6 of the World’s Richest Lottery Winners and What They Did with the Money

6 of the World’s Richest Lottery Winners

Have you ever hypothetically asked yourself the question of what you’d do if you win the lottery jackpot? While dreaming about it is a lot of fun, answering the actual question isn’t that easy.

Numerous people across the globe have had to make that important decision. That’s right; we’re talking about the richest lottery millionaires. Who are they, and what did they do with the money? Let’s find out.

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The January 2016 Record Powerball Jackpot

David and Maureen, Powerball Jackpot Winners

In January 2016, the Powerball jackpot reached unprecedented levels. A total of 1.58 billion dollars had accumulated over which drawings didn’t produce even a single winner. Finally, the ginormous jackpot fell On January 13. It seems like the unlucky date proved to be life-changing (in a positive way) for someone.

This someone is a Florida couple. Actually, there were three jackpot winners – one ticket from Chino Hills in California, one from Munford in Tennessee, and one from Melbourne Beach in Florida.

The luckiest people in Florida are called David and Maureen. The two won a 528.7-million-dollar share of the jackpot worth more than one billion dollars. The other lucky couple that came forward was John and Lisa Robinson from Tennessee. The final winner hasn’t come out to make a claim yet.

David and Maureen said that they aren’t going to party hard or change their life. David said that he would retire and buy a replacement truck for the family because the one they currently owned was falling apart. Only time will tell whether heaps of cash have changed the charming Florida family.

Paying it Forward after Becoming a Mega Millions Winner?

Jim and Carolyn McCullar, Mega Millions Winners

January seems to be a lucky month for lottery players. Another huge jackpot fell in the first month of 2011. This time, it was a Mega Millions jackpot, and the lucky ticket owner became 380 million dollars richer.

That lucky person was Jim McCullar and his wife Carolyn from Washington. The parents of six kids were another couple that promised to spend the money wisely. According to Jim, the money was to pay off some debt, help the kids, and donate to charities.

What’s unfortunate about the whole ordeal is that scammers saw an opportunity in this innocent statement. Yep, shortly after Jim McCullar participated in a press conference and announced his intentions, a fake email began circulating on his behalf.

“I am Mr. Jim McCullar, the mega winner of the $190 Million Jackpot in Washington, and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of TWO MILLION to you as part of our own free gift.” This is just a small portion of what the email states. Needless to say, the entire thing is a scam.

Europe’s Luckiest Lottery Player

Lottery millionaires aren’t made solely in the US. Europe is recognized for some of the gigantic awards provided by the content’s most prominent lotteries like EuroMillions.

The largest EuroMillions jackpot ever fell in the autumn of 2014. The winner was from Portugal, but that lucky person decided to remain anonymous – an opportunity that EuroMillions gives its players.

Even though Portugal has a 20 percent tax cut applied to the jackpot before its handling to the winner, the sum was still impressive. As such, the massive jackpot was a win for Portugal’s treasury, as well.

The lucky anonymous person is the 53rd Portuguese EuroMillions winner.

The Biggest UK Lottery Winners

Colin and Chris Weir, EuroMillions Winners

What’s the name of the luckiest couple in the UK? If you’re interested in finding out, you’re looking for Colin and Chris Weir.

In 2011, the couple won a EuroMillions jackpot of 185 million euros. The Scottish couple quickly acquired celebrity status after news about the big accomplishment spread. Poor currency exchange from euro to pound sterling decreases the prize’s size, but it remained in the range of millions of pounds nevertheless.

This is another example of lottery winners who take the noble road after becoming millionaires. Colin and Chris set up the Weir Trust – a non-profit organization in support of the Scottish Referendum. According to The Guardian reports, the organization provided nearly 80 percent of the funds required for the referendum to take place.

Two-time Lottery Millionaires?

David and Kathleen Long, EuroMillions Winners

Most people don’t get to benefit from the lottery jackpot even once in their lifetime. On the other hand, a chosen few are lucky enough to enjoy the privilege, not once but twice!

A couple from the UK managed to win over one million pounds from EuroMillions two times over the course of a 20-month period. These lucky individuals are called David and Kathleen Long.

The first time they won, the couple decided that they wouldn’t do anything extravagant with the money. Instead, David decided to buy a house for his mother. The second time around, however, the couple allowed themselves to splurge. David and Kathleen moved out of their small bungalow and into a huge mansion bought with the second lottery prize.

The rest of the money was used on a family cruise and on a donation to a local charity.

The Luckiest Lottery Winner Ever

Richard Lustig, Seven Time Lottery Winner

Kathleen and David’s accomplishment is a serious one, but it’s not the best accomplishment out there.

The luckiest person in the world is called Richard Lustig, and he’s from Orlando, Florida. Richard is a seven-time lottery winner. He’s won a Florida Mega Money jackpot of 842,152 dollars, a Florida Fantasy Five prize of 98,992 dollars, and another one of 73,658 dollars. The wins occurred in the period from 1993 to 2010.

While Richard isn’t a massive lottery millionaire per se, his ability to claim significant prizes seven times is an awe-inspiring one. The entire sum of money that Richard has accumulated by playing different lotteries is 1.052 million dollars.

Unfortunately, Richard refuses to share his strategy.  He said that he had a secret method of picking the numbers that had worked really well over the years (no kidding!). The only information he revealed was that the same numbers were played every single time. We’re only left to wonder and speculate, but we wish that people like Richard would give us at least a small hint.

With the money won, Richard bought a new home and a sports car. It’s interesting to point out that Richard hasn’t retired yet – he’s still going strong and looking forward to the eighth prize to claim. Way to go, Richard!

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