6 Ways to Increase the Odds of Winning the Lottery. All Are Free!

6 Free Ways to Increase the Odds of Winning the Lottery

There Are Some Free Ways to Increase the Odds of Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery is every lottery player’s dream. It’s what you do, what I do. The idea of becoming the new multi-millionaire lottery player lingers at the back of our heads, 24/7. I’ve spent years trying to increase the odds of the winning the lottery. I’m 100% positive that you’ve wished for the same thing at some point in time. There are rather discouraging ways of increasing the odds that can cost a small fortune. Fortunately, there are also free ways to increase the odds of winning the lottery. It doesn’t cost extra cash, they may be a bit time consuming, but the most important thing is that your odds will definitely increase.

Before I take too much of your time, let’s jump straight to the details. Read carefully, and take notes if necessary!

Join a Lottery Syndicate – Pool Your Resources

Joining a lottery syndicate brings a whole lot of advantages to you as a lottery player. Not only you pool your money, but you also pool your available time, your experience, your skill regarding the lottery. It doesn’t cost a dime. Well, most lottery syndicates will require you to pay a yearly membership to cover the running costs, if there are any. Lottery syndicates are different than lottery clubs, since they’re an official body with a signed and sealed agreement. Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity to spend some time with people who share the same interests with you.

Play Less Often to Play More – It’s a Long Shot

Playing more tickets in one draw significantly increase your existing odds of winning the lottery. However, it comes at a huge price. For example, if you want to double your odds of winning the lottery you will have to spend double the amount of money. In order to spend the same amount of money, while playing more you’d have to take breaks between draws. Personally, I’m against this. I do not advocate taking breaks since I’m missing a chance that way. If I’m not in the game, I can’t win, at least not in that particular draw. Hey, it’s something! I didn’t say that every free way to increase the odds of winning the lottery  are absolutely on the spot. Since we’re talking about the free ways, there are some severe constraints that do not allow me to reach out further.

Always Avoid the Quick Pick Option – Play Your Own Numbers

Times and times again, I’ve said that you should always stay away from this feature. Although it looks very appealing in terms of efficiency and at times of effectiveness, I just can’t recommend sticking to quick pick. You can, however, try it out sometimes just so it won’t linger in the back of your mind as a viable idea. It’s not one. The numbers that are going to be selected with quick pick are not under your control. People invest time and money to come up with a selection of the best number combinations for the lottery they play, do you really think that one simple button called quick pick can outperform them? Of course not, maybe sometimes, but consistently it just can’t deliver better results.

Focus on Numbers beyond the 31 Threshold

Well, to be honest, this guarantees that if you win, you will win more. Your main competitors for the winning combination are going to be those rare players that play using quick pick option. So what’s the big deal about the 31 threshold?

There are a lot of lottery players who are still laying their birthday dates as lottery numbers. This is just so wrong. But it can happen, there’s that. Usually there are much more than just 31 numbers in one lottery, which means that the players are leaving out a huge number selection. If you focus on the numbers that larger than 31, you guarantee yourself bigger prizes. It’s simple, yet very lucrative. How awesome is that?!

Play Numbers that Come Up More Often than Others

In order to accomplish this you will have to do some research. As I said in the beginning, some of these may cost you some money, but they won’t cost you extra cash. All you should do is take a look back and see what numbers are coming up on a frequent basis. You can almost anticipate them coming up all at once. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, those secondary prizes sure come in handy when you’re on a losing streak. I’m sure that you’ve thought about this, but you never thought that it can actually work. Let me reassure you, it works, probably the most out of all of these. Make sure you don’t give up easily. After all, your approach  is based on statistics and you might have to wait a bit before the stars align.

Stick to Your Numbers – Don’t Change Them Often

That’s right. It’s much better to use your old all-around number combinations than to change them on a daily basis. The reality is, every number combination has the same chances of becoming the winning one. However, in practice, certain numbers just won’t come up. If you put into practice all of the aforementioned approaches, I gave you while using this one, you my friend will definitely increase the odds of winning the lottery.

No extra cash, no extra funds, all it takes is a bit of your free time and some courage. Fortune follows those who dare it.

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