Rich, Richer, Richest – 8 Smartest Lottery Winners of All Times

8 Smartest Lottery Winners of All Times

Lottery players are a distinctive group that stuns other people who are not into a lottery. However, a rather more interesting group of people is the lottery players who actually win the lottery. There’s a saying, give the person some power and you’ll see how stupid it can be. Then again, there are lottery players which I admire. The smartest lottery winners are surprisingly successful in their own way. Some did what they always wanted, made their dreams come true, and others put me in awe because of how they managed to win the lottery. Regardless of how they’ve proven to be smart, they deserve to be put in the hall of fame, to have their names carved in history.

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The Uncrowned King of Lottery – Richard Lustig

There’s no lottery that doesn’t know about Richard Lustig. He is the undisputed legendary king of the lottery who has won it 7 times. He won millions of dollars in lottery prizes. As Richard likes to brag, he found out the secret of how to win the lottery. Mr. Lustig says he cracked the code. So why he’s considered one of the smartest lottery winners? Richard Lustig used his fame to get even richer. As some say, he used the prize money to buy more lottery tickets to win again. After a couple of consecutive wins, he became famous and started selling books. He’s rich, way richer than he was a few years ago.

Jason Fry – Started a Battery Production Business

After a period of spending money on cars, exotic trips, and buying fits, Jason Fry, former bartender, hard labor, construction worker, and a good digger, decided to settle down. Why do I consider him one of the smartest lottery winners? Well, he had his share of spending. He enjoyed it, he did what he always wanted to do, but then he decided to stop. According to him, it was very difficult to stop living like a jet-setter. Fortunately, he got into the batter production business in South Florida. He became somewhat of the Prince of batteries.

Sue Herdman Became a Pig Farmer

There are people who don’t find pleasure in luxurious parties, exotic cars, and whatnot. Sue Herdman settled for a lot less. From the get-go, she knew what she wanted. Sue got her own pig farm, a successful one. In her own words, bringing a piglet to the world felt like winning the jackpot. Smartest lottery player? Definitely, according to me! She knew what she wanted and she did it.

Yancy Hicks – Opened a Subway Restaurant

Working in McDonald’s made our contestant for the smartest lottery winner humble and make decisions long term. Yancy Hicks, currently 53, had the experience it took to run a fast food joint. However, he didn’t opt for McDonald’s, instead, he applied and got a Subway franchise. Now he has his own Subway restaurant, a steady income, and enjoys his job, as an owner of a restaurant. His story reminds me of Sue, I guess you know why. Oh, he also went for some luxurious treats, after all, there’s not much you can afford with a McDonald’s wage.

Roy Gibney – Real Estate, Both Locally and Abroad

I don’t know if you know, but smart people get easily bored. They know they’re capable to do more, and that potential has to go somewhere and has its purpose. Roy Gibney won £7,500,000 in 1998. He enjoyed his life for 14 years until he got bored. Well, he’s not the smartest, but he deserves a spot. He didn’t spend it all, instead, he invested in real estate, both local and abroad. Furthermore, he started a sheet metal business. Roy noticed the industry was on the rise, so he took a risk, took the chance he had, and invested in a business of this kind. It’s a pure success!

Brad Duke – Tripled the Money by Investing

Brad Duke. Most people will admire him. Why? Because the majority of people are thinking the way he had. Duke won $220m, but over the course of several years, he became a billionaire. Most lottery winners fail to achieve this because of their lack of knowledge and experience with big amounts of money. The key to success is to make the money work for you, and earn you more money!

His goal was to increase his wealth to $1bn and help others. He never wanted wealth for himself. So far, has spent a tiny portion of his money and he has given $2m to his friends and family, in total.

Peter Lavery – Real Estate and Whiskey Distillery

Real estate is among the favorite types of investments, lottery winners like to make. It requires little to no maintenance, it’s hardly unlikely that the property will become obsolete. In addition to this, real estate has been surging for years now, especially if the property can be rented out.

Peter Lavery from Belfast won £10.2m. Mr. Lavery is a former bus driver, who spent a great deal of money on cars, but eventually, he settled down and invested them in real estate as well and he opened his own whiskey distillery. This whiskey distillery attracted investments amounting to £35m. If you’re a fan of whiskey, you might as well have tasted his product. Since he’s passionate about it, I have no doubts that it’s of the highest quality.

James Harvey – It Pays To Be Educated and Think Out of the Box

The smartest lottery winners come from M.I.T. A group of students led by James Harvey found a way to strategically overcome the randomness factor in the game called Cash WinFall. The scientific approach involved waiting for the 1st prize to rolldown and increase the value of one ticket.

He and his team were smart enough to search for investors. Eventually, they got roughly $600,000 which they invested and earned 15%. Over a period of 7 years, he and his team earned $3.5m. Eventually, the game was taken away from the market. The M.I.T. students are definitely the smartest lottery winners.

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