win the lottery.

Marie Holmes – The Infamous Single Mother Who Won $188,000,000

The story of this particular single mom who won the lottery and won it in style tends to recur on a regular basis. In my own opinion, I think it’s appalling that there are lottery winners and millionaires who let their guard down and allow unworthy people to mess with their heads and their property. I’m not saying that lottery winners should be selfish and all, but at least show some common sense.

To be honest, she won close to $200m, it’s her money. She spent one-tenth of this amount on her toxic, drug-dealing boyfriend. Bear in mind, she is a mother of 4. I don’t care how lucky she is, she is one bad mother. Marie should’ve been more careful when she made the choice to let her boyfriend move in. Keep your children away from people like this. They are your biggest treasure. If you’re a single mom yourself, ensure your kids are having the love, and the conditions to grow up to become healthy individuals.

The bottom line is, she was lucky at least to grow her children in wealth. Hopefully, she will find a better father figure for her little ones.

To Wrap It Up – Are Single Moms Luckier?

I cannot draw a fine line and say for a fact if single moms are luckier, but there’s this notion that leads me to believe so. But, why is this? What’s so special? After a couple of hours of thinking about it, I came to reason why this might be true.

For starters, single moms have this weird freedom and strong will to change their lives. I’m not saying that married moms don’t, but imagine you being a single mom. Imagine the pressure. Damn, if I was a single mom, I’d do anything in my power to give my children the lives they deserve. If the lottery was the only way to achieve this, I’d go for it.

Furthermore, I think that Lady Luck values this determination to change the lives of these lonely, yet full of love mothers. For example, Sofia Lorena, a single mom who won $200, gave it all away. She had what she needed so she wanted to give more. Marie Holmes, blinded by lust, put her children close to a toxic person. Both of these are mothers, single moms. Do you see the contrast?

No matter what they do, they get it, they win the lottery.

  1. Single mothers are always the best in this world because they play both parts at the same time.


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