7 Lucky Players Won the Lottery More than 100 Times – The Stars Align over Ohio!

7 Lucky Players Won the Lottery More than 100 Times

I’m always on the lookout for interesting stories, occurrences that are at least remotely related to the lottery. This one nailed it! The title of the article pretty much says it all. 7 players have managed to win the lottery more than 100 times, each of them! Furthermore, to make things that much more enticing all of these players are coming from Ohio. How did this happen? Is this a coincidence? Why you and I are not among these players? These are some seemingly easy to answer questions. Let’s take a look at how this story goes.

Not 5 times, but 100! That sounds like a lot.

All Seven Lottery Players Have Won More than $100,000

These are not the regular blokes who are casually into the lottery. Moreover, when I say they’ve won the lottery more than 100 times over the past few years, I mean they did so big time and in style. Each of them cashed in more than $100,000. Some of them cashed in way more than this 6 digit threshold.

To illustrate, one guy has won the lottery 150 times since 2014. In addition, this lucky fellow cashed out a little over $150,000. On average, that’s $1,000 every time he won. Another player was 4 times as successful. This man managed to win the lottery 142 times, totaling almost $600,000. The interesting part about this is that he’s playing casually, buying his tickets in a local gas station.

The other 5 lottery players were also successful. Winning the lottery more than 100 times in 3 years is a big deal. These players have obviously turned their hobby into a profession. “What do you do for a living? – I play the lottery”. Sounds like a movie quote to me!

Keno Booster and Pick 4 are the Generous Lotteries

Besides all of the living in Ohio, there are several similarities. One of the things that ties them together are the lotteries, these players played and excelled. Pick Four was the most generous lotteries to these players. However, one of the lucky 7 has had big success playing Keno Booster in a bad located in Ashland. As you can see, it’s not all about the Powerball and the Mega Millions, or if you’re from Europe, you don’t have to focus on EuroMillions only. Other lotteries can be just as rewarding and you don’t have to wait several years to cash in big profits.

Regardless of what lotteries these fellows played, they are very, and I mean very lucky! It’s as if they touch a lottery ticket it turns into a winning one instantly!

Is There a Secret, Cunning System for such High Returns?

I question everything! For example, how did they do it? Have they found some sort of a system or maybe they’ve finally cracked the mystery behind nature’s way of saying “I’m random and I’m awesome”? Well, this lasted for a few minutes until I came to my senses. There’s no way there’s a system or a scientific approach. I know that there are statisticians who have managed to win millions of dollars, but only after many years. 3 years and more than 100 times doesn’t sound like a scientific approach to me.

Whatever their secret is, they’re not telling it to other players.

The Lucky 7 Mysterious Success Explained by a Statistician

University professors have come forward, explaining the situation. As they say, this is not suspicious at all. From a statistical point of view, it’s expected a small group of lottery players to have such favorable results. I was stunned once I read this. As the statisticians say, this is not that strange because the rules of the lottery do not discriminate against anyone, meaning those who invest more, those put make the extra effort do not necessarily get great results. On the other hand, players like our lucky 7 here, have got what they deserve.

On paper, 100 times over 3 years is 33 times per year. The best lottery player out of the aforementioned 7 has managed to win the lottery 150 times, that’s 50 times per year or roughly a little over $1,000 per week. However, as they, the statisticians say, there’s no mention how much these players have spent on the lottery. This! Only they know how much they’ve re-invested into the lottery over those 3 years. Have they been playing casually or they’ve raised the stakes and let passion affect their play style?

The Lottery Players Who Won the Lottery More than 100 Times Were Investigated

I mean, come on! The number 100 sounds suspicious, putting it next to the lottery and I’m 100% positive I have your attention. Imagine what the lottery operator’s staff thought when they went through their books. On several occasions in the past, we’ve witnessed how lottery officials join forces with lottery players to skew the odds in their favor, illegally. I am an advocate of fair gaming, and I want to see all lotteries offering fair conditions and a fair chance of winning to all lottery players.

The definition of the lottery changes when “certainty” is added to the equation. It’s designed to be uncertain, after all, that’s what makes it thrilling. Yes, it can be lucrative. It CAN be, but not necessarily. These lottery players have obviously changed the equation, without adding “certainty”, turning it into a one lucrative activity, a hobby if I may say so.

What Should You Do to Win the Lottery More than 100 and Win More than $100,000

First and foremost, play! I can confidently say that these lucky 7 have raised the stakes at some point during these 3 years. There’s no way that they’ve won 6 digit amounts without investing few extra dollars. Besides buying tickets, re-evaluate the lotteries you play. Who knows, I might come up with a different article, similar to this one but featuring two other lotteries. You can become one of the lucky few who will also win the lottery more than 100 times. This is probably the most difficult part, identifying the most lucrative lottery. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Maybe you’re destined to win your local lottery, become rich and famous!

Nevertheless, I’m positive you will spend hefty amounts in the beginning. Another crucial point is to have good control of your finances. I don’t know if you’re injecting money on a weekly basis or you have a lottery budget. Whatever your approach to money management is, let it be a conservative one.

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