Amazing Things You Can Buy If You Won The Lottery. I Swear #4 Is Just Super Cool!

Cool stuff you can buy if you won the lottery

Amazing Things To Buy If You Won The Lottery

Okay, we have a new lottery winner! Someone from someplace taking home a gigantic amount! So you won the lottery, apart from houses, cars, travel tickets, water buffalos and golf courts, there are more amazing things to buy! It’s true that you would need to search for the amazing things to buy if you won the lottery and by the time you find something, the cash is all gone. So to make your life easy, we dug out amazing things to buy and they’re super cool! Before winning the lottery, we look at so many things and we wish we could buy them if we had the money. The moment we’re handed that big fat check, our memories automatically reset. The super cool things we once thought were a definite purchase instantaneously fly out the window into the trash simply because they’re not worth it; you have bigger dreams, bigger purchases and bigger checks to give! But I’ll tell you this, purchasing what I’m about to tell you will definitely be worth it and I swear #4 is just super cool!

#1 – Super Cool Keyless Keyboard

Desktop and laptop keyboards can sometimes be a pain in the neck especially when the keys are out. But those can be replaced. What about iPad keyboards? Touchscreens make it very difficult to type fast and accurately so if you’re among those who simply hate typing on your iPad, say hello to the futuristic keyless keyboard! The intrepid device that comes along with this allows you to transform any surface into your personal keyboard! How cool is that?! If that didn’t get you going, how about…

keyless keyboard

#2 – The Cool Water Jet Pack

Priced at $68,000, (if you won the lottery the price isn’t a big deal!), this cool water jet pack is definitely something you want to purchase! Water skiing is in past, it’s time to lift yourself up to 30 feet off the ground or thrust forward at 30 miles per hour with your very own water jet pack. If this doesn’t drop your jaw, practically nothing will! A definitely love for water sports lovers!

water jet pack

#3 – Coffee Table Aquarium

Whether you’re married or not, no house is complete without an exotic aquarium! Priced at $660.20 this darling will definitely catch your guests’ eye. The coffee table aquarium, yep you can place your coffee mugs on top of the aquarium, is the shape of a table, both stylish and functional and comes with complete fancy equipment like plants, filtration pumps and everything else you need!

Coffee Table Aquarium

#4 – Super Cool Dolphin Power Boat

Jet skis are now obsolete! Instead of admiring dolphins, why not sit into one?! Yeah, now we’re talking! This dolphin shaped power boat, known as the Sea Breacher will enable you to freely explore the seas like never before. It can submerge and emerge at high speeds into the air just like a real dolphin! Price? Just $65,000 – a penny for lottery winners I might say!

Dolphin Power Boat

#5 – Super Hot Suit Pajamas

Do you closely relate to Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” series? Then you definitely want the hot suit pajamas! Priced at $99.95 these suit pajamas will make you look and feel like a million bucks even when you sleep. The officially licensed version of Suitajamas from How I Met Your Mother, these cool boys are made from fine silk and cotton for an awesome feel. Someone just dropped by? No problem, you’re all dressed!

Super Hot Suit Pajamas

Shut Up And Take My Money – Where Can I Get These?

Ah, yes, yes! You can get these and a lot more on! Now don’t let the name confuse you, they have the coolest things on the planet up for the grabs. Before purchasing a series of houses and cars, take a look at what they have to offer and get super cool and awesome stuff that will drop everyone’s jaw!  We Love this Website, it’s Lottery Winners Oriented.

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