The Latest, the Coolest and the Most Exciting 6 Innovations in the Lottery Industry

Lottery Industry Innovations

You Can’t Hide from the Lottery Industry Innovations

We’re already used to online access to lottery games – this is yesterday’s news. And while the field hasn’t reached the realm of sci-fi movies (yet), various exciting innovations affect the lottery industry every single year.

If you’re a hi-tech geek with a flair for lottery games, you’ll most definitely enjoy some of the developments we’ve decided to list in this article. Yes, lotteries are moving into the technological realm, and nothing can stop them. So, sit down, relax, and enjoy some of the news that we have to share with you.

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Scratch It on the Go

Anyone who’s practically living life through their smartphone (aren’t we all) would be excited to hear about this innovation. The tech-forward team behind this lottery industry innovation comes from Austria.

As the name of this innovation suggests, the mobile scratch cards are… well, available through a mobile device. For this innovation, Austrian lotteries won third place in the Annual European Lotteries Innovation Awards.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. All that you have to do is install it on your phone and scratch away.

Smartphone Power

It seems that the lottery industry throughout the world is embracing smartphone innovations, and so do the fans of such games.

Another cool smartphone development comes from Italy. The Sisal Smartpoint was initially launched in 2014, but it got tons of recognition and even an award in 2015. Italy’s Sisal offers more than 310 distinctive lottery games. The Sisal Smartpoint comes on top of the digital Sisal Platform and the online payment options are already developed.

By the sheer number of options available, it looks like Italians love their lottery and their technology. More power to you, Sisal!

Bet Your Touchscreen Away!

Love texting? Love lotteries? If so, the Hungarian national lottery has a development that you’ll most definitely appreciate. Okoslottó is an app that makes SMS betting a simple task. Since its launch, the Okoslottó app has frequently reached the top five of Google Store’s most downloaded apps.

Do you think that the Hungarian lottery stopped there? Not a chance! Based on the success of its first app, it launched a second one to announce a mutual lottery industry effort with the Czech and the Slovak lotteries.

The new app was first presented at a festival during which people could stop at the lottery booth and instantly download the app. The campaign was entirely targeted at attracting a younger audience, and the number of downloads proved that it had been an incredible success.

Need Variety? Go to Norway!

National lotteries have been dealing with a serious problem – an incredibly huge number of unregulated games appearing online and stealing their customers, especially the younger crowd. Norway’s lottery decided that it wasn’t going to go down without a fight, which led to massive development.

The Norwegian National Lottery figured out that people get bored quickly and they need variety.

As a result, Norsk Tipping launched a brand new gaming platform in 2014. The platform gave players access to more than 60 games through a computer and a smartphone. Some of the smart developments included virtual scratch-off tickets, iBingo, iCasino, video poker, and online slots. This means that Norwegians can now play on the bus, at the office, on the train, and even in the shower (if their smart device is waterproof).

Over the first month of the platform’s launch, it had 225,000 registered users who choose between real gaming and a fun gaming mode (that didn’t involve a monetary bet). Well done, Norway – as a result of the campaign, the lottery has seen a nearly 20 percent increase in sales.

Adaptation based on Player Interest

What’s one of the most powerful words when it comes to innovations? Personalization! Many other fields have started offering clients excellent personalized opportunities. The lottery isn’t an exception.

Scientific Games Corporation from the US presented one such development during the 2016 gaming industries meeting in London. The company has come up with a platform that offers entertainment and lottery options.

As a player signs up and starts using the service, they’ll be getting more personalized suggestions based on the preferences demonstrated so far. Thus, the platform offers an adaptable experience for maximum enjoyment. On top of being a rather smart solution, it also comes with a full HD display for the viewing pleasure of anyone interested in spending a significant amount of time on the platform.

Gaming Station from Outer Space

We’ve saved the best for last.

In 2013, Intralot announced the creation of its brand new, self-serve intelligent gaming station. Sounds fancy, but what exactly is it?

DreamTouch, as the device is called, is a self-service gaming station that comes with a futuristic 42-inch touchscreen display that simplifies the process of purchasing an array of lottery tickets.

Want an instant scratch ticket? Get it from DreamTouch. Want to submit your numbers for the next lottery draw? DreamTouch is the answer once again. Old-school self-service machines can be quite cumbersome, and many people don’t like buying their tickets from such. The new development is expected to change all of that and make self-service much more convenient in the lottery industry.

Right now, the machine can also offer promotional opportunities, and it can hold up to 20,000 tickets. A smart card or cash will both be accepted, increasing the convenience even further.

These are just some of the cool new things that the lottery world has to offer. What’s next? We’ll have to wait and see what bright minds would come up to entice us even further and make the gaming experience more convenient, immediately accessible, and personalized.

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