7 Biggest Scratch-Off Prizes In History. Scratch It, Baby!

7 Biggest Scratch-Off Prizes In History

The scratch-off card has been in existence for as long as the lottery. They’re an easy, convenient, fast, and rather rewarding type of lottery. People like scratch cards because they give them the result, the outcome immediately. However, the scratch-off prizes are also an important factor in why they’re still a popular type of lottery. Although the top scratch-off prize can’t match up to the biggest lottery jackpots, they’re still worthy of admiring. Here are the top 7 most significant scratch-off awards we could get our hands on.

Ultimate Millions – $10m Scratch-Off Prize Won by Lexington Couple

Dale Summey

I’ll start my top 7 list with probably the biggest scratch-off prize seen on US soil.  A North Carolinian couple from Lexington won a staggering $10m in the Ultimate Millions game. Dale Summey and his better half Robin are just a regular couple that went the distance to win this multi-million dollar scratch-off prize. They took the lump sum of $6m or $4.1m after taxes. They could’ve taken the $500,000 annuity path and taken the full amount over 20 years. I’d choose the lump sum as well. It’s better to have $4m now than $5m in 20 years.

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New Jersey Lottery Scratch-off Top Prize – $5m Went to Lacey Katona

Lacey Katona

This scratch-off prize sits on the low end; however, $5m is still a lot of money. Enough to guarantee you’ll live a safe and comfy life. Lacey Katona won $5m in New Jersey Lottery instant scratch-off game. Cash Extravaganza made her rich, very rich. She thought it was a mistake at first because she was convinced that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to ordinary people. Was she normal? Definitely yes, but she was also a lottery player who’s passionate about scratch cards. Lo and behold, after years of playing the scratch-off lottery, she finally scooped $5m! Personally, when I hear a story such as this one, I feel good about myself. Hopefully, I’ll win a prize of this magnitude. Early retirement, here I come!

Twin Sisters From California Won $6m – A Ladybug Led Them to the Prize

Lisa Toton and Laura Poorman

Slowly, but inevitably, I go up again to do the scratch-off prizes. You know, the universe works in mysterious ways. People who are aware of the signs that are brought up to them and can spot them are somewhat lucky. Take, for instance, these twins from California. They are among the top winners. Lisa Toton and Laura Poorman won $6m in the Set For Life scratch card game.  A yellow ladybug led Lisa to buy two scratch tickets for her and her twin sister Laura. You see, she thought of the prize, she acted, the universe responded, and they won one of the biggest scratch-off prizes ever seen.

Now, I’m not saying that you should look around nonstop and look for ladybugs, but you might as well try something new, like buy some scratchers, or play a game you’ve never played before. For once in your life, let go of the control and put yourself on auto-pilot.

A Teenager among Top Scratch-Off Prize Winners – Deisi Ocampo

Deisi Ocampo

It’s just $4m, but I included it in my list as it’s a rather exciting story of a teenage millionaire. Meet Deisi Ocampo from Chicago. She won $4m in the Money Mania game. Her father bought her the tickets. He gave her two scratch-off tickets, and one of them was the $4m one. These scratch cards were a birthday gift for her 19 birthday. If only her father knew this was the best birthday present ever. That’s what Deisi calls it, the best possible gift she could’ve gotten.

Deisi stated that she’s going to buy a new house for her parents, pay for school, and get herself a degree in medicine. Don’t worry; she’s not buying the diploma, she will attend the lessons and do her papers.

Boy, if only I had won the lottery when I was a teenager. Sadly, I didn’t play the lottery at that time.

$10m New York Scratch-Off Prize – Won by Accident

Jerry Kajfasz

Lady Luck herself guards some fortunate people. Even if these people are not doing everything they can to win the top prize, somehow the ticket, the scratch card, reaches their hands. Jerry Kajfasz, aged 53 from Buffalo, won $10m, by accident. He went into the store to buy seven scratch-off cards. However, the store clerk gave him eight. What’s more interesting is the fact that the 8th ticket was indeed the winning one, worth $10m. Jerry calls this ticket, “the one that almost got away.”

There’s a catch. He returned the 8th ticket, went out of the store, scratched the seven tickets, and won enough to buy the Win For Life scratch card. He is an honest man, and the universe rewarded him appropriately, with $10m. If I were in that situation, I’d take the ticket and run. It’s my ticket; I don’t care how it’s gotten in my hands.

Bryan Goldstein Won $10m in Florida Lottery Scratch-Off Lottery

A $25 ticket made Bryan Goldstein a millionaire! It’s one of the biggest scratch-off prizes on the grounds of Florida. The game he played is called Florida Cash. Bryan opted for the lump sum. Instead of getting $10m, he got a little over $7.3m. If he would’ve opted for the annuity option, he would’ve gotten the full $10m amount over 25 years. Goldstein’s story is also an interesting one since he wanted to buy four tickets, $25 each, but he decided to buy them one by one. He scratched the bottom of the card only and let the computer check it. The store clerk was stunned once she found out that this particular buyer is the winner of the biggest scratch-off prize she has witnessed.

$7.5m Scratch-Off Prize Won in San Antonio by Deborah Kempel

Last on ours, although by any means not the least, is Deborah Kempel with her $7.4m scratch-off prize. The Diamond Dollars ticket she bought at a local Triple S Express store was the life-changing one she was looking for all her life. Although she’s one of the biggest scratch-off prize winners, she wanted to stay as far as possible from the media’s attention. Being put in a list such as this one that consists of the biggest scratch-off prizes will attract attention for sure and a lot of it. Although she wanted to stay in the dark.

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