Are Lottery Tickets About to Go? Yup, You Read It Right!

Are Lottery Tickets About to Go?

Technology Advances Far Quicker Than We Realise

Can you remember the way mobile phones used to look? I remember my first phone at the tender age of 18, a big clunky thing which weighed more than the combined contents of my handbag, and had a huge aerial sticking out of the top if it, which was certainly a million miles away from the sleek and shiny iPhones we all covet these days.

The bottom line is that technology advances far quicker than we realize. Look at the internet for example, 20 years ago everyone was scared of it, thinking anyone could access your details, see what you were looking at, and we all seemed to be under the extremely false impression that a big scary monster was going to jump out of the screen and wreak havoc around your household. Nowadays, we all use the internet daily – how many times do you check your emails or your Facebook account during a day?

I’m guessing you’re guilty as charged of double figures at least.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that more and more industries are looking at ways to revolutionize their business and send it much more towards the online field.

Are We About to Say Goodbye to That Paper Lottery Ticket for Good?

Do you play the lottery regularly?

How do you play it?

Let’s look back 20 years at the launch of the UK lottery, and all the pomp and ceremony that surrounded it. I can remember it being as though some earth-shattering invention had just crash landed into our lives, and we were all dreaming of swanning off on a yacht somewhere tropical when we won our jackpot millions. To enter the lottery, you had to go to the nearest vendor, typically in a supermarket or corner store and put your numbers on via a paper ticket.

Of course, you still do this nowadays, but things are changing, possibly for the better, maybe waving goodbye to those lottery stands in your local newsagent’s store.

Is the Poor Newsagent’s Business About to Take a Hit Too?

Online gaming is of course big news and big money, and while it has been possible to play the lottery online for a while now, it’s always been a second fiddle kind of affair for gaming companies, simply because they can make much more money with other areas, such as online bingo and betting. Why? Well, let’s be honest, it’s quite easy to get addicted to these kinds of games, and when you’re addicted, or very hooked on it at least, you spend more money, lining the pockets of those company bigwigs – they don’t care whether you’re suddenly skint or not, they just want you to keep on betting, so they can afford their new fancy house.

Recognizing that the lottery is taking an unfair second seat to such online gaming ideas, lottery operators are opening their eyes to the myriad of possibilities when it comes to making lottery playing on the internet cheaper, and with more of an incentive. We’re all lazy at the end of the day, if we can do something online, without getting up and heading to the shop to do it, then we will, and when it comes to putting the lottery on, hitting a button is much easier than walking down to Tesco and standing in a queue.

Is This All About to Change?

We all love a big-named celebrity getting in on the action of a massive marketing campaign, whether we admit it or not, and this is just one of the ways that upcoming companies are trying to gain momentum in a bid to turn lottery playing towards a more internet-based place.

The other major perk of these online lottery companies is that they can offer more significant payouts for players on massive lotteries such as EuroMillions, Mega Millions, PowerBall, and the Irish Lotto, to name just a few. There are also a few smaller lotteries included in this innovation too, meaning you can put on pennies and win big, with minimal effort.

Does Sitting on Your Sofa, Playing the Lottery with Your Smartphone Seem Like a Good Idea Now?

Of course, Camelot is not at all amused by this new forward-thinking approach, simply because it means business is heading away from their pockets, and moving towards someone else’s; business is greed at the end of the day. Camelot has had reins on the UK lottery for so long now, it’s almost seemed like total domination over the industry, and when such an ‘arrangement’ in place, an upcoming no technological invention is seen as the dawning of a terrible day indeed. Put simply; they’re just going to have to get used to it.

Can you see yourself putting your lottery numbers on from the comfort of your sofa while taking a break from playing Candy Crush on your smartphone? Maybe not right now, but give it a year or so and we could see that handy bit of paper we’re so used to when we put the lottery on, is banished to the rubbish bin, another of those clunky inventions we look back on in a few years to come, just like the mobile phone of old.

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