6 Places Lottery Players MUST GO After Winning the Jackpot

5 Places Lottery Players MUST GO After Winning the Jackpot

6 Places Lottery Winners MUST SEE

If I were to win the lottery, you can be damn sure that I would be traveling the world and visiting some of the most exotic places, my new found fortune can take me. While luxury isn’t the only criterion when it comes to picking locations, why not splurge when you’ve already become a millionaire? If you’ve won the lottery and you need a bit of travel inspiration, the following list will acquaint you with some of the must-see places you should be taking your private jet to. Let’s go!

Cousine Island, Seychelles

Cousine Island is only 62-acres in size and is one of the 115 islands that make up Seychelles. The island can only be reached by helicopter and is touted to be what the Garden of Eden must have looked like.  The Cousine Island Resort and Spa is ideal for those who are looking for a high-end experience that lottery winnings can get—all while still enjoying nature and the stillness of the tropical island.

Oh, did I mention there are only four villas on the entire resort? So you pretty much have a quarter of the island to yourself!

This is the place to go to if you’d like to live out your private island fantasy. An experienced team will be taken care of your every need (even the needs you’ve never thought that you’d have). When you’re done with scuba diving, for example, you can head to the private spa where you’ll be pampered with some of the world’s most exquisite cosmetic products (I can’t dare to think about the price of those goodies!).

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabos

For ordinary people like you and I, the $12,000 price of a trip to Las Ventanas al Paraiso sounds like a whole lot of money, but if we won the lottery, it would be chump change. The luxurious Los Cabos five star resort is credited for putting Los Cabos on the map! Although you may want to take a group of your friends on vacation, this place is the ideal spot to visit with your significant other.

The resort features a Pure Romance package that consists of three days of luxury and pampering. The getaway starts with an airport transfer in a Mercedes G-500 that’s not shy of champagne and roses. Next, you will check in your 1,600-square-foot ocean view suite with your own private infinity edge pool, adobe fireplace, and patio with a Jacuzzi. To top it off, on one of the special nights, you will get turndown service with rose petals strewn about the room and four different sets of luxury linens and even a drawn bath. You can even have a bed and amenities set up on your terrace so you can sleep under the stars for an extra fee.

Eden Rock, St. Barths

Eden Rock, St. Barths

If you have money to spend and you have a passion for music, Eden Rock in St. Barths is your place to go. For a mere $20,000 per night, you have access to the only private recording studio on the island, without having to leave your villa. Producers and sound engineers are there to help with the equipment, which is the Neve music mixing console that John Lennon used to record his Imagine.

Just so you are clear, when you book a vacation to Eden Rock, you aren’t getting a small bungalow or anything like that. You are staying in a 16,000 square foot mansion dubbed Villa Rockstar (the first picture). The villa features four humongous bedrooms, two cabins in case you get bored and need a bit of diversity, a cinema room, a private gym and an office, garages, a dining room that’s big enough for 12 people, a pool table and a sports area. The picture wouldn’t be complete without two pools and of course – a butler. This is one vacation during which you can create some beautiful music with 12 of your closest friends. Alternatively, a recorded drunken karaoke session would do.

The Stafford London by Kempinski, London

When you think of luxury getaways, London may not be on top of your list. One thing you probably don’t know, however, is that luxury is quite often hidden behind the walls of the numerous historic buildings in this beautiful (and just a little bit rainy) capital.

For its 100th  anniversary, the Stafford London By Kempinski celebrated by offering a package that was estimated to be worth 100,000 euro ($135,000). While the hotel itself is lovely and the service is incredible, what on earth could have been worth that much money?

In the package, you receive a 10,000-euro dining credit to use during the three-night stay. You get access to a private waiting lounge at the airport and private escort through security. You also benefit from transfers to and from the hotel in a chauffeured Bentley, Jaguar, or Rolls Royce which remained at your disposal throughout your entire stay. You have a private butler, a private dinner in a wine cellar for up to 10 guests, access to fashions by Henry Poole and hatters Lock & Company. As if that all wasn’t enough, guests also get their hands on a custom piece of jewelry by Patrick Wyatt, a photo shoot with a renowned photographer, high tea and champagne on the London Eye, a half a day spa retreat, a tour on the Thames River and a 100 euro cocktail served in a treasure chest.

If that isn’t over the top, I don’t know what is!

The Million Pound Cruise on Silversea Silver Whisper

A cruise that lasts 124 days may sound like taking a lifetime, and well, it does. During those four months, you will be visiting 28 countries, among which Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Vietnam, French Polynesia, Malaysia, and Cameroon to name a few.

This is considered the world’s most expensive cruise and it will cost a couple a modest sum of 1.5 million dollars.

The cruise is the creation of the British company Six Star Cruises. It’s not exactly how they’ve calculated the price of 8,000 pounds per day, but the team is committed to delivering on the promises of a luxury experience.

Passengers will be picked up right from their home, and they’ll reach the cruise ship via a helicopter. To receive the proper welcome, travelers are treated with beluga caviar set at the modest 2,000 pounds per kilogram. Gold-plated fixtures, mahogany, fine gourmet tasting menus, marble bathrooms, and large verandas are determining for the quality of the cruise experience. Because, you know, I’d never go aboard a ship that doesn’t feature gold-plated fixtures, no sir!

Constance Moofushi, the Maldives

Constance Moofushi, the Maldives

I simply couldn’t include just one private island on the list, could I? If you’re a fan of such exquisite tropical experiences, consider Constance Moofushi. Yes, the name sounds a little bit funny, but wait until you discover what it represents.

The island has one of the world’s most exclusive private airplane lounges to give your experience the right start. This Maldives island itself is ideal for the romantically-inclined and for the ones who’d like to do a bit of scuba diving. An active house reef is available for anyone interested in a bit of exploration.

A few other characteristics make Constance Moofushi worth considering. Some of the suites are located directly over the water because being on land is just way too boring. The resort also has infinity pools, over-water beach grille just because, an over-water spa (do you see a trend here?) and a modern gym if you’d like to burn off some of those calories derived from the gourmet meals.

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