6 Stupid Lottery Rules That Drive Players Crazy

6 Stupid Lottery Rules That Drive Players Crazy

Changes are inevitable. It’s an undeniable fact that the lottery hasn’t moved too far away from its basic principles, but there are certain rules that simply make me stand up and shout. OK, I don’t mean to stand up and shout like Ronnie James Dio did, but I’m simply annoyed and I do not know to express this rage.

These stupid lottery rules drive many players crazy, one way or another. I’m really sorry if I told you the truth and you weren’t aware by now, but I had to do it. Somebody had to do it! However, some of the below listed lottery rules may not affect you. Yet, they do affect a fellow lottery player who’s across the world, far, far away. Show a little compassion. Let’s not get carried away by the rage, and actually take a look at the 6 stupid lottery rules that drive lottery players crazy. In case there’s some lottery rule that drives you crazy and it’s not on this list, feel free to comment below.

Having to Select Your Numbers from a Loooong Range of Numbers – SuperEnaLotto

I’ve put this particular one as number one because it is simply the worst. Fortunately, most of the lotteries require players to choose 5 or 6 numbers out of a number range that averages around the 55 mark. Some popular lotteries like the Powerball for instance, are little over this threshold. However, there are lotteries that come with a lot bigger number range, like the SuperEnaLotto, Italy’s premier lottery.

As it currently stands, players need to choose 6 numbers out of 90. This is the main reason why SuperEnaLotto’s jackpots reach such high amounts that are occasionally worthy to compete with Europe’s EuroMillions. It’s stupid! Players need to buy way more lottery tickets to have even the slightest chance of winning. Many strategies are literally destroyed by such a wide breadth of numbers.

Advertising Pre-Tax Jackpots – Basically, All Lotteries

It’s not a GAME RULE, but it is a LOTTERY RULE. All lottery prizes in the USA are subject to taxes, both local and federal. This does not apply to certain jackpots in Europe, but this largely depends on the country in which the lottery winner resides.

I bet it hurts those who win say a lottery prize of $1,000,000 and they have to pay almost half of it to the tax authority. This includes certain deductions if the lottery winner opts for the lump sum. Now, I know that this does not affect lottery players in general, at least not those who don’t win anything, but even if you win, you still have to give half of it to the IRS. I feel perfectly comfortable if the prizes are advertised after the tax is deducted. I don’t care what the amount is, I will still play it. I played it before, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t play it if this changes.

Restrictions in Regards to Whom Can Participate in the Lottery – Pennsylvania Lottery

Boy, oh boy! With the advent of the internet, the world turned into a global village. It doesn’t matter where one individual lives, he/she can get in touch, do business with another person across the world. The lottery is a game, but it’s also a business.

Although rare, there still are lotteries that are available to players who reside in the operator’s jurisdiction, like the Pennsylvania Lottery. This defeats the purpose of the aforementioned term “global village”. Fortunately, not all lotteries come with this rule. If this applied to the Powerball or the Mega Millions, we would’ve never seen record breaking jackpots, like we saw in the beginning of 2016. More players mean faster growing jackpots!

Not that I get the urge to try each lottery, but I don’t like to have restricted access based solely on my place of residence.

Players are Mandated to Buy Tickets Locally, Not Available Online – Connecticut Lotto!

Word for word. It doesn’t say that players outside of the jurisdiction can’t play the lottery, but it says that lottery tickets are not available online. Players are mandated to buy the lottery tickets in local retail stores.

Playing the lottery online comes with so many advantages I don’t know where to start. The management team of the Connecticut Lotto sure needs a training in marketing. Not only will the player base increase, people will also find it easier if they’re able to play this amazing lottery. I can already imagine a player who opts for a different lottery solely because this particular one is not available online.

Thank you, internet, for not limiting my access to other lotteries!

Two Draw Drums – This Affects the Returns in an Adverse Manner – the Powerball

OK, not entirely, because certain lotteries will reward you if you get the numbers from the 2nd drum correct, but not all of them. In order to win the Powerball jackpot, you need to guess all 5+1 numbers. Some might argue that this has nothing to do with the odds of winning, but I tend to disagree.

Firstly, this misleads lottery player in a way. For example, it’s not a 5/69 lottery. Players need to choose another number out of 26 numbers. As far as I remember, 69+26 is 95, meaning the Powerball is a 6/95 lottery. This is worse than the SuperEnaLotto.

I’m really sorry for ruining your experience with the Powerball, but this is the harsh truth. I bet you have never viewed the Powerball in this way. The sad thing is, there are many other lotteries that employ the same approach.

Not Being Able to Subscribe as Non-Local Resident – UK National Lottery

Lastly, this is the mildest, the most irrelevant in terms, it does not affect many lottery players. With the purpose to have the prizes awarded to local lottery players, many lottery operators have made efforts to discourage players who do not reside in the same jurisdiction.

For example, if Camelot’s lotteries, the dedicated operator of the UK National Lottery wasn’t available online, many players would’ve been in an unenviable position. As the terms state, players who are not UK residents, who do not have a UK address, or a UK bank account, cannot subscribe to the UK National Lottery. It’s stupid! If you allow all lottery players to take part in the lottery, at least give them the opportunity to subscribe and not worry about it down the road, if they’ve bought a lottery or not.

Thanks to many online lottery retailers, this is a thing of the past. There still are people who like to fix, bypass rules such as this.

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